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Kuch Rang Episode 267--268 Update on Thursday 4th October 2018


Dev takes Suhana home. Golu says he was waiting for her since a long time, asks her to come in, he will show her house. Ishwari says Suhana needs a special welcome and does her aarti.
In Sona’s house, Bejoy fumes that they found Ronita’s alliance for Sourav with so much difficulty and now they will lose it. He says he will call Ronita’s father and speak. Sona suggests Sourav to call Ronita and speak.
Ishwari excitedly does Suhana’s aarti. Dev asks if she knows Suhana has not come here permanently. Ishwari says she knows. Dev tells Suhana that Ishwari is her daadi. Suhana says when she met her in temple, she did not know she is her daadi. Dev introduces Elena as both bua and maasi. Suhana says she is Elena maasi then. Mamaji introduces himself as daadu.
Suhana says she has one more daadu at home, so she will call him cool Daadu. GKB asks frowning Vicky to smile and introduce himself. Suhana asks who is he. He says he is Golu’s papa, he chachu. GKB in her irritating accent and broken English introduces herself next. Suhana calls Dev as Mr. Dixit. Ishwari is shocked hearing this and says Dev is her papa. Suhana says she already told Dev that she will call him Mr. Dixit. Ishwari gets more angry. Dev says let us go in.
Asha sees Sona tensed and says every parents are worried about their children, Sona is more worried as her situation is different, she need not worry about Suhana. Sona says what Suhana must be doing there, hopes she returns home soon.
Golu shows whole house to Suhana and takes her near swinger. Seeing DK sitting on swinger and listening to music makes a loud soung. DK gets a shock. Golu in a rhyming word asks him to get pani puri for them. Suhana then sits on swinger and they both chat. Suhana then sees Ishwari sitting tensely and asks Golu of she is like that always. Golu says yes.
Dev asks Ishwari to cheer up, his relationship with Suhan will not change if she call him by name.. Ishwari says then why don’t’ he call her by name. Mamaji interferes and says meaning will not change with name, she should cheer up and spend time with her granddaughter.
Sourav reaches Ronita’s house and calls her out. She comes down. He briefs her about Sona and Dev’s fight and tension in their house. Ronita says she can understand and since they are getting married, his family is her family now and she got sad seeing her family sad. Sourav gets very happy. Their romantic discussion continues. Ronita’s mother notices them from balcony. Sourav then reaches home and tells Bejoy that he set things right and Ronita will not tell about their family to anyone. Bejoy shouts as usual and says Rnotita’s mother had called and said she need to talk something important.
Suhana sits next to Ishwari and touches her forehead. Ishwari asks what is she doing. Suhana says she is checking her tension level, she was tensed even in temple. Ishwari asks what did she find. Suhana says he has a lot of tension. Ishwari says it vanishes when she meets her. Suhana says she will meet her often then. Ishwari says she brought her a lot of dishes and takes her to dining table and tries to feed. Suhana says her mother has taught to eat herself and takes place. Ishwari gets. Dev asks to feed him and eats. Suhana says Mr. Dixit still eats from his mom’s hand. Dev says he is her papa, but his mom’s baby still. Suhana then chas with Elena. GKB fumes in jealousy and tells Vicky that soon their control over this house will vanish and they will be out of this house.
Dev sees Ishwari still sad. Ishwari tells Sona has taught Suhana well before coming here. Even after 6 years, Sona is continuing to pester them. Dev cals her down and promises that Suhana will call her daadi soon.
Precap: Golu and Suhana discuss about their summer camp and get sad that their parents will not accompany them. Dev comes and says he will accompany them and asks to get their forms. They both excitedly run to get forms.
Mamaji asks Ishwari to stop being so rigid and enjoy with her granddaughter. Ishwari yells that Suhana does not even have Dev’s quality. Mamaji says Suhana is very mature baby and she is good. Ishwari says she wants Suhana to have child qualities and learn each day. Mamaji asks her to stop thinking much now.
At Sona’s house, Sourav shouts that he trusted Ronita and informed her about their house situation, but she informed everything to her mom and her mom is coming here to speak. Sona says he is like other typical men, he is guessing everything and blaming Ronita like Dev used to do. Sourav realizes his mistake and thanks her.
Ronita’s mother comes and after a bit of chat says she heard Sourav and Ronita’s chat and heard about Sona and her ex-husband rift regarding
daughter. Sona says they already informed about her divorce and she does not think there will be any problem in Ronita and Sourav’s relationship because of her. Mother says since it is a family, there will be problems. Sona says Suhana is her daughter and nobody will have problem because of her, their family is closely knit. Mother says she thinks both parents are required for bringing up child. Sona says she does not think so. Mother says she is old generation and new generation knows better. Sona says yes. Mother leaves.
Sona then goes to her room and reminisces going for Suhana’s vaccinations and seeing a father pampering child while Sona misses Dev’s presence.
Dev sees Suhana playing hide and seek with Golu and asks Golu to be careful. Golu says nnot to worry, he will protect his sister. They continue playing. Mamaji and Ishwari warn them to stop running around, else they will fall. Suhana blindfolded runs and hits a table and falls injuring her knee. Whole family gets worried. Dev says Suhana is very strong, so he will have to apply medicine to table. He silently applies medicine and reminisces Sona warning he cannot meet Suhana if he fails to take care of her. He tells Suhana let us go home. Suhana says even she is missing her mother, so let us go. She waves goodbye to everyone and leaves. Ishwari gets sad seeing Suhana leaving so early.
Sona eagerly waits for Suhana to return. Asha asks her to relax Suhana returns with Dev. Sona asks if she enjoyed and gets worried seeing her knee injury. She scolds Dev and warns that he cannot meet Dev from here on. Dev asks Suhana to apply antiseptic on her wound. Suhana says he does not have to teach her and asks to leave. Shana says it is not Mr Dixit’s mistake and apologizes Dev on Sona’s behalf. Dev says it is okay, he is used to her mother’s scolding. He says he will meet her soon and leaves waving goodbye in his style.
Dev returns home and sees DK removing decorating yelling. He stops DK and asks not to remove it as he feels his daughter’s presence here. He goves to his room and fumes that Suhana has to take permission to come in her own house, what if she comes here permanently.
Next day, Suhana and Golu at school see summer camp banner and get sad that their parents will not accompany them. Dev reaches and says he will accompany them. They both get excited and Dev sends them to get their forms. Dev’s manager calls him and informs that he has to go to Australia tomorrow to crack a deal and his ticket is booked. Dev asks to cancel ticket and fix meeting next week. Manager says client will not wait. Dev asks to cancel deal then, if they can’t wait, even he does not want their deal. Suhana hears him and gets happy that Dev canceled deal to accompany her to summer camp as she is his daughter.
Precap: Suhana tells Bejoy that she is going on a school summer camp with Mr. Dixit and Golu. Sona thinks she will accompany Soha. Dev and Soha’s nok jhok is seen in summer camp.

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