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Kuch Rang Episode 285--286 Update on Wednesday 17th October 2018

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Bejoy waits for Sona for a family pic. Sona comes back. Bejoy says let us have family pic. Soha says let papa come. Bejoy fumes Dev is not part of family. Dev comes down. Soha says papa came, let us have family pic now. Bejoy says Dev is not a family. Dev says ok then, he and Soha will have pic later. Bejoy shouts at photographer to take family pic soon. Dev stands next to Sona. Photographer asks Dev to keep his hand on Sona’s shoulder. Bejoy fumes more. After photographer, Sona and Dev’s nok jhok starts.
Dev sees Ronita walk away and Sourav tensed, goes to Sourav and asks ki halo/what is happening. Sourav says ki holo and says he is trying to create romantic environment, but Ronita is nervous and cannot say I love you. Dev says woman want to romance but does
not want to express, not to worry he will add north Indian tadka in party now. Sourav excitedly thanks him.
Dev calls someone and asks to come and create magic in boring sangeet ceremony. He goes on stage with mic. Bejoy yells this is bengali function and his drama will not work. His friends asks to let Dev speak. Dev introduces Jatt ki Jugni serial’s main leads who come to promote their new upcoming serial. They both dance on serial’s title track and congratulate Ronita and Sourav and give moral gyaan that ending of their love story should be happy. Dev takes mic next and invites guest for a dance. Ronita’s mother silently walks back to room, stuff jewelry in he purse and throws it from balcony. He calls Ronita’s parents for a dance. Only father comes. Dev asks Bejoy and Asha to dance and goes to call mother and finds her in a room walking suspiciously, asks what is she doing here. She nervously says she is searching washroom. He says it is there, everyone is waiting for her. She nervously says dance and leaves.
After Ronita’s parent’s dance, Dev calls Ronita and Sourav for dance and says Ronita should express her love and say I love you. Ronita nervously tells Sourav she cannot in front of everyone. Sourav asks Dev to teach Ronita. Dev starts his meaning of love, what it feels for him,8 hours of sleep after hard working day, cool sip in a scorching sun, etc.. He says he cannot express more what love is for him. He says he loved only one girl and walks towards Sona. Sona gets nervous. Dev kneels down and says Soha I love you. Soha also hugs him and says I love you too papa.
Dev then tells Ronita this is how she should express her love. Ronita dances on O shona..o shona..song…and says Sourav I love you. Sourav is super excited and says I love you too. Dev then calls everyone for a dance. Soha, Bejoy and everyone start dancing. Jatin starts his turn and tells Sona ami tomharo bhalo bhaso. She says he started now. He helps Sona fix her earrings and tells her now he realized why she loves Dev so much, he is mad, but clean hearted. Sona says he is totally mad and you will realize soon. Dev gets jealous seeing them together. Sona goes to kitchen. Dev follows her and warns that he is seeing what all she is doing. She says as usual he must have misinterpreted something and started again. He walks out fuming. Jatin enters, clashes with him and apologizes. Dev says no need for his sorry and he will realize what he can do. Jatin asks Sona what happened to Dev. Sona says madness.
Dev goes to his room and fumes why he cares for Sona so much. Golu enters excitedly. Dev asks who brought him here. He says Daadu/mamaji sent him, daadi and papa did not want him to go, but daadu could not see him sad and dropped him here. Jatin enters and greets. Golu says if he is Soha’s uncle. Jatin says yes. Golu says his name is so funny. Jatin says yes. Golu says when he and Dev first saw him, they thought he is Soha’s father.
Precap: Bejoy alleges Dev for stealing Ronita’s jewelry and yells they let a thief in their house and shows jewelry in a purse.
Golu tells Jatin that when he and Big Cha saw him for the first time, they thought he is Suhana’s father. Dev stuffs food in his mouth. Jatin asks when did they see him. Golu says in school. Dev stuff more food in his mouth, but Golu continues. Dev calls Munni maid and sends Golu to play with Suhana. Jatin tells Dev that he does not have to feel embarrassed as Golu told what he already knew. He continues that Dev is brave to come and stay here away from his house, it is unimaginable for a man. Dev says everyone knows he is here for Suhana. Jatin asks if he is sure he is here only for Suhana. Just then, they both hear Ronita’s mother loudly crying and rush down. Ronita’s mother cries that the jewelry she bought for Ronita’s marriage is stolen. Asha tries to console
her and Sourav says he will compensate as it was his party and gives her cheque. Ronita’s mother acts, but Asha and Bejoy say they are family now.
Dev reminisces Ronita’s mother hiding jewelry in her purse and dropping it down and informs Sona. Sona shouts how can he doubt Ronita’s mother, why will she hide her own bought jewelry, stop acting as james bond. He says he is telling what he saw. She warns him not to inform anyone outside. Sourav drops Ronita and family till car. Ronita in car says she is lucky to become Sourav’s wife soon. Mother says she forgot her purse and rushes to pick it from bushes behind Dev’s balcony. She turns and sees Dev holding jewelry bag. Mother says if he will expose her and sheds crocodile tears. Dev says he will not fall for her crocodile tears. She says she does not want Ronita to marry Sourav as Sona also stays in this house and she will dominate Ronita always. Dev asks how can she think of Sona like this. Mother continues that they are from middle class family and when the alliance with rich family, they feel anxiously always. She tought if she acts as jewelry is stolen, Bose family will feel guilty and then Sona will not dominate Ronita. Dev shouts how can she think about Bose family like this. She tries to provoke him against Sona and says he knows her better as she broke his heart. He warns it is his and Sona’ personal matter and nobody has right to interfere. He says Sona’s mother will call her tomorrow and inform that jewelry is found, she will thank her and return cheque, she may leave now. She leaves fuming. Asha watches everyting standing nearby. Dev shows her jewelry bag and walks towards his room.
Dev goes to his room and keeps jewelry bag in his cupboard. Bejoy notices it, gathers whole family and shouts they kept a thief Dev in their house. Asha says he must have misunderstood. Bejoy shouts he is not mistaken. Sona shouts she knows he hates her, but that does not mean he will break Sourav and Ronita’s relationship. Sourav yells he did not expect this from Dev and says shouts either he will stay here or Dev. Dev signals Asha not to speak and says he does not know what had happened to him, but he will not leave this house. Bejoy shouts Sourav will not leave this house, Dev has to. Sona also shouts. Jatin says let us stop this issue right away. Dev says he is here for his daughter and will not leave and walks away. Suhana silently notices everything.
Dev goes to his room and thinks what Suhana must be thinking about him. Suhana comes and signals him. He asks what. Suhana says this is how he signaled Asha, she knows her papa is not a thief. Asha enters. Suhana asks if she is smart, she knows everything. Asha says yes. Dev asks Soha to go out as he needs to talk to dida.
Sona tells Jatin that she cannot believe Dev can steal, he is millionaire Dev Dixit and is here only for Soha and even left his mother to stay with Soha. Jatin says he does not know, Dev himself agreed. Sona says he was paying attention to only Soha, then why will he mistake crime in front of Soha., something is wrong.
Asha asks Dev why did not he let her speak and took blame on himself. Dev says Sourav and Ronita love each other and he does not want their relationship t break. His daughter and she trust him that is more important, Bejoy and Sona anyways hate him and let Sourav not know about it at all. She says he should not have hid Ronita’s mother’s crime. Dev says for him, Sourav and Ronita’s happiness matters, so he will not tell anyone that Ronita’s mother herself stole jewelry as she is insured regarding their relationship. Sona enters and hears their conversation and shouts whatever is wrong should be exposed. Dev says it is better to keep quiet for everyone’s goodness. Sona shouts it is better e does nto speak at all, he cannot distinguish anything away from his mom’s pallu. Asha says Sona has not grown up so much to take decisions for this house, she will decide and tell what to do next and takes Sona out.
Dev gets Ishwari’s call who says she is going to Vaishnav devi with bhaiya. Dev speaks emotionally. She asks if he is fine. He says in childhood, she used to read his face easily and tell what he is feeling. She says a mother does not to see see children’s face to know their feelings, if he is alright now. He says yes, her granddaughter is there to take care of him here and he is fine. He disconnects call and reminiscing Sona’s comment on his mother fumes Sona should not have told that.

Precap: Dev tells Ishwari that Suhana does not want to stay in this house. Ishwari says what is he telling, this is his house. Dev says she knows he got Suhana after so many years and does not want to lose her, so he and Sona will stay in another house with Suhana.

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