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Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1117 Update on Sunday 14th October 2018

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The Episode starts with Pragya and King are coming towards Abhi, just then they hear Mr. Wick’s announcement asking everyone to come near the stage. He asks Rockstar and Rapstar to come on the stage. King and Abhi go to stage. Pragya couldn’t see Abhi. Chachi comes there and asks her to tell head chef to make starters ready. Abhi and King stand on the stage. Mr. Wick tells that it was difficult to bring both of them in his album and asks Roy to get album cover. He thanks King for giving party in his house and says I must say that this is one of the best parties I have ever seen in my life. King tells that the credit to the party’s decoration, ambience, theme, personal touch all goes to his wife. He says Mr. Wick was right that it is not easy to bring both of us together, but he is a smart businessman
and said that we got business marriage done. Abhi thinks his sense of humor is bad. King says Mr. Rockstar has become my professional wife and that’s why I want my professional and personal wife to meet each other. Pragya comes and stands beside King. King turns to Abhi and says meet my wife…rockstar. He moves away. Pragya and Abhi see each other and get shocked and emotional. Sad music plays…
Abhi gets tears in his eyes. He recalls seeing Pragya in police station asking Inspector to give a chance to her husband, they are married since 7 years and that he can’t do anything wrong. Mr. Wick announces that Abhi will launch the album cover. King comes to Pragya and asks her to talk to his client from London. Pragya takes the call and goes to side. Abhi opens the album cover ribbon. He looks at Pragya and goes to her. He says you? Pragya looks at him with tears in her eyes. King says you might want to say that she is amazing and says she will be, as she is my wife. Abhi gets down the stage. King asks Pragya, don’t mind him leaving and says he is very egoistic. He asks if she talked to London client. Abhi goes to the bar in the party hall and asks for large peg. Pragya goes to his crying. Judaa hoke Bhi song plays……Abhi gets tears in his eyes recalling their moments. Pragya is about to go to him, but King stops her and asks what happened? Pragya says nothing and goes. Abhi drinks and recalls the happenings before she left. Song continues to play.
Chachi comes and asks Pragya to talk to Tarun. Pragya says I need to talk to him first. Chachi thinks she is talking about King and asks her to go. Pragya goes other way searching Abhi. Abhi recalls their romantic moments. Pragya again comes back to Abhi. He asks for one more drink. Waiter says you already had much. Abhi scolds him and asks him to give large peg. Pragya hears him and is teary eyes. She comes to him and is about to hold his shoulder, but stops recalling Abhi throwing her out of his life. She moves from there.
Disha brings project material for Sunny and Disha. Kiara says they will make project some other day. She says Dadi must be fine by now. Disha asks what happened to Dadi. Kiara says she had a sprain in her leg, but now she has treated her. Disha says you are smart. Kiara says she knows another way to treat Dadi and that is a diversion. She tells Disha that she is also smart. Disha smiles. Kiara goes to the washroom.
Pragya thinks of Abhi insulting and blaming her for Dadi’s death. Abhi thinks I tried to talk to her, but she didn’t take even my name. Pragya thinks she was speechless when she saw him and was happy with his feeling. Abhi thinks you would have asked me how am I? He says I want to say that I missed you and never forget you. He thinks what to say when she has her own world now and has a husband whom he hates a lot. He thinks he will ask her and she has to answer why did she return and married his rival. He thinks although he is married, he never forgot her. Pragya thinks to talk to Abhi and thinks it is our bhagya that want us to unite, maybe we will. She thinks to go and tell him everything.

Abhi comes and asks King, can I dance with your wife. King signs him to go ahead and goes. Abhi and Pragya look at each other.

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