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Kuch Rang Episode 263--264 Update on Tuesday 2nd October 2018

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Dev picks Sona’s call and asks why Ms. Bose remembered him. Suhana speaks and says she felt like speaking to him, so she called. Dev is surprised and gets very happy, says even he was missing her. She says she is thinking of her. He says even he is thinking of only her. Sona takes phone. Dev asks to let him speak to his daughter, he is coming there right now. Sona says it is 9 p.m. and Suhana just wants to talk to him and not meet. Dev says his daughter wants to meet him and does not need her permission to meet her daughter. Sona says Suhana cannot handle sudden shock. Dev insists. Sona says Suhana has to wake up at 5:30 a.m. for school and she will inform him where he can meet Suhana. Ishwari hears Dev’s conversation and asks Dev what did Sona say. Dev leaves ignoring
her. Dev reminisces informing Suhana that he is her father, she running away, he saving her from speeding truck, etc. He does not sleep whole night.
Next day, Golu goes to class and Suhana smiles at him and asks to occupy next bench. He thinks why she is behaving well today, he should inform Dev. He takes out phone from bag and video calls Dev, says what is his mission. Dev asks him to show Suhana and tells Suhana is his daughter, so Golu’s sister, now Golu should behave with his sister as sisters are best friends. He asks to give phone to Golu and Golu does same. Dev speaks to Suhana. Teacher comes. Golu asks Suhana to give back phone soon. Suhana tells teacher that Golu brought phone and hands it over to her. Dev speaks and says he sent phone via Golu to speak to her. Teacher says Golu’s mistakes have increased, he can collect phone from office after paying fine. Golu thinks if sisters are like this, he does not need sister.
Sourav takes Ronita to a restaurant for a brunch date. People there joke that he is so fat that he will finish whole food now, he cannot even sit on chair and should have brought his own chair. Sourav feels embarrassed.
During lunch break, Suhana offers to share her lunch. Golu says he does not need, why did she complain teacher against him. She says he did mistake and as a sister, it is her duty to correct him, offers to share lunch again. He says she is big cha’s daughter and he is his junior, she should promise that she will not let big cha scold him, etc.. Suhana agrees. He asks if she will speak to Big Cha daily now. Suhana starts thinking.
Dev gets ready to meet Suhana and hurriedly gets down. Ishwari asks him to have lunch Dev says he does not want Sona to crib that he is late, so he will rush. Sona calls him and he says he is coming soon. She says she is in passport office and he can come there or meet Suhana in the evening. He says what does she mean, she purposefully took Suhana to other side of city, he needs 1 hour to reach there, but he will. He rushes and gets stuck in traffic. Sona waits and gives lime juice to Suhana and asks to finish it as she has to attend activity class. Suhana likes it. Just when Dev reaches, Sona without noticing Dev asks driver to move. Dev reaches and follows Sona’s car. Sona drops Suhana to activity class and reaches home. Dev confronts that she cannot stop him from meeting her daughter. Sona warns to lower his voice, he left them 7 years ago, so he does not have right to yell, Suhana is her daughter. Suhana cannot handle it at once and needs time, if he cannot wait, he can do whatever he can. Dev says again she cannot stop him from meeting his daughter. She says he cannot do anything, she believes Indian law. Suhana is sleeping after activity calls and he can meet her in the evening. She leaves while he watches her going. Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam…song..plays in the background.
Precap: Dev returns home sadly. Ishwari asks if he met his daughter. He sadly nods no. Ishwari reaches Bose house and says she wants to meet Suhana. Asha says Suhana is sleeping. Bejoy asks her to go and says he will call police. Dev enters house. Sona notices him.
Ishwari excitedly prepares rabri to Suhana and thinks Dev will be returning soon after meeting Suhana. Dev returns. She thinks she just remembered him and he came. She asks Dev if he met Suhana, if she will come here. Dev sadly says he did not meet Suhana.
Sourav confronts goon bullying him in a restaurant and challenges him that they both will blow 3 punches to each other and whoever falls down will pay table bill. Goon agrees and his friends laugh on him. Sourav says he will punch first and punches and slaps man. When man’s turn comes, Sourav agrees his defeat and say he will pay bill. He tells goon that he built muscles, but what about brain. Everyone clap for him and scold goon. Ronita gets impressed.
Ishwari feels sad for Dev. GKB comes and brainwashes her
that Sona is stopping Suhana from meeting Dev and is the culprit. Ishwari reaches Sona’s house. Asha asks how come she is here. Ishwari says she wants to meet her granddaughter. Asha says Suhana is sleeping now, so she cannot meet. Ishwari says why they are snatching her right, even she has right to meet her granddaughter. Asha says nobody is snatching her right, Suhana is sleeping now. Ishwari insists. Bejoy shouts to get out, else he will call police. Ishwari forcefully gets in. Asha aks Bejoy to not to call police and asks Ishwari not to disturb Suhana. Sona comes down and Asha tells baba is calling police. Ishwari says she wants to meet her granddaughter. Sona says she is sleeping. Ishwri continues. Suhana says she came with Suhana to meet her, but she did not want to meet. Ishwari says she did not know she brought Suhana. Sona says Suhana is sleeping, she does not believe her even now and takes her to Suhana’s room. Ishwari sees Suhana sound asleep. Sona says she is Suhana’s daadi and nobody can snatch her right. Ishwari emotionally looks at Suhana, takes out money, does her nazar and asks Sona to give it to servants. She then walks down.
Bejoy warns Ishwari that he will call police if she barges into his house again. Ishwari tells Sona that she had come to meet her granddaughter in this house like this as they are stopping her from meeting Suhana Dixit. She has seen Dev suffering for 7 years each day, but Dev changed after Suhana came in his life, he is happy now and she will not let anyone snatch his happiness. She then yells at Sona that she already snatched Dev from her, now she will not let her snatch her granddaughter, she lost her principal and will not lose interest. She leaves.
Sona goes back to Suhana’s room and wakes her up with a poem. Suhana wakes up and repeats. Sona gives her milk and asks her to get ready as she has to go to dance class. Suhana says she is ready and just has to braid her hair. Sona asks who should braid her hair Asha or Sona. Suhana says mamma. Sona says she will meet someone today. Dev is seen waiting outside house. Sona goes to him. Dev says sorry, I did not let her cancel today’s meeting, if she is surprised. Sona says he is easily predictable and she knows him. He says she did not understand him yet, her bad luck. Suhana comes out and sees Sona with Dev. Dev gets emotional seeing her. Sona tells Suhana that Dev is her papa. Suhana says hello Mr. Dixit. Dev stands dumbstruck.

Precap: Dev promises Ishwari to let her meet her granddaughter. He goes to Suhana’s room via window. Suhana says she will not meet anyone without mamma’s permission.

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