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Kuch Rang Episode 289--290 Update on Friday 19th October 2018

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Dev enters Sona’s room and asks till when it will continue. She asks till when he will disturb her repeatedly. Dev says what is Jatin doing here, why he is interfering between him and Soha, it is their time and not Jatin’s. What he is to her, uncle, brother, nephew.. Sona shouts a lot. He did not understand Soha well at all. Jatin stood with her as a best friend always, he is the one who reached hospital first when Soha was born and took her in hands, he used to console Soha whole night when she used to cry, etc. Dev says whatever it is, when Soha comes to his house, he will not let anyone barge in there.
GKB calls Golu and he tells Dev prepared fish for Soha. GKB yells and asks him not to have nonveg and tries to brainwash him that Dev loves Soha more and not him and
soon Dev will ransack him. Golu says his big cha is very good and she is wrong. Elena confronts her to stop poisoning child’s brain and to spare at least him from her dirty politics.
Dev enters Soha’s room and sees Jatin reciting story to Soha. Soha excitedly listens. Dev tells it is late now and he should go home now. Jatin tells Soha that he has important meeting and will leave. Soha asks what about story. He says he will complete next time. He walks out and tells Sona tha the is going now. Sona asks if Dev asks him to go, how dare he is. Jatin says Dev is Soha’s father and has right to spend time with her, which he cannot I am around, so it is better for me to go from here and asks her not to fight with Dev and spend time and concentrate on what Sona needs.
Vicky stops Bejoy in market and brainwashes him that Dev is expert in controlling people’s mind and he will convince all his family and take Soha and Sona to his home. Bejoy reaches home. Jatin comes with is bags and says he is going on a business trip. Asha asks what is the issue. Jatin says he feels he should not come between Soha and Dev. Bejoy shouts he knew something is wrong. Asha says he is doing wrong. Jatin says it is his decision Asha convinces him to stay back. Bejoy yells he knew Dev forced him to go. Asha says Jatin himself told it was his decision, now he should not drag issue.
Sona wakes up Soha in the morning and sees Dev asleep on sofa. They both join Bejoy and Sourav for breakfast. Bejoy says breakfast is very tasty and it boasted his mood today. Sourav says it is really tasty. Soha thanks Asha. Asha says she did not prepare it. Dev joins and asks how is breakfast. Soha says very yummy and reminisces waking up early and preparing breakfast for Soha. He thanks her. Bejoy comments he got acidity after breakfast and will prepare lunch today. Asha says he should concentrate on functions. Sourav comments baba’s plan failed.
GKB sees Elena getting ready to attend Sourav’s function and yells at her. Elena mimics her and taunts. Vicky says she warned him, but she is disobeying him, will he disobey even bua/Ishwari. Elena says she is not as Ishwari told not to go uninvited, but she is being invited.
Bejoy cuts vegetable with his usual frowning face. Sourav tells Dev that Ronita wants to go to US for honeymoon, it is very difficult to get visa. Dev takes phone and tells Ronita that he will get visa, not to worry. She thanks him. Bejoy comments Ronita was scolding Dev, but now is thanking him. He reminisces Vicky’s words and warns Dev to not try to act and be himself.
Elena enters. Asha gets very happy seeing her. Elena touches her feet and tries to touch Bejoy’s feet, but he leaves. Dev greets her. Bejoy returns and comments some people are shameless to invite even their uninvited relatives. Dev says Elena is his friend and friends are invited. Bejoy leaves fuming. Elena asks him why did not he inform that Sona invited her. He says Bejoy would have yelled at Sona during whole function, he does not want that.

Precap: During Sourav’s haldi ritual, Golu hits ball on haldi bowl and it splashes on Asha. Bejoy yells. Dev says if he was batting, ball would have fallen on someone else, pointing at Bejoy. Sona gets angry.
Sourav’s haldi ceremony starts. Golu seeing fish asks Dev who marries a fish. Dev says it is kep as bengali ritual. Golu says let us go and play with Suhana. Dev says Suhana is unwell, he can go and play. Golu goes to balcony and plays with ball. Bejoy shouts to keep quiet Asha says let the kid play. Golu drops ball in haldi balll and haldi splashes on wedding sari. Bejoy shouts to come down right now. Golu comes down and Bejoy yell t him. Dev says he is a kid. Bejoy continues. Dev says if he had played with Golu, ball would have fallen on something else. Their argument starts. Asha drags them both and locks them in a room and warns to sort out their issues soon, else they will miss Sourav’s functions. She returns. Sona asks where are Dev and baba. Asha says she
locked bad kids in a room, let us restart haldi ceremony.
Bejoy yells at Dev that because of him, he is missing his son’s rituals. Dev says he is stuck here and is not interested to stay here, he will go from here with his daughter in 2 days. After haldi ritual, Sona asks Asha to open door now. Asha says no, she is tired of their drama, she cannot tolerate more, if anyone else tries to misbehave, they will also be locked in a room.
Elena returns home with Golu. GKB sees Golu crying and asks what happened to him. Elena sends Golu to his room and says he fell. GKB yells he does not cry if he falls, if bengalis pushed him. Elena leaves ignoring her. GKB takes ice cream for Golu and starts brainwashing him that big cha used to take him for ice cream daily, but he will not. Golu asks why. GKB says he came here crying, but he did not come to console him as he has his daughter and big chi now.
Bejoy thinks it would have been nice if he had alcohol to tolerate Dev. He reminisces scotch bottle in cupboard and makes a lid peg. Dev gulps half bottle and says we should drink like this. Bejoy finishes remaining half. They both sit and think how will the spend time. Dev says let us play truth or daring and rotates bottle. He asks Bejoy why he hates him so much. Bejoy says a father loves his daughter so much and if someone hurts her, he feels very helpless. Dev made his daughter cry and he could not protect her, he hates Dev. Dev say sorry. Bejoy rotates bottle next. Dev says he feels they are carrying an issue since 7 years, he came here after forgetting everything, but Mr. Bose did not forget anything. He dares Bejoy to stop hating him. He wanted Bejoy to forgive him, but Bejoy does not want to. Bejoy says he means there is no solution for this problem. Dev says yes, he does not want to understand him. Bejoy says his daughter is still small and once she grows up and loves someone like Dev, he will realze his condition. They both at once says what a bad game this is. Dev says nobody is perfect in this world, even Bejoy is. Bejoy says everyone talk big after a drink, if he has any idea how to get out of this room. Dev says if they convince their family they are friends now and have forgotten their past. Bejoy nods no. Dev says he has to smile at him, he will call him uncle, smile at him, they have to do this for their loved ones. Bejoy says yes. They both make a deal. Bejoy says his family is very smart. Dev says they will do something that they will not speak at all.
In the morning, Asha wakes up Sourav. Sourav says let me sleep, why did you play loud music. Asha says she did not. They both walk out to check. Sona joins them. They all 3 open room door and see Dev and Bejoy dancing happily. Dev drags Sourav for a dance. Sona sees empty scotch bottle. Bejoy dances vigorously and collapses holding his chest.
Precap: Doc says Bejoy’s blood pressure has shot up and his condition is critical. Dev apologizes Sona. Sona says no need for sorry, if something happens to baba, she will not forgive him and even Soha may not.

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