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Kuch Rang Episode 283--284 Update on Tuesday 16th October 2018

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Dev massages Sona’s shoulders. Sona opens eyes and shouts seeing. Bejoy rushes up with Asha and Sourav and knocks door, shouts it must be rat. Dev shuts Sona’s mouth and asks her to tell she is fine, else Bejoy will forcefully enter. Sona says she is fine, she saw a big ugly rat. Bejoy yells lots of rats entering his home. Sona says not worry, she will manage this ugly rat. Dev fumes. Bejoy leaves. Dev and Sona’s argument starts. Dev calls her aunty and he is not interested in aunties. She asks what is he then. He says she can see herself and walks out smirking. Sona fumes yelling he is much older.
Dev goes down and encourages Sourav to exercise. Sourav calls him jiju asks will it be possible for him to exercise. Dev says what is in name, he can call him anything
and yes, he will not let him in this weight during his marriage. Asha asks if Sourav can exercise after his sangeet. Dev says okay and tells Sourav he has to exercise for sure.
Dev then sits for breakfast with Sona’s family and tries to check bowl. Bejoy stops him and says whole family has food together. Dev taunts good to hear he considers him as family. Sona comes down getting ready. Dev gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Bejoys opens lids from bowls and gets happy seeing fish. Asha says she told maid to prepare veg food for Dev. Bejoy says guest usually has special food and nothing is special than fish. Door bell rings and maid opens door. Golu runs in calling big cha. Dev meets him and asks who brought him here. Ishwari enters and says she brought him here, he did not get sleep without Dev whole night, she thought she would bring him here and even get food for Dev and Soha. Soha sees her and happily hugs calling daadi. Dev takes tiffin and opens it, saying food smells so pleasant. Asha introduces herself to Golu and says she is his dida. Golu says Soha told she is cool. Sourav says he is his mama, pulmpy like him but a bit more. Asha introduces daadi. Bejoy fumes seeing them. Golu says he must be Soha’s daadu and says he, Soha and big cha will have food first and then everyone can have it, even Soha’s daadu. Bejoy continues his frowning face. They all enjoy food. Dev says food is very tasty. Bejoy comments mother and nephew free with son and they came uninvited. Ishwari hears that and says she will leave now. Dev fumes. Sona and Asha tell Golu that he can come here whenever he wants after taking elders’ permission. Ishwari leaves with Golu.
Dev angrily confronts Bejoy that he can insult him, but not his mother. His mother came without informing, else he would not have let her come here. After 1 week, Sona will be at his house and he expects this family members will not come to his house and his family will not come here. He then goes t his room angrily.
GKB and Vicky continue their dirty planning and plotting. Ishwari enters with Golu. Vicky asks Golu why they came so early. Golu says big cha sent them early. Vicky and GKB starts their dirty game and brainwash Iswari against Sona that it is her and her family’s plan to get Dev away. Vicky says they will file case for Soha’s custody and will get her. Ishwari says she does not need that. Mamaji comes and hears their conversation.
Dev fumes in his room. Asha enters. Dev fumes that he does not like Bejoy insulting his mother, he does not know how she tolerates him, then apologizes. Asha says tonight is Sourav’s sangeet and to get ready on time. He leaves. Sona enters and fumes how dare he is to badmouth about baba, he is the best. Asha says Bejoy is a best father and son, how does she know he is a best husband. She says after marriage, it was very difficult for her to adjust and even for Bejoy, but during their time there was no question of divorce, they just moved on in life. She further continues that Dev is here for Soha and he gets really well along her, so Sona should just mind about that and nothing else.
Precap: During Sourav’s sangeet ceremony, Bejoy tells Dev that he cannot enter Bengali function without wearing dhoti. Dev calls Sona and asks her to come and help him wear dhoti, else he will come down without dhoti.
Sourav and Ronita’s sangeet ceremony stars. Bejoy yells why don’t Dev go back to his home at least today. Asha asks him to relax and concentrate on guests. Sona sees Sourav sad and asks reason. Sourav says Ronita is attending all guests except him. Sona says she did not this side of him, soon Ronita will be only with him listening 24 x 7. Bejoy’s guest asks him where is his granddaughter. He says she must be coming down soon. Soha comes down with Dev. Guest says Soha is looking very pretty in bengali attire and asks if she is coming down with her papa, good both Sourav and Sona are settled now. Jatin brings Sona’s old friend. Sona greets her. Friend sees Dev and asks if he remembers her, she had attended his and Sona’s marriage. Dev says Ms. Ghosh. She gets happy
that he remembers and moves with other guests. Soha asks if he remembers aunty after so many years. He says Bengalis have only 2 surnames, Ghosh and Bose, so he tried his luck. She asks what if she was not Ms. Ghosh. He says he would have told apologized. Sona notices their bonding.
Mamaji asks Ishwari to pack her bags as they are going for mata rani darshan and he has booked tickets already. She says how can she. He says he knows she also wanted to go, but is worried about Dev, she should stop worrying and get ready, he is going to book tickets. Then apologizes for lying and goes to book tickets.
Dev sees Sona serving juice to guests and insists he will help her and will not even take revenge for that. She agrees. He serves juice to guest. Guest says it is good to see them together again. Sona says they….then reminisces Sona and says they are for Sona’s sake. Bejoy hears that and fumes.
Sourav speaks to Ronita and insists her to say I love you in front of everyone. She says how can she. He gets angry. Sona sees him and taunts that he is paying more attention to Ronita before marriage itself. Dev gifts Sona and Ronita their photo frame. They both like it a lot. Sona asks when did he plan this. Soha says she and papa planned this. Ronita thanks them. Soha reminds Dev that he promised to dance with her. He says how can he miss a chance to dance with his daughter. Asha comes with Bejoy and Soha excitedly tells her she will dance with papa. Asha says before that, come with her for 2 min and takes her aside. Bejoy asks Dev if he brought such a beautiful bengali sari for Soha. He says yes. Bejoy yells then why did not he bring dhoti for him. Dev says he does not know to wear dhoti and did not bring it. Women hear that and say they can help him. Bejoy yells Bengalis have a lot of stock and takes him to room and asks to wear it. Dev says he does not know and just wants to spend time with his daughter. Bejoy yells he should wear it or not come out and leaves smirking.
Elena gets ready for Sourav’s engagement and tries to leave house, but Vicky stops her and warns she cannot go. Ishwari backs Vicky and tells Elena that she is her family’s bahu now and cannot meet Bose family after they insulted her when she went to meet Dev.
Dev tries to wear dhoti unsuccessfully. He calls Sona and asks her to come and help her. She goes up and their argument starts. Sourav and Ronita’s photo session starts and Sourav does not smile and insists Ronita to say I love you in front of everyone. Bejoy joins them and says let us take family photo. He goes searching Sona and knocks door. Dev holds Sona’s mouth and asks not to speak. Bejoy thinks how can Sona be in this room as he left Dev with dhoti here, smirks and leaves. Dev and Sona’s argument continues. He says he is here for his daughter. She says our daughter and agrees to help him, says when can learn applying gajra in her hair watching internet video, why cant she make him wear dhoti watching video. Dev reminisces gajra incident. Sona looks him in thoughts and starts tying dhoti. She fixes final pleat on his back and he shouts it hurts. She warns to stand silently, it is done. He says it is perfectly done.
Precap: Dev tells Ronita from of all guests that love happens only once and he loves a girl immensely. He walks towards Sona.

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