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Kuch Rang Episode 265--266 Update on Wednesday 3rd October 2018

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Suhana addresses Dev as Mr. Dixit. Dev says he is her papa. She says papa should be one like her daadu Bejoy who takes care of Sona and protects her. Dev is her father and Golu’s big cha, but not her papa. Dev says even he will take care of him, she means a lot to him. She says right now he is just Mr. Dixit. Bejoy comes and gets angry seeing Dev. He tells Suhana it is time for her music class. Suhana says bye Mr. Dixit and leaves smiling. Bejoy takes her angrily looking at Dev. Dev gets very emotional and pours his heart out and blames Sona that she must have taught Suhana to call him Mr. Dixit. Sona says why will she, if she had, she would not have let him meet Suhana. She is happy that Suhana can take her own decisions and is sensible, taunting Dev that he still is dependent
on his mother. She says her mother barged into home and forcefully entered Suhana’s room, she did not stopped his mother, then why will she stop him. She warns not to try to snatch Suhana from him, she will not spare him. She continues, walks and slips. Dev holds her and says he does not want her to fall and stop taking care of his daughter. He lifts her and takes her to her home. Asha is surprised and and Bejoy burns in anger. Asha asks what happened to Sona. Dev says she slipped. Suha smiles and waves at Dev. Sona notices it silently and Bejoy burns more in anger.
Dev reaches home. Ishwari asks if he met his daughter. He says yes. She asks if Sona let him meet Suhana. Dev says yes and asks why is she asking this when she herself forcefully barged in to meet Suhana. Mama hears that and asks Ishwari why did she do this. She says she could not control herself and wanted to see her granddaughter.
Dev goes to his room and chats with Golu. Golu asks if Suhana did not call him papa. Dev says no, but soon she will. Golu says he will make Suhana call him papa. Dev says thank you Golu, you are my true buddy. Ishwari comes and Golu leaves.
After music class, Bejoy takes Suhana home asking about her class and her Bengali music teacher. Suhana does not speak. He asks what happened. She says she is thinking about Mr. Dixit, he is so handsome and strong and lifted mamma so easily. They must be fearing that she will leave them and go to Mr. Dixit. Bejoy says thinking about it is a nightmare for him, he cannot lose her to Dev. Sona greets Soha in. Bejoy looks tensed and she asks what happened. Bejoy says he is worried Dev will take Suhana away, so they should stop Suhana from meeting Dev. Sona says Dev is Suhana’s father and when Suhana grows up and asks why did not they let her meet her father, what will they say.
Sourav reaches home with Ronita. Ronita says she cannot come in, what will his parents think. He says they themselves permitted to get along her. She says he should go in and check situation first, then she will enter.
Ishwari enters Dev’s room. He sits calmly. She asks if he is not angry on her. He says no. She says he is a father now and can understand her feeling, it is difficult to stay away from child and even he is feeling same. Dev promise her that he will let her meet her granddaughter and leaves home.
Dev reaches Suhana’s room via window. She asks why is he coming from window instead of main door. He wants to take her to meet her daadi. She agrees and walks towards door. He stops her. She asks if he did not take mamma and daadu/dida’s permission, for her they mean a lot and she cannot go out without their permission.
Precap: Dev tells Sona that maa wants to meet Suhana, so he came to take her permission. Sona says he is stranger for Suhana and needs a guarantee. Dev shouts he should give guarantee for his own daughter. She says she will show him how to and calls someone.
Bejoy tells Sona that Dev is acting and has not changed. Sona says Dev just wants to meet Suha. Sourav enters and asks what happened. Bejoy asks him to explain Sona how Dev is. Sourav looking at Ronita standing near door tells that he should not interfere between Sona and Dev, it is their life. Bejoy shouts. Dev says he cannot interfere always. Bejoy shouts how dare he is to shout on him, he is his father. Ronita leaves. Sourav says Ronita had come and left hearing their conversation. Bejoy shouts they got this alliance after so much difficulty, he would have told first, they will lose alliance because of him.
Ishwari excitedly waits for Dev to bring Suhana and guides DK to get donuts and cupcakes for Suhana. She asks other servant to prepare chowmein soon. GKB gets
very jealous seeing this. She sees Elena decorating house and yells at her that Bose family insulted her and she is busy welcoming Suhana. Elena warns not to drag child in it. GKB continues yelling. Elena ignores. She tells Ishwari that she will prepare French fries for Golu and Soha. Ishwari excitedly says yes, she should, she is both maasi and bua.
Bejoy continues shouting in Bose house. Door bell rings. He opens door and is shocked to see Dev. Dev says he wants to meet Sona. Bejoy shouts he cannot. Dev says he will not gain anything hating him. Bejoy shouts he can only hate him, nothing else. Sona comes and asks Bejoy to let her speak. Sourav and Asha drag Bejoy in. Dev says maa wants to meet Suhana and is happily making arrangements at home for her welcome. Sona asks why should she let him take Suhana.
GKB continues fuming seeing Elena decorating house for Suhana’s welcome. Vicky comes. GKB in her irritating accent and broken English complains Vicky and says soon they will be out of this house and Sona and her daughter will be in. Vicky angrily drags Elena to room.
Dev says Suhana is ready to meet her grandma. Sona asks how does he know. Dev says he had gone to Suha’s room. Sona says this is what she can expect from him. Their argument continues.
Vicky drags Elena to their room and Elena asks why did he drag her here. He shouts if Suhana comes, she will snatch Golu’s right. Elena asks what..He says if that girl/Suhana comes to this house, Dev will not make her his legal heir and not Golu. Elena says he is so selfish, is just worried about himself and not her and Golu. He shouts. She says if Golu was not there, she would have left him long ago. He shouts what. She leaves room.
Dev and Sona’s argument continues. Dev says he does not need anyone’s permission to meet his daughter. Sona says Suhana is mature enough, else he is so immature even now. Argument continues. Sona says if he has to take Suha with him, he has to sign a contract. Dev agrees. Sona’s lawyer gets contract. Dev reads contract that if he makes any mistake while taking Suha out, he will not meet her again and list of similar conditions. He signs contract. Sona calls Suha. Dev asks Suha if she is ready to meet her grandma. Bose and others eagerly look at Suha. Suha nods yes. Dev tells Sona if she had made much more conditions, he would have signed them, she can include more. Sona nods no. He leaves with Suha. Asha says Sona that she tells that she does not want to stop Suha from meeting his father, then why all this contract. Sona says she felt it right. Dev is still immature and confused, so she wants to remind him that is all.
Ishwari with mamaji and Elena eagerly waits for Suha. GKB with Vicky fumes that she is sidelined and all her dirty plans are failing. Dev enters with Suhana and tells Ishwari, maa meet your granddaughter. Ishwari gets very emotional and happy seeing Suhana.
Precap: Ishwari happily tells Suhana that she will feed her granddaughter from her hand, but then gets sad when Suhana does not.

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