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Kuch Rang Episode Episode 271--272 Update on Monday 8th October 2018

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Rain starts while Dev and Sona’s argument starts after a game. Everyone run under shelter. Dev stands under rain. Golu asks him to come under shelter. Dev encourages everyone to enjoy the rain and let their children enjoy their childhood. All children and parents join Dev. Sona also joins helplessly. Dev dances with her. Suhana starts sneezing. Sona gets angry and takes Suhana along. Suhana continues sneezing in room. Sona asks teacher to call doc. Teacher says this place is away form city and doc will take time. Dev enters after changing clothes and asks Suhana if she is fine. She says yes. He touches her and says she is having fever and rushes out. He goes to his room and feels angry on himself. He calls Ishwari. Ishwari excitedly says she was waiting for his call,
if he met Suhana. He says he made a mistake and took Suhana unde rain, she is having fever, so he wants her to teach him make herbal tea which she used to give him in childhood. She says she will come there with kaadha/herbal tea in 2-3 hours. He says he does not have that much time and asks her to teach via video call. He sees teacher passing by and enters kitchen with her. Ishwari guides him to add ginger, garlic, black pepper, curry leaves, etc. He cuts his finger during the process but continues preparing kaadha. He asks teacher to serve other children while he takes kaadha for Suhana
Dev enters Suhana’s room with kaadha and sees doc already present. Doc tries to inject Suhana and she pleads not to. Dev says he brought kaadha. Sona says no.. Suhana says let her try kaadha and if she does not get well, she will take injection. Dev tells her story that their forefathers became very strong with this kadha that they used to fight with dinausers, hide behind mountains and move mountains with bare hands. Suhana says like Golu he has superpowers. Dev nervously says not like him, he did not finish kadha at once in childhood, so he is not that strong. Suhana says she will drink at once and will gain super powers. She finishes kadha in one go and asks when will she get superpowers. Dev says she should rest for sometime to feel superpowers. Suhana sleeps. Sona sneezes next. Dev offers her kadha, but she asks doctor to give her medicine.
Sona walks out yelling at Dev that he is acting too smart. She sees children carrying kadha and taunts they will gain superpowers. She stops teacher and asks if she prepared kadha. Teacher says Dev prepared it. Sona is surprised. Teacher offers her kadha, but she does not accept and goes to kitchen. She reminisces Dev not doing anything with mom’s help and thinks how can a man change so much. She sees Dev’s blood stains on cloth and drinks kadha.
Sona reaches back room and sees Dev and Golu playing board game with Suhana. She asks Suhana why she woke up so early. Suhana says Mr. Dixit’s kadha worked and she became powerful now. She asks Sona where did she go. Sona reminisces drinking kadha and nervously says she went to meet other children’s parents. Teacher comes and informs that they have set a bon fire for everyone. Dev looks at Sona.
GKB with Vicky takes snake charmer to camp and says Vicky that Dev had a bad incident with snake during his childhood summer camp, so if he sees snake, he will run from this camp. She orders snake charmer to leave snake. Dev and Sona are seen enjoying games with other parents and students around bon fire.
Precap: During dumbcharade round, all parents ask Dev and Sona to play game. Dev mimics and Sona loudly says it is I love you. Dev nervously looks at her. 
Teacher divides kids and parents team and explains dumb charades rules. She asks who will come first. Dev asks Golu to go. Golu reads note and signals 1 word. Suhana identifies movie name and wins 1 point for team. Parent’s team’s turn comes next. Everyone insist big cha to go. Dev reads Dil chahta hai in note and says if it cannot be changed. Sona taunts. Dev mimics and another parent identifies it. Sona feels jealous. Golu’s turn comes next again and he identifies name. Everyone clap for his team. Next Sona’s turn comes and she reads I love you in note.
GKB fumes seeing Dev and Sona enjoying game and asks Vicky to order sapera/snake charmer to leave his snake. Snake charmer leaves snake. Vicky asks if he her plan will work. GKB says of course. Snake charmer
says they mark red on box if snake is poisonous, orange for mild poisonous, and green if nonpoisonous. He realizes he brought red box by mistake and runs.
Sona hesitates to mimic I love you. Dev tries to check note, but teacher stops him and other parents say no cheating. Dev says anyways Sona cannot mimic. Sona signals 3 words, 1st single word. Dev says I love you. Sona says excitedly yes, I love you, then feels nervous and gets back to her place. Dev also gets back to his place. Everyone talk that Dev and his ex’s coordination is really well.
GKB sees red mark on box and ask GKB what did he snake charmer say. He repeats. GKB panics it is red box. Vicky says even Golu is there, how will they get back snake. GKB panics more her red’s red is also in camp and sees snake getting into a room.
Sourav takes Ronita for a date to a roadside tea stall. Ronita asks this shop. He says it is famous tea shop. She slips. He holds her. Their romance starts. He kneels down and holding rose proposes her. She says she already accepted his proposal. He says even then. Tea vendor praises that he did not see such unique couple. Sourav and Ronita’s romance continues.
Dev returns to his room and sits sadly. Golu come angrily and tells his classmates mother told she loves big cha, he wants to find her and scold her. Dev says good she escaped. Golu continues talking and says if also tells big chi I love you. Dev sits silently. Suhana in her room sees Sona sad and asks why she is sad. Sona says no mood. Suhana says Mr. Dixit without her mimicking said I love you, if it was their code word. Dev tells Golu that he used to love Sona, but not now as she hid Suhana from him. Golu says even he will hate big chi. Dev says he cannot as she is both maasi and kaaki and Suhana’s mother, he should love her instead. Sona tells Suhana that there was no code and reminds her that she told she can meet papa when they go to Delhi. She wants her to test her papa and wants to spend time even with him. Suhana asks if she will tell I love you to Mr. Dixit again. Sona says no..they cannot reunite again.
Suhana and Golu meet in lawn and greet each other. Dev asks Suhana to get ready, they will go for dinner. Suhana says yes and says bye Golu. Suhan goes and sleeps on bed. Sona goes for a change and returns and asks Suhana let us go now. She sees snake on floor, shouts and runs out. Golu tells Dev he heard sound from Suhana’s room. They both run and see everyone around Suhana and Sona outside room. Sona says there is snake in their room.
Dev panics and asks to get all the children out, he will get the snake out from room. Sona shouts don’t try to oversmart Another parent says let him go. Sona shouts to not interfere between her and Mr. Obodro..

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