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Madhubala Episode 299--300 Update on Wednesday 3rd October 2018

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Part 1
At the mansion .. Madhu is dabbing RKs wet hair n says thanks for meeting n talking..! She asks how did things get resolved n RK says …like it should be.. i spoke.. he spoke.. n things ended..n we went separate ways..! Madhu asks how come?
RK says. .no action at all .. only dialogue scenes..! Madhu says..he is hiding.. say the details.. !
RK says.. not now.. later..! RK asks.. packed for honeymoon? Madhu says.. started..but how many clothes to pack ?? RK says..they are going on honeymoon..why need to pack? Madhu chides him
RK says…meant.. we will shop there..what did she think. .n sings Badtameez dil n Madhu runs off..!
Bittu is on phone n Sikky is busy tailing him with measuring tape! RK – Madhu are ready to leave.. but RK says..dun think should go n Madhu too agrees..! Radha says. .she is fine.. n they are going…! Bittu tells them they are going..for sure n RK asks..why so excited?
Sikky is tailing him n Bittu chides him ..! RK says..he n Madhu are going for honeymoon not exam.. why dahi shakkar? Dips watches.. n says.. one after another nautanki …!
Sikky asks Dips to eat dahi shakkar for good beginning of evil plans..! Someone brings coconuts and RK says.. Madhu cant break with head..! Bittu says.. one should be broken to ward off evil eye…! Radha does the nazar utaring..and Bittu is about to break coconut when Sultan intervenes n glares at a surprised RK! He breaks the coconut himself..!
Sultan says…this is for the first step of his mother in this house..! He breaks second coconut for the woman who got back her family … breaks third coconut… for his mothers self respect…which was snatched from her…!! He breaks fourth coconut and says.. its for his life..which begins today..!
Sultan says…MAA… Meera enters. .n Sultan protectively hugs her.. n escorts her inside the house..! Meera is nervous..and Sultan says.. SWAGAT hai tumhara.. apne ghar me..! Sultan introes.. the family to Meera..!
Meera wants to leave. .but Sultan says..this is her house…their house.. n they will stay here forever..! Meera asks about the others and Sultan says..they all stay here .. in HER house.. n he leads her inside..! RK asks Sultan the name of med..which brings him to his senses? Sultan says..came for his mom! RK tells Sultan to show this gundagardi somewhere else.. Sultan asks else cops n hide behind them like last night? Madhu is shocked!
Sultan says surprised to see me here… ! Sultan says.. spent half age behind bars so know how to come on other side..! Sultan says.. no one can make the iron bars that can keep Sultan inside for 2 days..! RK says. .nice dialog will use.. and give credit..!
RK asks Sultan to leave n Sulta n says.. its his too …n he has equal right..on it..! RK asks.. if he din read the nameplate? Its RK mansion ..its his! Sultan says..if he writes name on sky.. will it be his? Sultan says.. where he has erected RK mansion ..the land is Mohans.. so ..its .. first Meeras..then his . n then maybe theirs..! Radha is shocked..! Meera… gets hyper hearing Mohans name n says.. he stole my son..! Sultan comforts Meera…n says..he is with her.. her son is with her..!
Sultan says.. if RK can see what THAT man has done .. n dare he ask him to leave..! Sultan says.. till his mom gets the respect n identity taken from her..he wont leave.. this Mohan Kundra..! RK says..dare to take dads name …! Its insult of that name.. if Sultan takes the name..! Sultan says..was my dad too but hurts to add..! RK says..CHUP…!!!
Part 2
RK says.. OUT .. right now.. from my house..! Sultan asks..else what?? Call cops.. call media.. do press con… they will ask questions to me too ..n will say. .who Meera is. .n why she is here. .n who he is …!
Radha begs him not to call cops or media or do drama..! Radha passes out saying..RKs dads name…! RK asks to call doc n asks for water …!
Meera asks who is this woman n Sultan says. no one. .n says not to worry n walks inside..! Dips n Sikky wonder where Sultan is going ! Meera selects a room!
Part 3
Sikky tells Dips that.. they have entered their room … will go n bajao his band! Sikky tells Sultan. .its his room ..!
Meera asks who? Sikky says.. owner of the house n Sultan stares at him..! Sultan says.. they are both RKs step bro.. ! Sultan says.. Meera has chosen this room n is comfy here! Sikky says..its his room n Sultan shouts on him n Sikky relents n asks them to enjoy n runs off!
Precap — Madhu says.. a drunk told Sultan a story n he believed it? She asks Sultan if he asked for proof? Sultan says.. he has heard.. his moms screams…about Mohan snatching her child..! This proof… Isnt it enouf? RK says. .no its not enouf…of a proof!

Part 1
Doc checking Radha says that its again the symptom of stress! He tells Radha that.. if she keeps taking so much stress.. her prob can get aggravated! Doc asks Radha what happened that she has to think so much? Radha stays mum! Madhu says. .nothing like that..and that they will try and ensure that Radha is under no stress! Doc says..good else.. in this age its not good to take so much stress..and that her BP will shoot up…! He asks them to take care of Radha n leaves..!
Madhu is looking at Radha and RK tries to talk to Madhu but Madhu says that if he can keep quiet in front of Radha its better! RK offers to get the meds and Madhu says..she is with Radha..n gives the list to RK..! RK leaves from there..!
RK storms down the staircase and hands the list to Bittu !! Bittu tells RK that Sultan has taken over Sikky-Dips room! RK is about to confront Sultan ..but Bittu says..its not right .atleast not now for Auntyjis sake..! Bittu these troubled times they need to work with brains not brawns and they also need to have lots of patience! RK calms down..!
Dips tells Sikky that.. after ages..the environment is so good! Sikky rues that a. storm came n took their room and she says environment is good? ..! Dips says..think big.. now this whole house is theirs…! Dips says.. now the view is perfect.. right from the dining room! Sikky asks Dips how to kick Sultan out of their room? Dips says.. to hell with the room! Dips asks to enjoy this situation! Dips says..this amazing thing of skeletons out of the closet that has come out what one should enjoy…! Sikky asks which skeleton?? Dips says.. its a phrase! Dips says..meaning the news about all this relations…about the relation of Sultan n RK! Sikky says..Sultan is RKs step bro and he is RKs step bro so Sultan is his step bro as well.. ! Dips says.. what amazing start of RK-Madhus married life…! As they say in Punjabi… Dil Khush Karditta! Sikky back hugs n asks her to make him happy too! Dips says shut up n sends him off to fetch a new room! Sikky leaves..! Dips smirks!
Sultan is patting Meeras head..! He overhears footsteps..! Without turning Sultan (guesses its Madhu) and asks…why are u here? Camera pans and it is Madhu standing at the doorstep…! Madhu comes to Sultan and says.. after ages he got his mom..and asks if she is ok? Madhu asks i mean.. is anything serious? Sultan gets up from the bed.. looks at Madhu.. looks at his mom..n looks back at her! They come ouf of the room..into the hall..! Sultan asks why is she here? Did RK ask her to come to strike a compromise or ask her to ask him to leave the house? Madhu says. no RK din send..rather she wanted to ask.. what she asked! Madhu says.. that now that he has raised the issue.. want to say. .all this is a very big misunderstanding…! Sultan says. there is no misunderstanding .. n that he is not leaving this house… ! He says…the woman lying inside…(Meera) has full right on this house.. full legal right..! He says..30 years..for 30 years…she has borne this torture… but now its time for justice.. and now they will LIVE..!
Madhu tells Sultan to listen to her n try and understand! She says…she is sad to see what Sultans mom has gone thru but asks him not to drag her family in all this! Sultan says..if Mohan Kundra had fulfilled his promises to Meera… there wont be any Madhu or her family here! He says..she is worrying for her family but his mom was cheated n her family snatched from her..! Madhu says..she agrees Sultan loves his mom .. n is doing all for her. .but there is some big reason. .! She says.. a drunk man told him a story .. n he trusts him? Who knows this whole story is a fake. . a lie. .n maybe that drunk man merely wants to malign Mohan K..! She asks if Sultan has asked anyone else? Sultan says.. my mom herself said… and that he has seen her scream in fear… cry out for her child.. have heard her take Mohans name ..react on it…seen her scream her kids name…! He says. no more proof is required after all this..and asks isnt this enouf? RK comes and says. .no ..this proof is not enouf..!
Sultan fumes seeing RK…! RK says.. a drunk who has fooled Sultan his entire life one day took Mohan Ks name and he believed? Well its not enouf… a woman who lost touch with her family 30 years ago comes and says she was cheated by Mohan K and Sultan believes? No its not enouf… ! Sultan says. the man he is calling a liar ..a drunk .. Radha has identified..him..and that he used to work here! RK Thousands work here…! He says..either they are lying or Sultan is making them lie!
RK says..its possible…Sultans mom is nuts.. or its also possible that she isnt his mom! Sultan fumes on RK and says… he is crossing his limits..! RK says..he is crossing his limits..screaming on RK in his own home? Sultan says. .this is his home too n will stay here..till his mom gets ..her lost repute. .identity n all her rights. along with everything else! RK asks…everything? What all is everything? The night when Sultan lost all … aka the Rishbala wedding night..! Suddenly .. on that night.. there was miracle n Sultan got back his long lost mom and that night..he decided that ..he will take revenge on his biggest enemy .whom he hates the most!
Sultan asks if RKs crap talk is over ?? RK asks Bittu to bring something! Madhu asks RK to calm down and RK removes her hand..from his arm n says. .m calm and cant be calmer than this even during the last breath ! He says.. more than him Sultan is in anger..she rather ask him to cool! Bittu brings cheque book and RK takes n signs a blank cheque n gives to Sultan ..! RK says.. to fill the amount he thinks is his all..his everything ..! Sikky-Dips watch! RK tells Sultan. not to think he is giving money cos he believes the crap story but its for him to take n leave the house with his mom so that RK n his family can stay there in peace.! RK says..its a request…since there is no one left to impress!
Sultan stares at RK n RK says. now he better not say that he doesnt take.. charity or money thrown at him .! Sultan stares at the cheque!
Part 2
Sultan takes the cheque from RKs hand..takes the pen and writes something on it! Sikky tries to peep in and see what amount Sultan is filling in the cheque..! Sultan shows the filled cheque to RK n RK turns his face away n says..after giving charity dun see how much is given..! Sultan brings the cheque in front of RKs eyes and shows the cheque to RK … with the name.. Meera Mohan Kundra written on it..! Sultan says..this is the name he wants..and he does not think ..there is any Bank who can give this .. but this is something that RK n his family will give him!! RK- Sultan glare at each other! RK takes the cheque from Sultan and tears it off…! .. They keep glaring at each other!
Part 3
RK asks if his fake drama is over or some hope is left? Sultan says..if he thinks he has come here with hope for money then he is a big fool! He says.. he does not want to be equal with RK..! Sultan says.. he has led his own life. .n RK has led his life..! He has no complaints…! Rather its hurting him to find out that he is RKs bro.. ! Sultan rues that in whole wide world..’Ek tum hi mile the kya’!
Sultan says..he came there for his mom …to get her back her reputation, self respect and identity. .to bring this truth out in the open before the world that .. Meera is MKs first wife not Radha! Radha comes n says…its a lie ..! She says.. all this is wrong.. MK was married only once and that is to her.. ! She says Sultan n his mom are lying..! All are shocked..! Camera freezes on Sultans glaring face..!
Precap — Radha is in tears and rushes into her room and closes the door from inside! RK and Madhu knock on the door n RK asks Radha to open the door! When Radha does not respond, RK asks Madhu to ask Radha to open the door! 

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