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Kundali Bhagya Episode 170 Update on Sunday 14th October 2018

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Kratika suggests to send Preeta against Rishab, he is already clean bold over Preeta. She regrets saying that and qualifies it’s for the last time when he was out on the first ball by Preeta. Prithvi was determined to beat a professional cricketer. Shrishti goes catch out. Sarla comes to scold Shrishti when Preeta saves her. Rakhi comes to pair with Rishab. Rishab was confused watching Preeta bowl. Rakhi speaks to Preeta that she wants to play a lot of cricket today, she shouldn’t make her out. Preeta smiles. Rakhi scores on first ball. Mahesh was boastful of his wife. Rishab was out on the next ball. Prithvi smirks about his assessment.
Karan now comes to play but the bat was broken at the first ball. Prithvi and Sherlin share a look. They recall how they glued Karan’s broken bat to hide
it. Shrishti brings two bats to Karan to choose. Karan was determined to show to Prithvi who rules this place. Prithvi thinks he has broken Karan’s heart, and he won’t play anymore. Rishab and Preeta come to Karan, Rishab says they won’t play anymore but Karan insists he would play with the broken bat. The game resumes. Prithvi and Sherlin hold their heads as he shot a sixer after sixers. Prithvi comes to Preeta and asks her to bowl in a way that Karan is out. There, Sameer announces that scores are equal and it’s the last ball of the match. Prithvi and Karan share a confrontation. Rakhi comes to Karan and says he shouldn’t lose the wicket at any cost.
Prithvi comes to Preeta to ask for a favor. Sherlin hears this.
Shrishti comes to Karan and was sure he will win. Shrishti asks if his revenge would be completed only by winning the match. Karan says he would surely revenge him for breaking his bat. Shrishti shares with Karan that she doesn’t like Prithvi as her brother in law.
There, Prithvi appreciates Preeta’s efforts against a professional player. As everyone take positon, Prithvi goes to boundary for fielding.
Karan stares at Prithvi, Shrishti makes a prayer as Preeta runs to bowl. Karan strikes a sixer that strikes Prithvi’s jaw. He fell over the floor. It was counted a sixer.

PRECAP: Sherlin tells Karan whatever he did to Prithvi was wrong, he is in much pain. Karan taunts why she feels hurt for Prithvi? Rishab comes there and was also thoughtful at this

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