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Madhubala Episode 319--320 Update on Wednesday 17th October 2018

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Part 1
Sultan asks.. how does it feel to be called illegitimate? RK fumes..! Madhu-Bittu are on the way to Sitara..!
Sultan says.. open ur eyes Rishabh ..see truth … MK married Meera first.. n he is their son.. so kundra name belongs to him … n if he is jayaz.. who is najayaz? TUM ..!
Sultan says.. gandi nali ka keeda.. TUM ho woh ..! (you’re illegitimate) A bel that grows around tree trunks . n is crushed .. thats u ..! RK is mum! Sultan says RK the great. .Rishabh Kundra.. the superstar. .who never learnt to keep quiet.. is quiet? But what to say.. coz he knows well ..that if he raises his head before Sultan..he may answer back! Sultan says.. izzat to rahi nahi ,..pair hath to bache jo roti kamane ke kaam aaye! (respect is no more there.. at least two hands will be useful in making rotis) Madhu – Bittu are stuck in traffic…!
Sultan says din grow in gold cradle but have all that he had.. property ..respect.. everything! RK says not EVERYTHING! Money is with beggar… if respect is earned by surname..then pity… coz.. he could not have any without a dead mans name..! RK says as for money …the time with which he makes a flat.. RK makes a world..! RK says.. wanna keep it. .keep ..but he has something that only HE HAS .. n will never have..!
RK says agreed that MK hurt Meera. .n Radha lied. .n whatever RK said to Sultan it came back to RK . .n MK was not a God.. and life feels a lie.. like his.. ! RK says feel like dripping every blood drop .. as its same blood as Sultans..! RK says. .dinno truth ..if got to know properly would accept but he came to cheapness.. n turned game to side that is not his..! RK says will never be able to take something that belongs to him ..his love. .HIS MADHU!
RK says do anything but Madhu will never be Sultans.. she wil lbe only his! Sultan says he is sure Madhu wont be Sultans?? RK says .. he will have to purify Madhus name with ganga jal coz Sultan took her name! Sultan says Madhu-BALA ! Sultan says to RK ..what will happen if he finds out .. Sultan snatched Madhu from him long back! RK punches Sultan..!
Sultan punches RK back..! Both hit each other..! Fight going on ..! Sultan brings RK to the edge of the cliff and throws his gun away..! RK drags Sultan to the edge too..! Sultan points gun at RK n Madhu arrives. n stands in front of RK ! Ouch She asks him what is he doing? If he is crazy? RK asks her to move. .but Madhu says . before ending RK .. end me..! SHOOT! Sultan says move.. but Madhu refuses..says let ur inner devil win..! Sultan says.. he has been made a devil..! Madhu says why punishing us? Sultan says tired of waiting… of being good. .n wont let life get out of grip!
Sultan says..its MY TIME .. Sultans victory time! Madhu says by killing RK? Sultan says.. he wont get RKs .. Madhu says LOVE ..aka HER …! Madhu says..she is RKs love n will stay such…forever..!
Madhu says.. she will be RKs forever.. n will never be Sultans.. Madhu asks him not to let his inner devil win .. n bring to life.. the man who cared.. for his love…
Madhu says…if he learnt about love from her. .respect it. .not snatch it..! Madhu says let us leave .. please..! Sultan throws the gun away n Madhu hugs RK! Sultan fumes!
Part 2
Sultan picks up the gun he threw away n Bittu screams.. CHIEF! RK rushes to Sultan n keeps the gun on top and fires bullet in air..!
Madhu asks Sultan to keep gun down but Sultan keeps it pointed at RK..! The gun is pointing at Madhu and RK looks shocked!
Part 3
RK points to Sultan and Sultan points back to RK . .Madhu screams RK .. then Sultan! A shot is fired..! Sultan moves back and notices.. the gun shot and falls over the cliff! RK- Madhu are shocked..! RK – Madhu scream SULTAN!
RK says.. maar diya.. maar diya (killed him)… n then says . .maine nahi maara .. Sultan ko ( I didn’t kill him).. RK says hated him but didn’t wanna kill ..! Madhu asks RK to handle himself! Madhu says .he din do any wrong.. n hugs him!
Precap — Madhu comes back with RK and Radha asks where did he go? She asks what happened..something bad did..! What happened? RK says. .killed him .. SHOT him .. ended Sultan..! Dips – Radha are shocked!

Part 1
Radha asks where is Rishu? Madhu is not there too … Sikky reassures calm down!
Right then RK and Madhu arrive.. looking dishelved..and shaken!
Dips wonders how Madhu returned .wasnt in plan! Radha asks RK where he had gone ..
She asks Madhu .. n RK blurts… MAAR DALA Maine USE..! i shot him! Ended Sultan! Radha is shocked.. n asks again n RK says… YES n all coz of her
Madhu tries to calm RK .. n he says.. if only she din have hidden the truth.. he wouldnt have had to kill someone! Madhu chides him saying …why blame mom? He fired the gun . .he broke a promise.. said wont meet him but did n killed him!
RK says. .she is right.. he is bad guy . .selfish n now a killer..! RK turns and walks out. .n Madhu follows..! Insp doesnt believe RK ..and he says..he killed someone .. ! HE asks if RK is doing publicity stunt.
RK says. no . n says.. he killed Sultan the gangster… he fired a bullet n Sultan fell over the cliff..! The inspectors senior comes and junior briefs him..! The Snr Inspector asks him to put RK in lock up..!
Jnr says.. he is RK n he says.. star or beggar.. crime is crime. .put him in lockup! Madhu defends .. him saying its self defense.. and Insp says court will decide.. he says RK did ACTION n they will give REACTION!
Madhu reassures RK that she is with him n she will get him out of there..! Snr Insp asks her to come along to scene of crime..! \
Cops are searching the scene of crime n Radha calls Bittu to take updates..! They get t the gun..! Cops ask Madhu to describe the scene and she does.. ! She says RK din wanna kill him. but suddenly Sultan pointed gun RK had to confront him …n gun was fired..!
Cops say .. they need to find body. .then rest will happen..! He asks Madhu to go home n she says wanna meet RK n cop says..better to keep all under lid.. ! Bittu says talked to best lawyer n all will be ok . n they go home!
Dips rues..that.. Sultan spoiled her plans.. ruined them n is gone . n now RK is gone too! Sikky comes in white and Dips asks why? Sikky says.. in mourning Dips asks how much more crap? Sikky says.what if he comes as ghost? Cant take risk. .he is worlds first dole shole wala bhoot!
Madhu comes n cries and Radha reassures her.. that all will be ok! Dips rues..wanted to pack up Chawl bala. .n RK got sent off! Radha says.. she knows.. Madhus love n faith will save RK!
Madhu comes to her room n recollects her promise to RK to never leave him n go! Sultan saying. RK snatched his all including her.. n then the whole cliff fight !
Madhu prays to Bappa [BG- Hauslo se]
Part 2
Cop calls Madhu n informs that they havent found a body possible Sultan is not dead ..
Madhu asks if its possible? He was shot n Cop says. .maybe someone saw him .. n took him away..!
Madhu asks sure? Cop says.. on basis of not finding body RK can get bail n Madhu is relieved n thanks Bappa..!
Part 3
Radha asks Madhu . .RK will be released? Madhu says yes. .n that she is going to meet lawyer with Bittu n if RK gets bail will get him home..! Both thank god..!
Madhus moby rings.. n she rushes…
Sikky says Sultan missing Dips smirks..that Sultan is alive..!
Cop is processing the papers n Madhu tells RK that cop din get body so Sultan is alive n RK is relieved that he is not killer..! They sign papers..!
RK is about to be released n the Snr Inspector comes n says.. no use.. ! All are shocked n says why not? Cop says ..they found the BODY and all are stunned..!
Precap — Cop brings Madhu to morgue and says .. its been only a lil while till the deceased was shot..! Madhu removes the cover and its Sultan..! Madhu is shocked..!

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