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Meri Aashiqui Episode 61--62 Update on Wednesday 17th October 2018

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Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s office
Ranvir enters his office and is attended by his assistants, and outside ishaani is very tensed wondering what would happen according to the boss’ tempereament. ishaani wonders who is it that has bbought this company. when the peon says that its RV, ishaani is surprised and tells them that this person bought their house too, and he must have had an enemity with her father, and hence bought the house and now this company too. From his cabin, and in the shutters, Rv eyes ishaani and asks the assistant to call him inside. they comply.
ishaani enters, while Rv stands with his back towards her, tensed and steely eyed. Ishaani is scared and tensed, and already starts apologising for the fault, and says that she didnt steal. As ishaani breaks down in front of her news boss, into tears telling her sob story, without raising her face to see him, Rv gets tensed, and turns around. She desperately asks for sometime in which she would pay back the entire money, while begging him not to take any strict action against her. As her packet drops and they both get down to pick up, finally ishaani has a confrontation with ranvir. An awkward eyegaze follows, as their pastmemories flash before their eyes, while ishaaani stands dumbstruck. ishaani takes a step back, as she remembers the bitter end ot their friendship. She expresses in shock that he is RV, and wonders why she didnt think of this before. She starts reprimanding him for trying to be like harshad, and get that respect, and trying to put them down by buying their house and this company too. She says that before he can throw her out, she leaves this job herself. She starts storming out of the house. He tells her that she cant leave this job. she turns around and asks why. He reminds her that he wont let her go. She tells him, addressing him as RV, asking him to retain his orders for his employees, and not for her. she begins to go, but he holds her hand with a jerk, and then eyes the wound that his clasp caused her, and is taken back again to a similar incident when ranvir used to act as a friend, and do the same. rv turns around and apologises.
He says that she cant leave this job, before she returns back the 25000 that she has stolen, and if he wants, he can hand her over to the police right now, but he wont. she asks him if he is stopping her for the mere 25000. ranvir reminds her of the old days, and says that he knows very well the value of money and needs his money back and once she returns it, she can go wherever she wants. ishaani storms out in a rage.
Scene 2:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Baa tells disha and falguni excitedly that disha’s muhurat for the wedding has been finalised after two months. disha thinks that in two months, she would have concocted a plan that Rv would propose to her. baa thinks that till then, if god wants, she would get the house back too, as she wants her palanquin to be sent off from that house only. falguni reminds baa that they left their God in that house only. Baa gets emotional and says that she has to go right away to get it. disha is frustrated. Falguni reminds her that it belongs to someone else. baa says that she would get their lord back and then be happy with her devotion, and give them the house back. falguni asks why would rv and his family allow her to do that. Baa says that she would get them to agree as she belongs there after all. she gets disha to forcibly come along with her. Falguni is tensed as to what she would do now.
Scene 3:
Location: Parekh Residence and on the road
Amba’s assistant, is reprimanded by baa as she comes along with disha, to meet the new owner of the house. she asks her to come later, as both the owner and his mother arent here. baa asks her tocall the owner as they dont know who is she. She leaves to call amba, and when amba gets to know, as she is on the road, in her car, that Baa has come to meet them. she asks her servant to be utterly rude to them, and make them sit outside in the sun, and not even be served water, and let them wait in the scorching heat. she is filled with a sadistic pleausrfe as she thinks that its payback time finally. amba starts throwing her weight around with the driver also to get him to drive slow, as she isnt in a rush at all. Amba’s servant tells baa and disha to wait in the garden outside the house. Disha and baa are shocked. Baa raises a finger and asks who is she talking to. The servant pulls her down, saying that if she hadnt known, they wouldnt even be standing here. She leaves. disha asks what does she think of herself. Baa starts spewing her frustration and then heads to the garden. she wonders who are these people that they dont know her.
Scene 4:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Outside, ishaani is packing up her stuff, saying that she wont stay a second, and continues to rant about how ranvir is trying to outsmart them. ranvir comes and asks where is she going. she says that she isnt obligated to answer him. ranvir says that he has all the right to question his employees. ishaani tells him that she is leaving this job right now. Ranvir tauntingly asks her what about the money, and how could she arrange the money so fast. ishaani says that she would pay back. ranvir says that she cant leave this job, till she pays back. She asks if he doesnt have trust on her. He says that he used to, but not anymore, and is only concerned with his money. She says that she would pay him bacxk as she isnt a thief and she values her self respect. He says that he values his principles over her self respect, and hence asks her to sign an I OWE YOU, form. she agrees to do so. The screen freezes on ranvir’s tensed face.
Precap: Ishaani signs the I owe you form, and then leaves, while ranvir watches her amused.

Ishaani packs her stuff and is ready to leave, but RV stops her and reminds her of 25000 rs. He makes her sign some papers that she will return all money within 30 days and then she leaves. Her ex-boss comes and tells RV that he did the right thing with her and if she doesn’t return money, then they will send her to jail. RV is not interested in anything that he’s saying. He further says bad about Harshad and RV finally gets up and grabs Ishaani’s ex-boss’ collar and tells him never to say anything about Harshad again else he will destroy his life. RV’s assistants are confused and wonder about RV’s past story.
Baa and Disha are standing outside and sunshine. Disha is tired, but Baa says they won’t return without lord idol. Just then Amba arrives in car. Baa goes closer to stop the car and her face gets all in muddy. Amba remembers how Baa had thrown mud on her face once, and today her own face got muddy. She laughs and goes inside. Baa and Disha also try to go inside, but they are told to wait until they are called.
Ishaani returns home crying and tells Falguni that she quit the job. Falguni asks how she can do that knowing their house condition. She says it must be Ishaani’s mistake. Ishaani reveals to her that RV bought that office after Parekh house and he’s no other than Ranvir. Falguni and Ishaani’s brothers are shocked. Falguni asks how that is possible. He was a servant. Ishaani must have made a mistake. Ishaani says no one knows him better than her and it was him. Falguni realises Baa and Disha have gone to Parekh House. All rush to go there.
Baa and Disha are called inside. Soon Ishaani and her family come. Ishaani starts cleaning Baa’s face and it seems like Baa gets emotional for a moment. Ishaani asks who did that. Just then Amba arrives saying she did that. Baa is shocked to see her there and asks what she is doing there. Amba says she is the house owner. Ishaani and Falguni tell Baa that RV is Ranvir. Baa cannot believe it. She goes on and lectures that with money, one cannot change their worth. They are without money, but she still has her attitude, etc. etc. Amba laughs off and says they were too proud of their money and now they have nothing. And worse is yet to happen with them. She also doesn’t let them take lord idol saying she has right on the house and every single thing in it. Falguni tells Baa not to argue and they are ready to leave, but Amba stops saying they came to her house first time and she has a surprise gift for them. It was Disha who accused Ranvir and now she will have to pay for it. The guy with whom Disha’s alliance was fixed, his parents come in and breaks the alliance. Disha and family are shocked.
RV comes in. Ishaani goes to him and blames him for doing this. She says he forgot all values that Harshad gave. He took him as a son and he’s doing all this? He may be a king of stocks today, but he doesn’t have a bit respect in front of her. She further says he’s returned to take revenge from her family, right? but she won’t let that happen. RV asks her if she’s done. and then says that he wishes she knew RV does friendship and enmity only with those who are in his level. Amba laughs. RV further says, about Disha, her alliance broke because of a fault in her. He excuses himself saying they already wasted too much time of his and time is money. He leaves from there with style and attitude.
Episode ends.

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