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Madhubala Episode 303--304 Update on Friday 5th October 2018

Part 1
RK is shooting…! Actress tells her lines but RK doesnt speak his..! Director prompts RK
Bittu asks him the matter? RK says.. ‘Zindagi ki bagiya mein bahut alag alag phul khil rahe hain’ which he knows of…so why ask

Madhu calls Bittu n asks if RK is ok n he never seen him give retake for one shot She asks if he has eaten n Bittu says no..! RK glares at him n tells him to tell Madhu not to bother for him

Scene is cut n RK goes for a break!
Meera is eating in her room n asks Sultan why THAT woman (Radha) was so troubled n how she din talk to her! Sultan says…she is sick so..!
Meera says.. no there is some pain.. Sultan assures her nothing like that..!

Meera asks where are they? Sultan says.. HER HOUSE.. n shushes her before asking any more questions! Makes her sit and feeds her! Meera says ..HE must be making faces while eating? Sultan asks who? Meera says that kid n Sultan says.. Aryan! Meera recounts how she din like Bheendi as a kid n Sultan says Aryan too din like ..n recollects Madhu teaching Aryan how to eat Bhindi..n says.. some SPECIAL person taught him to eat..!

Meera asks if that kid cant come there? Sultan asks if he should bring him? Meera says.. kids should be always with their parents …or anything can happen! Sultan assures he will bring Aryan soon!
Sikky brings Dips to their new room …n she fumes! Sikky says.. its a small room and Madhu has arranged for them! Dips says..better she sent them to servant quarters! Sikky says..there was nothing left for them…so! Sikky says. .like this room so! Dips asks for AC Sikky leaps on the bed to sleep!
Its late in the night..and Sultan is sleeping on the chair by Meeras side..who is asleep! He hears some noise..wakes up…sees..its 2am …
He comes out in the hall towards the kitchen to fill water n finds Madhu fast asleep on the sofa..with candles n food lying..! He look at her .. n then goes to close the window panes..!
RK walks in right then n sees Madhu n drools on her..! He caresses her hair n she wakes up..! RK asks Madhu she din eat? Madhu is teary eyed n hugs him! Madhu requests RK not to be angry with she cant take it..! RK says..he thot she was upset!
Madhu says.. they just got married..all was well n suddenly all this? Radha is ill .n RK is angry on her ..dunno why Sultan is doing all this? Sultan overhears and is stunned!
Madhu asks if she is doing something wrong? Isnt she a good wife.. life partner? She says she wanted problems to settle down but RK is angry with her..! RK caresses Madhus face n says..she is a great wife.. n not doubt..! He says.. people say bad things in anger.. unintentionally ..! RK says Sorry to Madhu for getting Sultan arrested by using her..! RK says.. he is sorry for not telling her what his plan was. .but if he had.. then she wont have let him do it!
Madhu says.. yes.. but that doesnt mean he hide things! Madhu tells RK to promise they wont hide anything from each other and RK promises! Madhu says they will solve all mess n RK asks she is with him? Madhu says yes..! Madhu asks is all normal between them? RK EK JUNOON bahut zaruri hai .. n Rishbala eyelocks! RK carries Madhu out of the hall as Sultan watches!
Madhu brings tea to Radha and greets her.. n says sorry for being late.. but RK came late so..! Radha stays mum..! Madhu tells Radha she cant see her troubled n asks what can she do? Radha says to leave her alone!
Madhu tells Radha to go and talk to Sultan and clear the matter .. n then go to the drunkard and ask him why he spread these lies? Radha is mum ..! Madhu offers her tea but Radha pushes her hand away!
Part 2
Radha tells Madhu that she doesnt wanna clear anything n asks her to leave! Right then they hear someone singing.. its Meera.. doing Aarti ..singing ‘Oh palan hare’! Sultan is standing by her side with folded hand..!
Sikky – Dips come out in the hall too and are surprised to see Meera… ! Radha is stunned to see Meera doing the aarti…!
Meera gives aarti to Sultan and he touches her feet ..and takes prasad! Meera offers to Sikky who praises her …and she offers Dips who says.. havent brushed teeth.. Meera insists but Dips stays adamant..!
Part 3
Madhu comes to Meera and asks for prasad .. Sultan smiles! Meera looks at Radha and goes to her asks how she is feeling? Radha squirms.. ! RK watches the duo ..!
Meera says sorry for doing the aarti of Shri Krishna without taking Radhas permission..! Radha is quiet but shocked too ..!
Precap — Meera tells Radha that she knows her name. .n that for Lord Krishna.. Radha-Meera both are dear..!

Part 1
Meera asks Radha how she is feeling? RK comes out of his room and watches the duo! Meera says sorry for putting Krishna Bhagwans idol in the puja ghar! Everyone looks surprised including Sultan Madhu..! Meera says. bhakti se shanti milti hai man ko! Dips rues.what is this?Sikky tells her her God is here..! Meera asks Radha why she is asking her all this…she knows her name.. its Radha..! RK glares at Meera..! Meera says.. Krishna Bhagwan is same for Radha and Meera..! All look surprised .! Dips says.. Murti-ya missile fired.. gonna be huge explosion! Meera offers RAdha prasad…but Radha looks away from her..! Meera feels bad..! Madhu comes to Meera and tells her to give her and she will give to Radha..! Madhu pulls Radhas hand and puts the prasad in her hand and looks at her pleadingly..! Radha turns her face away..! Servant comes and tells Radha that MKs pic was broken.. and he got the glass refitted so where to keep? Radha is shocked.. and Meera sees the pic! She says its the same pic and Sultan stops Meera from seein the pic! Dips wonders why Sultan is not letting Meera see the pic! Madhu offers to keep the pic in the room and Radha drops the prasad and tells Servant to keep it in the room! Sikky tells Dips that he is sleepy and going but Dips stops him showing RK walking down!
Meera asks Sultan what is in the pic? Sultan says nothing and consoles Meera! Radha walks away and Madhu follows! Meera wonders if she said or did anything ..? Sultan assures her she did not do anyting! He is abotu to lead her inside when RK stops him and asks why taking her inside? Answer her question .t.ell the truth! Sultan asks RK to be quiet ! RK tells Sultan instead of quieting him telll Meera the truth as truth is not injurious to health.. like drinks! Sultan says. .RK ..! RK says. .he does not drink! Sikky says action sequence! Dips says.. two heroes ..gonna be fireworks..! Sikky says.. looks like KAran Arjun! Meer assk what truth? RK tellsSultan to tell Meera the truth. .like an ideal son and person! Sutlan tells RK that he knows Meeras condition! RK says..he is asking him to forget about Radhas condition n worry for Meera? Madhu comes and tells the duo to be calm..! RK asks Sultan to tell MEera the truth…n why is he so troubled? RK says no problem.. he will tell the truth! Meera asks wha truth? What is the matter Sultan? She asks if tha twoman is troubnled by something? RK asks her if she wants to know? Sultan galres at RK ..! RK says.. listen.. Sultan shouts agian RK..! RJ is about to speak when Madhu holds RKs hand but he removes it..!
RK says that its difficult for RAdha to tolerate that asomeone comes n stays in her house.. n that she is upset that the house which hhe bullt on her late hubbys bought land.. doesnt like anyone coming stayin her.e.. his mom doesnt like guests… she feels sufocated..seeing guests n looks at Sultan.. who glares at him! Meera says.. no problem and they will leave rightaway! Sultan asks her to listen tohim! Meera says.. troubling anyone is not right.. n wants ot leave! She rushes inside.. with Sultan foolwing !RK calls out toSultan n says that if he knew this problem would be solved so easily he would have told it all before! RK tells Sultan that like a good kid listen to ur mom .t.ake ur luggage and leave…! Sultan grinds his teeth and follows Meera..! Madhu looks at Sultan leaving! RK tells Madhu thanks .. for stopping him midway ..n says..she couldnt handle half truth and it was pack up! Madhu stares at RK angrily! RK asks Madhu if she is not happy that he is leaving? Wants to stop him? RK says she can tell him by evening when he returns .. blows a kiss n leaves!
Sikky tells Dips to come with him to help Sultan to pack! Dips tells Sikky with her and tells him that the drama has just started and they cant go anywhere! Sikky asks what about their orom? Dips says to hell with it! Dips says. .Sultan n his mom shouild stay for a special reason! Sikky asks what reason? Dips says.. mummy ji… no matter what it is.. something is hurting Mummy ji a lot! Sikky says he.. err sultan n his mom! Dips says she knows.. but there is somethig more.. ! Dips says.. Sikky din note that Sultan doesnt let his mom see MKs pic..n din let RK tell the truth either..! Dips says it means that every time Meera sees MKs pic..she.. n Dips stosp midway and walks away.. ! Sikky keeps calling out and says.. .she is a nut case too ..just young!
Dips asks Servant where he is taking thep ic to? He says to the room! Dips says.that was for guests. now put it in the hall near main entrance.! Sevant opposes but Dips inists n he agrees! Dips looks at MKs pic n says.. his contribution to the drama is essential..! She takes a walk around and says.. perfect. now time for big tamasha! Madhu comes to Radha and says.. they are leaving for real! She says.. MEera may not be sane but she has good heart and that she decided to leave knowing Radha was in pain seeing them! Madhu asks Radha if she will come when thy leave? Radha is quiet .. Madhu asks her to rest and goes to bid adieu to Sultan-Meera!
Sultan is walking out in the hall holding Meera with the luggage..! MEera says sorry to Sikky-Dips for any errors..! Dips fumes that Meera hasnt seen the pic yet..! They are leaving.. and Dips keeps saying Palat.. Palat. Palat .. dun leave without creating drama..! Madhu calls out to Sultan and he stops in the tracks..! Madhu walks to the duo ..!
Part 2
Madhu says that she is sorry for whatever her hubby did or said and requests her not to take his words to heart! Meera says.. nothing to feel bad.. his mom felt bad and he did what a son should do! Meera tells her that she wont understand Mom-son relation! She says that she should have apologised to Radha for hurting her! Madhu says.. she was gonna come to see them off but she is not well! Meera asks her to take care of Radha..! She says that as such Madhu is so sweet she will take care of Radha anyways! Sikky says… Madhu is so special that even mad people praise her.. but no one praises Dips..! Dips says waitting for thrilling drama but here sentimental drama has started!
Meera says.. i will pray that when my Kid grows up ..he gets a life partner like her..! Meera looks at Sultan and he looks at her..! Madhu Sultan look away! Meera says ..she is leaving..and Dips fumes.. absolute bad luck..!
Part 3
Radha comes and calls out to Meera..! They stop midway..! Madhu is standing in Meeras line of vision! Radha tells Meera that she forgot something.! Dips says.. yah .to look at MKs pic.! Radha brings Krishna Bhagwans idol to Meera ..! Meera says she doesnt mind if it stays there..! She accepts the idol from Radha..! Radha says sorry for her behaviour..! Meera says.. she understands and apologises for troubling her..! ! The duo hug..and Meera blesses Radha to be happy always..! Dips rues that if there is no scope for one paap ..the value of punya will reduce..! Madhu moves from Meeras line of vision and comes to the hugging ladies..! Meera looks up .. Sultan looks at her..! Meera sees MKs pic and is shocked ..!
Precap — Meear says.. this man MK is a thief.. he stole my son.. he is a cheater.! Sultan tries to calm Meera and make her look at him ..and the duo hug..! Radha and Madhu are shocked..!

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