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Kundali Bhagya Episode 175 Update on Saturday 27th October 2018

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Preeta finally pushes Karan off her arm. He apologizes, but Preeta says he must apologize. Karan says he is The Karan Luthra, and only wanted her arm as a pillow, not for marriage. Preeta says he won’t get in both cases. Karan says even if in joke he gets it, his life would be ruined. Preeta tells Karan that he must be really afraid but she wants to rest right now. Karan says he isn’t afraid of anything and have a big heart. Preeta lay down to sleep. Karan was disturbed then lay down to sleep. Preeta thinks about terrifying him in some way.
The weather was stormy outside. Karan wakes up as the main doors of haunted house bang. He tries to wake Preeta but she says it’s the weather outside. Karan was terrified of the banging window panes as well. Preeta says this happens when there is a
thunderstorm, she lay down to rest. Karan tries to sleep but couldn’t. He sits up at a sudden scream. Preeta wakes up and tells Karan she didn’t hear anything, she feels really sleepy. Karan wonders how only he can hear such a sound. Preeta half opens her eyes and recalls setting the horrifying sounds on the radio player. As Karan turns to her, she tells him to stay cautious as she has heard stories about ghosts and something might approach him from the door. As Karan fell down to sleep Preeta makes a fake bed of herself and leaves the hall. Karan wakes up attempting to lock the window. As he turns around, Preeta stood there with marked face and held a knife at him. Karan initially laughs at her but Preeta speaks in a changed tone. Karan was still not convinced.
Sherlin hugs Prithvi as he enters the farm house. She was concerned for his bruised face. Prithvi apologizes for shouting over her. Sherlin asks him about Karan and Preeta; Prithvi says they didn’t come and he is here to ruin Karan’s reputation.
Karan was finally terrified of ghostly Preeta. She now turns towards fake bed of Preeta and says she will now kill this girl and enter her body and get a life again. She moves with a knife and stabs it inside. Karan screams, cries and runs upstairs. Preeta runs behind him.
Sarla and Rakhi call everyone for food. Shrishti was excited but makes a face when Sameer smiles at her. Sameer thinks how moody she is. Prithvi returns home. Rakhi says finally Sarla’s son in law is back. Prithvi explains to Sarla that he went to walk outside with and upset mood with Karan. He looks towards the table and says he is really hungry, but will wait for Preeta for dinner. Kareena asks if his fiancĂ© isn’t with him. He denies, then understands Preeta and Karan must be together somewhere in the farmhouse. She always wanders around with Karan.
Preeta follows Karan who was running terrified. As he hides behind a wall, Karan sense it was Preeta. He now begins to flirt with the ghost. Preeta was annoyed. Karan stands close to her making her nervous.

PRECAP: Rishab confronts Prithvi in favor of Karan and forbids him abuse his brother’s character.

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