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Kuch Rang Episode 281--282 Update on Monday 15th October 2018

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Dev reaches Sona’s house. Bejoy shouts what is he doing here. Dev asks Sona if she did not tell Mr. Bose that he will stay in her house for 1 week and then Sona will stay in his house for 1 week and this will go. He greets Sourav and asks him to introduce his fiance. He chats with Ronita and says her name is so cute. He then greets Asha and says sorry he came late, if he had come early, he would have helped her in engagement preparations. Bejoy shouts at Sona to tell this man to get out. Sona says babaa… Dev says he has brought gift for Mr. Bose and takes out BP medicine, says Mr. Bose will need it as he is staying here for 1 week. Bejoy shouts again. Ronita’s father tells mother let us go now. Mother says they did not have coffee yet. He says they finished, greets everyone
and leaves with family. Soha comes and gets excited seeing Dev, asks if he will stay with her. He says yes. She jumps in happiness and says if he had come earlier, they would have danced, she will show her favorite toys to him. He gives her gift. She excitedly asks what is in it. He asks to check herself in her room and get out all her toys, he will come and play with her. She leaves. Bejoy shouts again. Sona says baba. Dev tells Jatin that he wants to talk to his family, so please excuse. Jatin says even he is not part of family, he should leave instead. Bejoy shouts Jatin is part of family. Dev says he came here for his daughter and does not care about others, leaves towards Soha’s room.
Ishwari prepares halwa and packs it. Mamaji asks what is she doing. She says she will go and give halwa to Dev and Soha. Mamaji laughs and says just like she is Dev’s mother, Dev is Soha’s father and knows to take care of her food, she need not worry and stay here calmly. He takes halwa and leaves. Ishwari stands frustrated and makes her usual weird face. She then passes by Dev’s room and sees GKB taking out her clothes from cupboard. GKB starts her usual dirty game and brainwashing against Sona. She says Sona will come and stay here, so she is taking out all her clothes from cupboard. Ishwari says Sona will stay in guest room. GKB says Dev will not let Suhana stay in guest room, so obviously Sona will stay with Suhana and Dev here. She continues brainwashing Sona and leaves. Ishwari stands more frustrated.
Dev goes to Suha’s room and she shows him her favorite toys, asks what are his favorite toys. Dev says he did not have toys in his childhood and grew up without them, now he will relive his childhood with Soha. He plays game wit her and purposefully gets defeated.
Bejoy fumes and asks Jatin to explain his friend. Jatin says he is Sona’s friend as she is very intelligent and is on her side. Even Sourav says he is on Sona’s side. Bejoy shouts. Sona says like he is her father, Dev is Soha’s father and he has right to stay with Soha. She walks to Soha’s room and sees Soha playing with Dev. Soha happily tells Sona that she won 3 times.
Ishwari sees Golu in kitchen and asks what is he doing at this time. He says he is not getting sleep with big cha, so he thought of having ice cream. Ishwari says even she is not getting sleep without seeing Dev. Earlier he used to meet her before going to bed, but a girl/Sona took him away from her. Golu says big cha says girls are bad, but even she is a girl. Ishwari says she is a mother and gives him icecream. He says it is very tasty. Ishwari starts brainwashing him against Sona and Soha.
Dev tells Soha let us sleep now and asks Sona if she can shift to guest room. Sona shouts he wants her to shift to guest room in her own house. Bejoy stands near door and hears their conversation. Asha catches him and says it is a bad manner. Bejoy continues his peeping tom instinct. Dev and Sona’s argument starts. Soha asks them to stop fighting and says they are her parents, so should sleep in same room with her. They both get nervous. Bejoy hears that and shouts sorvonash/disaster.
Precap: Sona wakes up and sees Dev falling from sofa in sleep. She rushes to help him and he falls on her. Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi….plays in the background.
Sona insists Dev and Sona to sleep in same room with her. They both say no. Bejoy hears their conversation standing near door like a peeping tom and starts shouting sorvonash/disaster. Asha drags him down scolding that he should interfere between husband and wife. Bejoy continues shouting and asks her to get his medicine. Once she moves, he calls Ishwari and shouts her son came here and..Asha snatches phone and says he means Dev reached here and is fine. Ishwari asks what was Bejoy telling. Asha sys nothing, he and Soha are deciding where to sleep as Soha does not want to sleep in guest room.
Dev and Sona says no. Soha gets sad. Dev says yes, they will sleep in same room. Sona asks how can they and argument starts. She sends Soha for teeth brushing and asks Dev how can
he think they will sleep in same room. Dev says he can do anything for his daughter. She says he will spoil her with pampering. He says he can get even moon for his daughter. She says why he is trying to give which he and she did not get easily. He says he will give her whatever they could not.
Ishwari while having dinner sits tensely. GKB starts brainwashing her, what Dev must have had in bengalan’s house. Mamaji confronts her and asks if she ever prepared food for Dev. GKB says so what, there are so many people here, but there who will serve Dev. Mamaji says when children grow up, they should be spoken with direct eye contact and not forced, Dev has grown up now. He asks Ishwari to relax and have food.
Soha sleeps between Dev and Sona and says she is very happy. Dev asks to increase AC. Son says it is fine. Dev says he is sweating and even Soha. Sona says Soha just washed her face. Dev says he needs AC temp to 24. Sona says 26 is fine. Soha sets to 25. Dev tells her story and she and Soha fall asleep. Dev then increases temp to 26 and sleeps on sofa. Sona wakes up in the morning and sees Dev sleeping on sofa. Dev is about to fall. Sona rushes to stop him. He falls on her. Kuch rang pyar ke…music..plays in the background. Soha wakes up and says perfect. Sona and Dev nervously get up and say nothing is perfect.
Sourav speaks to Ronita over phone and she says she has sent him a cake. He says he will eat it later. She insists and with each bite, he will get a clue and she has written her heart feeling in it. He says shotti..She says yes. He says he will have it right now. She says I love you and disconnects.
Dev goes down and reads newspaper sitting on sofa, gets a call and keep newspaper aside, it falls down. Bejoy comes down with Asha and fumes seeing news paper on floor. Dev drinks water from tumbler. Bejoy starts shouting on him. Dev asks to relax and wishes Asha and Daadi. Daadi says nobody wishes her good morning so nicely. Bejoy continues shouting on Dev. Sourav comes holding cake. Dev suggests him to reduce his weight and come along for a jogging. Bejoy shouts again. Daadi says he calls Sourav football and he himself is stopping him from jogging. Dev says till now it is continuing. Bejoy starts again. Dev asks Sourav to wear his jogging shoes soon.
Dev goes up and sees Soha getting ready for school. He asks her to hug. She asks to take a bathe first. He asks her to wait and goes to room for a bath. Sona comes out of bathroom and does not notice him. He drops show piece. Sona thinks him as maid and asks to massage her head. Dev thinks if she sees him, she will shout, and if he does not massage her head, she will shout, so better to massage her. He massages her head. She asks to massage her shoulders. He does. She opens eyes and shouts.
Precap: Dev sits for breakfast and sees fish. Golu reaches Sona’s house and calls big cha. Dev asks who brought him here. Ishwari enters and says she brought him here. Bejoy fume seeing her.

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