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Meri Aashiqui Episode 73--74 Update on Thursday 25th October 2018

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RV was worried and waits for Ishaani. He looks through the window that Ishaani has come to office, and listens to her talk with Sameera. She says this is why she used to say so about him, then notices RV in the window. He closes the panels.
Ishaani brings the file, RV tells her he doesn’t need it today and it will be required tomorrow. She argues why he called her today. He tells her he isn’t answerable to her, as he is her boss. She returns her the diamond necklace, saying she mistakenly wore it to home and knew it later that he paid for it. He comes to her with the necklace, and hands it to her saying when he gives someone something, he never takes it back. She says she doesn’t want alms of anyone. He tells her that if she takes the necklace, she will have to pay him 3, 40,000 else only 40,000 due upon her. She heads to leave. He says he didn’t allow her to leave. She says there is no reason for her to stop. He tells her he has decided to keep her as his PA, because of her handwriting. She tells him that there is a personal problem going on with her that is why she took a leave from office and wants to go home. He says he must feel bad for her now, and he feels as bad as to think that he wants her to go for a meeting with her being his PA. She apologizes, saying she isn’t in a state to work. He says he feels like singing a song for her, but doesn’t feel bad. She tells him that her heart is broken. He says his also did, once. He advices her to run her heart with brain for the next time, and asks her to leave.
Disha and Manas discuss about their wedding. Manas asks her that they may do the court marriage, as they are buying a house and must do some savings too. She says that she won’t compromise on her wedding arrangements. He asks her to understand, and tells her to return her ring to him. He wants to give this back to his parents who are against this wedding. He gives her a new ring, with a tiny diamond. She thinks he will be a miser, what will happen to her dream wedding.
RV tells Rishi that he did this all, to make Ishaani forget the trauma she was in. He asks him about his meeting and asks him to cancel all; as he is going to Poonia. Rishi asks why. He says ‘for meeting’
Disha gets a courier letter. It says thankyou for coming and sends her a diamond ring. The card said, it is from Rishi. Manas come to her, she tells him she ordered a shampoo and wants to use it and he must leave. When he has left, she jumps in excitement.
Ishaani thinks this is her dad’s favorite car. She tells RV that they sold this car in bad times, and he bought it too. RV says someone was the buyer and asks her to sit in the car. She says she won’t sit with him. He tells her that he used to be her driver. In the last two years, the government and her position both have changed. She sits with him. He hands her a file and says that he will dictate and she will write. She begins to write, but he drives rationally. She asks him to slow down. He says he is getting late for meeting, so the speed of the car and her pen shall not slow down. He dictates her ‘Dear Chirag’. She looks at him. He explains it is some other Chirag. He further tells her to write that they thought about working together, but he is a bastard and a low charactered man. Today I end all the deals with him, and realize that some people shall go away from life; this makes us understand that there presence didn’t make a difference, but infact was painful. It gives us the lesson that one must learn to move on. So, thank you for coming to my life as a lesson, and thank you for leaving my life too. She asks what to do with it. He tells her to keep it with her today, beneath her pillow. He will send it tomorrow.
Baa tells Falguni and Chitali that it isn’t good that a girl and boy roam together before wedding, and boys parents are also not with him so she wants to marry Disha soon. She says they won’t be able to marry her like Gauri, still they will try. Chitali says that she likes orchids. Baa says they will arrange them. Falguni argues that they must not spend anything unwanted. Baa says that she is Harshad Parekh’s daughter. She asks Chitali what will she give. Chitali says she doesn’t have anything to her. Baa says she know what she has, and will get her saving accounts open. Chitali tells Baa that she has 50,000 in the saving account.
A cow stood in their way. RV says that this meeting might get late because of her. If this happen, they must stay here at night. She says she will make her go. He asks how will she do it, then says she is also a cow like her.
Ishaani comes to the cow and asks her politely to side a bit. She hushes the cow with her dupatta, but it doesn’t move. She turns to RV, he sat clueless. She heads again. He comes out of the car and calls her darling. She turns around. He asks she must be feeling angry, but it isn’t good for health. He comes to her and says he knows where she is heading, but isn’t able to see the goal; but if she will stop in the way how will she get the goals. Ishaani looks at RV, and realizes he was talking to cow. The cow gives way. RV gets a text saying, the meeting has been cancelled. She asks how is this possible. He says she must not react like this, as it was his time that was ruined and curses the person he saw in the morning, then abruptly tells her not to take credits as it wasn’t hers.
PRECAP: Chirag comes home, and tells Falguni that he and Ishaani are together again.
RV plays a song in the car, and looks at Ishaani in the car. He offers to drop her home, but she says she will manage going from office. He says cool, but before that he needs tea and stops by a stall and recalls old times. He says he isn’t used to drinking tea alone, so he will bring for her too. He comes to her and says that this place reminded him of something. She asks is it old times. He says yes, the old times. She moves to him, passes by and hugs Chiraag. RV was shocked to see him. Ishaani looks at RV and says that he doesn’t need to drop her home, her fiancĂ© is here. Chiraag thanks RV for letting Ishaani work with him. He thanks RV for the tea, and says they both will share from a single cup. He tells Ishaani to go into the car, as he will drop sir to his car.
They watch Ishaani get into the car. Chiraag says that he looks the same as he was looking at Ishaani in the party. Chiraag tells him that Ishaani closed herself into the room and didn’t talk to anyone. He picked a knife and said to Ishaani that he will kill himself. He said that he loved Ishaani and will finish himself. Ishaani opened the door, and said she needed to die as there is another girl in his life. He made her realize that this all has been done by RV, as he has come to take revenge. He told Ishaani that RV used her and made a loss to him in business. He says he went to party to ask for money, then she called to tell her that she is out of jail, he drunk in elation and went to freshen up in the room. There was that girl, who enforced herself on her. He gets annoyed with Ishaani. Ishaani apologized Chiraag and they hug. CHirag says that there are two types of girls, those who make you fool in love and those who are fooled in love; and his Ishaani is the other type. Chiraag tells him that Ishaani told him before coming to office and he had asked him not to tell you anything. Chiraag teased him that RV will go home alone, and he will take Ishaani home and make her a bit emotional. RV was enraged.
Chiraag says bye to RV while leaving. Ishaani smiles.
Falguni comes to table, while Baa says that she seems so happy. Falguni says that Ishaani no more needs promotion as everything will happen alright to her now. The door bell rings, it was Chiraag. He asks Chiraag, didn’t Ishaani tell her that they are reunited again. He comes inside to meet Baa, and calls Ishaani. Falguni asks Chiraag to marry Ishaani in the same week. He argues how can they do it so soon. She suggests that they must do court marriage, they will talk to his parents herself. Falguni thinks that he is waiting for our case’s decision. Chiraag says that he can even marry Ishaani today. Ishaani comes there. Chiraag tells her that he was telling her mom to get married. They hug, and Chiraag asks Baa to take a good date for marriage. Baa asks him to bring his parents here. He asks Ishaani to bring her possessions, and asks Falguni to bring sweets for night. Baa tells Falguni that its good he is marrying her, as RV would never do so.
Ishaani brings sweet to office, they all ask the reason. RV comes there too. He was telling about her her. He spells her name I for Irritating, S for Stupid, H for Hot- which she isn’t, A for arrogant, N or non reliable, I for idiot. He tells her that they have to go for meeting. She gives him sweet telling him she is getting married as Chiraag wants to marry her soon. She says that Chiraag is coming home, so she needs to go home early today. RV angrily tells her that they are going for meeting, she must take the office work to priority and leaves. Ishaani says that today she is so happy, that she wont let anyone ruin her mood.
RV drives in anger, and looks at Ishaani smiling to herself. He takes a deep turn, Ishaani turns to a side. RV thinks about her and Chiraag. Ishaani was drinking water when he pulls the car. She gets a cough; he rubs her back in concern, and then withdraw his hand. She says she is alright.
PRECAP: Ishaani opens RV’s jacket as he lies in the bed. 

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