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Kuch Rang Episode 287--288 Update on Thursday 18th October 2018

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Dev silently enters Sona’s room, sees her sleeping, and drags her out holding her mouth. She shouts what the hell is this. He says she does not have right to badmouth about his mother and even try to break Sourav and Ronita’s alliance, she is so stubborn and has changed. Sona fumes. Dev returns to his room. Asha comes and starts talking philosophical. Dev says he did not understand. She says she is talking about Sona. Dev says he is not in a mood to talk about Sona, there is no room for their patch up now. Asha tries, but Dev says he does not want to talk now. Sona calls Jatin and asks from when he knows her. She asks if she is changed and is stubborn. He says with work load and responsibilities, she has changed a bit accordingly. She tells him what Dev told. He asks
her not to pay attention to Dev’s words, she will feel good. Sona says yes..Their discussion continues.
Dev with Soha and Sona goes to Ishwari and tells her that Soha does not want to stay here, so he and Sona have decided to stay in another house. Ishwari starts emotional atyachar and says her fear is coming true, looking at Sona. She wakes up worried and realizes it was her dream. Mamaji asks if she saw a bad dream sitting on chair. She says yes. He asks her not to worry much about Dev and concentrate on her piligrimage. Ishwari says she wants to meet Dev and Soha once before going to Vaishnav Devi.
Asha goes to meet Ronita’s mother and tells she knows she stole jewelry herself and made drama. Ronita mother stammers and apologizes. Asha says even she is a mother of a daughter and knows her concern, but whatever she did was wrong. She will assure that Sona will not come in between Ronita’s happiness as she did not brought up her children in a wrong way. Ronita’s mother continues acting. Asha leaves. Ronita hears conversation and asks mother why did she do this. Mother says it is for her goodness. Ronita says she knows how much she loves Sourav, even then she made such a big drama. Mother looks undeterred.
Ishwari reaches near Sona’s house and calls Dev, but his phone is not reachable. Sona comes out and asks what is she doing here, she could have come inside. Ishwari says Bejoy will not like it and says she is going to Vaishnav Devi and wants to meet Dev and Soha once before going, if she can call them out. Sona calls Asha and asks to send Dev and Soha out. Dev with Soha comes out and asks Ishwari if she did not go to Vaishnav Devi yet. Ishwari says she wanted to meet him and Soha once and his phone was not reachable. He says she would have called landline. Soha hugs Ishwari. Dev touches Ishwari and mamaji’s feet. Ishwari says mamaji that she told him that her Dev will never change and he is her wealth. Mamaji says let us go now, else they will miss flight.
Golu tells Soha that big cha loves him so much, so he sent car and called him here. Soha asks if he brought what she asked. He gives Dev and Sona’s wedding pic. She says mamma papa look so pretty, if she can keep it. Golu says she can and to keep it a top secret. He says his big cha is so good, but daadi told big chi is bad and used to fight always. Soha says she heard mamma telling Dida that papa always fought with her and does not know to follow relationships. Dev hears that and fumes.
Dev sits on sofa fuming reminiscing Soha’s words. Bejoy starts taunting him that some people are so shameless that they steal in people’s and does not even repent and continue staying. He continues yelling. Sourav comes and Bejoy continues taunting Dev in front of him. Dev confronts that he is staying here for his daughter, else this would be the last house the world he wish to stay. When problems started between him and Sona, his mother told to stay in a separate house and sort their differences, but Bejoy did opposite and provoked Sona to break up as he did not like their relationship from the beginning. Sona hears him and shouts how dare he is to talk to her baba like this, get out of her house. He says they made an agreement to stay together for Soha, else he would have left long ago. She shouts do hell with agreement. Asha comes and shouts at everyone to shut up and go to their rooms. Sona says maa, only I know how to handle Dev. Asha says she does not like all this in her house and asks everyone to go to their rooms.
Precap: Asha asks Dev and Sona to sort out their problems right now. They both say it is not their mistake. Asha says if they continue fighting like this, she will take Soha far away.
Asha confronts Sona that she cannot misbehave with Dev like that, he is Suhana’s father. Sona tells Asha she accepts she made a mistake, but clap does not happen with one hand. Asha says she is happy that her daughter has guts to accept mistake, now whatever mistake happened need to be corrected. She ask to follow her. Sona asks where. Asha says just follow follow.
Ronita calls Sourav. Sourav apologizes for Dev’s mistake. Ronita says Dev is a good man and she respects him more now. He yells and disconnects call.
Asha takes Sona to Dev’s room and asks to sort out their differences right now as their fight is affecting Soha. If this continues, she will take Suhana somewhere alone. They don’t take her out together and always fight. Dev says
he will take care of Suhana from here on well. Sona says same. Asha says again they are telling individually, Suhana wants both parents together and not separately.
Ronita reaches Bose house and calls Sourav out. She informs him that her mother stole jewelry and not Dev. Sourav says how can his mom do this, he is confused now and asks to lave him alone. She asks what is her mistake. He shuts door.
Dev and Sona start arguing again. Dev says he got a strategy not to fight. Sona asks what strategy. Dev says her mom told they fight like husband and wife, so irritating, that one word is enough for him to stop fighting. She says it applies even to her. He says he will not complain, not even when she will snore. She says she does not. Argument continues. Sona leaves. Ishwari calls Dev. He asks if she reached Vaishnodevi, shall he send helicopter to pick her. She says no need, maata’s darbar is on cliff so that her devotees can remember her often. He asks not to exert herself. Ishwari says bhaiya will not let her exert and disconnects call.
Dev goes to living room and sits on sofa. He tries to speak to Bejoy and Bejoy starts yelling again. Asha cals him from kitchen. Bejoy shuts his mouth. Dev tells Sourav that he wants too talk about his marriage arrangements. Bejoy starts again. Asha calls him again. Sourav says it is better they don’t talk, else argument will start and mom will kick them out. He gets Ronita’s call. Dev says think of the devil..Sourav says Ronita is not a devil and picks call. Ronita apologizes him. He says he should not have yelled. She asks to give phone to Dev, she wants to apologize. Sourav gives phone to him. Dev says he is ready to accept her scolding and hopes Sourav also forgives him. Bejoy happily says his bahu did right by scolding Dev. Dev returns phone and walks towards kitchen saying nobody wants to talk, pointing at Sona.
Dev joins Asha in kitchen and Golu follows him. Asha asks if he does not want to watch TV. Dev says even there it is bengali. He starts chatting and asks what is she cooking. She says she is preparing Suhana’s favorite dish. He insists he will cook. She says it is nonveg. He says so what, he will learn for Suhana’s sake. He starts cooking with Asha’s assistance. Sona and Bejoy notice it and fume. Asha then serves food. Bejoy comments even fish must be in shock thinking who cooked it, if they can order food from outside. Asha asks what happened to him again and asks to have food silently. Dev says let Suhana come first. Suhana returns with Jatin and says Jatti uncle brought her burger and cool drinks, she enjoyed a lot. She gives burger to even Golu. Dev gets sad. Suhana says she brought gift for even Dev, music instrument, invites Dev for dance and leaves with Golu. Jatin apologizes Dev and says if he knew that he cooked food for Suhana, he would not have taken her out. Dev feels disappointed and gets up saying he is not hungry. Bejoy starts commenting again and Dev leaves ignoring him. Bejoy yells at Asha why did she let Dev cook Soha’s favorite food. He tastes it and likes it, says they cannot waste food.
Golu asks Dev to join him for a dance as they are a team and Suhana and Jatti uncle are a team. Dev asks if he decided this. Golu says Suhana. They walk into Suhana’s room and see her dancing with Jatti. Suhana slips and twists her leg. Dev gets concerned. Suhana says she is fine. Dev goes to get medicine. Jatti cheers her up and she thanks him and says his magic always work. Dev gets more disappointed seeing this and asks Suhana not to dance more now. Suhana continues mingling well with Jatti. Dev gets more jealous.
Precap: Dev confronts Sona that Jatin has disturbed his life, what is he doing between him and suhana, why he is here often, what is he for Sona. Sona says a lot. 

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