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Kuch Rang Episode Episode 295--296 on Wednesday 24th October 2018

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Dev gets tensed hearing Soha crying, knocks door and asks if Soha is crying in pain and gives her mamaji’s prepared paste. Soha from inside says papa, it is itching. Sona asks Dev to stay outside, goes in and tells Soha with this paste, her itching will vanish. Soha asks if she can meet papa. Sona asks her to imagine papa is apply her paste and once she gets well, papa will tell her stories. Dev says yes, she is more brave than the princess in story. Soha feels relaxed. Sona goes out and says Dev’s paste worked, asks him not to go in. Dev says she stopped him from entering thinking he will get cross infection, thank you for that. Sona says this is not new, she cares for the people around her.
At Bose house, Ronita prepares food and Bejoy/Sourav try to teach her. Asha
enters and says Ronita knows cooking and they did not interfere. She gets a call, tells it is her building friend, goes out and asks Sona how is Soha’s chicken pox. Sona says she is recovering. Bejoy hears that and shouts how can she not inform him about Sona’s illness, Dixits mistakes are exposed. Asha asks what is the mistake of Dixits, Soha can get ill even here. He should not increase his BP. Bejoy says it is obvious. He locks Asha in a room and rushes to Dev’s house.
Golu comes to Dev’s room and insists to play with him. Dev says he is not in a mood. Golu says he loves Soha more, so he is ignoring him, even if Soha gets well, he will not play with him. Elena enters. Dev asks her to console Golu. Elena gives him Soha’ medicine prescription and asks to bring medicines. He leaves. Bejoy enters calling Soha. GKB and Vicky starts yelling he cannot go in. Elena says Sona is ill and is resting. Dev travels on his bike and stops hearing phone call. He sees Sona and Jatin in a car and walks towards them. Jatin drives car.
Bejoy enters Soha’s room and calls her. Vicky and GKB yell he cannot shout here. Bejoy says he will take Soha from here. Vicky yells even they have a child and know to take care of Soha. Elena says Soha is taken care well under Sona’s supervision. Bejoy says he will leave now, but if something happens to Soha, he will not spare them. GKB yells he barged in this time and next time he should not dare come here.
Dev returns with medicine and asks Elena how is Soha now. Elena says she is sleeping. Dev says good she is sleeping, her mother is not here. Elena murmurs thank god she is not here, else a big drama would have happened. He asks what. She says nothing and goes in. Sona comes speaking over mobile. Dev snatches mobile and disconnects call and says if she cannot take care of Soha, she should agree. Sona says how can he say that. He says he is taking care of a 6-year-old Golu and can take care of Soha, she should agree that she is not a good mother. She went out saying she has a business meeting, but met someone else and came back with fruits to show her fake concern.
Bejoy reaches home and tells Asha that he is worried about Soha as he loves her more than his children. Asha says both Dev and Sona are taking care of Soha.
Sona tells Dev that she cannot prove her love for Soha, like her baba loves her, like she loves Soha and once upon a time loved him…She does not want to prove anything. Soha calls her. Dev runs. Sona asks him to stay away and walks in. Soha says she saw a bad dream and if she can sleep hugging him. Sona goes out and asks Dev to tell story standing outside. Dev starts story and Soha sleeps. Sona comes out and says Soha slept. Dev smiles and leaves.
Vicky asks GKB why did she stop old man from taking Soha, she is of no use to them. GKB says Dev would have brought her back, their main issue is bengalan Sona and they can think of Soha later.
Bejoy tells Asha that she is overthinking about Dixits, Ishwari will never change and she cannot see anything else than Dev. Asha says in 7 years, a lot has changed. Tough Ishwari did not like Sona, this time Sona went as Soha’s mother and who knows Sona may see Ishwari’s new phase. Sona is very good and can forgive anyone except Dev, anything can happen.
Sona calls PK and asks to get ice water. PK says she will get sore throat. Sona says it is to apply cold compresses on Soha. He runs to bring it. Sona sees a man around house and runs behind him, calls Jatin and says she saw same main again, stops man and asks who is he. Man turns and reveals he is Khatri.
Precap: Dev asks Jatin and Sona howmany times they will prove they are best friend, reminds Sona how her baba forced Ishwari to get out of his house.

Sona stops Khatri and reminisces seeing him with Ishwari. She asks who is he. He says forget about me, who is she. She does not look like boss or guard. Sona says she is bahu of that house. He says she is the one who left 7 years ago and now returned. He continues. She asks what is his name. He continues forget about me. She reminisces him seeing the other day and what was he doing. He says asks to stay away from all this, else she will be in trouble. She insists. He says he came to greet Ishwari. She says she will inform police. He says if she informs police, Ishwari will be in more trouble.
Sourav calls Sona and asks where is the perfume she gifted. She says she kept in cupboard. He asks if she is fine. She informs him about a stranger around house. Sourav says
it is Dixit’s problem and she should stay way from them. He disconnects call. Ronita enters and says she is very excited regarding their honeymoon trip. Sourav says even he is.
Sona then informs Jatin that she saw same man again and confronted him, but he seems so arrogant and undeterred. Jatin asks if he is same man. Sona says yes. They meet. Sona says they need to find out about that man as he was taking Ishwari’s name. Jatin insists to meet Soha. Sona says Dev will not like it. Jatin says Dev will not tell him anything. They both reach home. Dev stops them and says they act as best friend, if they really are and reminds Sona how Bejoy sent Ishwari out. Sona says she brought her best friend Jatin and not Bejoy/Sourav. She leaves with Jatin. Jatin walks into Soha’s room, but Sona reminisces Khatri’s words and walks into Ishwari’s room.
Dev walks towards Soha’s room and hears her playing with Jatin. He returns sadly and sees Golu sitting outside his room sadly. Golu says he does not want to play with him and loves Soha more. Dev says he knows Soha’s condition. Golu insists to play with Soha. Dev says Soha is playing with Jatin. He walks away.
Jatin walks towards door when GKB stops him and starts yelling that he could stay away from Sona that he came even here. Jatin says he came here for Soha. She continues yelling. Vicky joins GKB and they both continue. Jatin confronts Vicky that his muscles will not work on him and he heard he is a waste body, so he should stay away, else he will break his muscles. He greets GKB and leaves. GKB fumes that he insulted her son. She then passes by Ishwari’s room and sees Sona searching something, starts her broken English and irritating comments, asks what is she doing in jiji’s room. Sona says she is searching Dev’s childhood pics. GKB yells she wants to get back in Dev’s life again, why did she call a stranger when her father kicked out Ishwari from his house. Sona says Jatin is her bestfriend, says it is waste talking to her and leaves. GKB fumes more and makes her usual weird expressions.
Sona thinks of asking Dev about Ishwari’s past. She opens door and clashes with Dev. Dev says at least she found time for her daughter. She asks if he wants to have coffee, she is preparing herself. He says coffee. She describe how coffee is grown, its characteristics, etc. He says he knows. She prepares coffee for them. He sits on her swinger and sips coffee. She says looks like nobody has coffee with him, why did not he throw this swinger yet. He comments throwing away is her habit, not his. He asks if Ishwari has any enemy. He says no one, but during childhood, when maa used to drop him to night classes, she used to carry blunt knife to protect themselves. She asks why did not he inform about it till now. He sits silently.

Precap: Sona over phone tells Jatin that she is worried how will Dev reacts if he knows about it. She turns and sees Dev standing. Dev says she showed her true colors at last.

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