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Meri Aashiqui Episode 65--66 Update on Friday 19th October

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RV tells everyone to take notes on the presentation and then give their feedback. Ishaani keeps trying to get up from the chair, but RV holds the chair tight. Shanaila, Chirag’s girlfriend, tells him to sit and relax, but RV chooses to stand. She flirts with him saying he’s so hot how she will be able to concentrate on presentation if he stands in front of her. RV says he can only concentrate when he’s standing up. Shanaila doesn’t know how to start the presentation. She asks for help. Other guys run to help her. They sit down and then say Shanaila is so hot. RV continues gazing at her while the presentation is on. Ishaani notices it and doesn’t like it. Some guys say Shanaila is looking like a familiar model, but they can’t recall name. RV says she looks like Sunny Leone and then smiles looking at Ishaani. Ishaani turns her face and sees her friend gazing at RV. RV’s assistant tells him this project is too small, only 10 crore investment, they shouldn’t take it. Ishaani hears it. After presentation is over, RV tells all to make report on the presentation and asks Shanaila to stay there. All leave.
Ishaani looks back at RV and he’s flirting with Shanaila. Ishaani leaves the room in disgust.
All employees are certain that Shanaila will get the contract after seeing how RV was gazing at her. Inside, RV tells Shanaila that the presentation was full of mistakes, but he will still give her contract because of her. She gets happy, and to RV’s shock, she kisses him on cheek which leaves a lipstick mark. RV goes to drop her outside. All see lipstick mark and are shocked. After Shanaila leaves, Ishaani calls RV to him and tries to show lipstick mark. He doesn’t understand and tells her not to waste his time and say it clearly. He then sees his face in mirror and tells Ishaani he didn’t do anything. She says it doesn’t matter to her. He says let it be there, staff can think whatever they want and work with him if they wish.
Disha cries in front of her finance, Manas, how they can trust any random person like that. Ranveer was their servant and he’s saying anything after becoming rich. She’s Harshad’s daughter and can’t even think about doing anything like this. Manas tells her to forget what his parents said. He still loves her. He earns 2 lakh a month and has his own flat. They can live there. He hugs her. Disha smiles thinking she has trapped him well and he’s not too bad.
All are leaving the office. RV has arranged a company bus for his staff. Ishaani’s friend praises him and Ishaani gets pissed. She says he gives contract based on beauty and doesn’t respect anyone. That poor girl. Her friend says, but that girl kissed him. Ishaani says whatever and refuses to use company’s bus. She then says she will meet Chirag today, she hasn’t met him since long time. She’s fortunate that her Chirag is not like RV. Other hand, Chirag has not one, but multiple lipstick marks all over his face. He’s celebrating his contract win with Shanaila. Ishaani calls him, but he doesn’t pick up. He tells Shanaila it’s his boring aunt’s call. She doesn’t have anyone, so he goes to meet her every week. This time he didn’t go, so she’s calling him again and again. Shanaila tells him to pick up her call then. He says no, if he does that, then she will come here through phone which he doesn’t want. They get back to celebration and he asks her for a kiss. He says RV is trapped and gone now.
Ishaani calls Chirag’s assistant and she says he’s busy in his work since 6 hours. Ishaani says she will come to his house and meet his parents, but assistant says they have gone outside. Ishaani thinks of meeting tomorrow now. Her friend stops an auto. RV comes outside. Him and Ishaani look at each other. RV still has lipstick mark on his cheek. Ishaani’s friend calls her and they leave. RV touches lipstick mark and smiles.
Chaitali comes to RV’s house. Amba asks her what she’s doing there. Chaitali praises Amba and RV and says she didn’t do anything bad to her or her family. It was all done by Baa and Falguni. They treat her like a servant too, gives no good sarees or jewelries. Amba asks her if she came to get jewelries then? Chaitali says she came for a job. Amba laughs and asks she will become her servant? She says she will be her English teacher. She has become rich, so must be attending parties and functions. Amba thinks she’s a headache, by keeping her, she will get news about Parekhs and that way she can keep Ishaani away from RV. Chaitali is not smart that she will know what’s going on in this house, so she keeps her on the job. Chaitali gets happy and says her classes will start from tomorrow.
Ishaani returns home and she’s having pain in her legs. Baa asks her what happened. She says nothing, but Baa keeps asking and she tells her that RV gave her punishment of standing up whole day. Baa asks if that’s an office or a school. Ishaani goes to her room. Baa laughs thinking one side, RV is taking revenge and other side, Falguni is thinking about Ranveer-Ishaani’s marriage.
Sharman comes to Ishaani and asks why she worked there today. Ishaani tells him about not quitting the job as she saw RV with their opposition lawyer. Sharman tells her she will have to face humiliation everyday in that office, but Ishaani returns him money and says nothing matters more to her than her family. She can be in front of RV’s eyes all the time, but can’t see her family in trouble. Once they win the case, everything will be alright.
Precap: Short circuit in the office. Ishaani is stuck inside. RV runs in to save her. He holds her in his arms and both have eyelock.
Chirag comes to RV’s house to finalise the deal. Chirag meets RV’s associate, Rishi, thinking he’s RV. Shanaila tells him that he’s not RV, but Chirag dismisses her saying rich people don’t work by themselves. She must have met someone else. Rishi asks Chirag about his investment in their partnership. Chirag says he’s investing his brain and once he makes his first building, he will rule the industry. Rishi tells him that he likes his confident, but he still needs to invest something. They are investing 20 crore from RV’s side and asks Chirag to invest at least 2 crore. In end they agree for just 20 lakh. RV watches everything from upstairs. He gets very angry when Chirag says Shanaila is his fiancee. Chirag takes out his chequebook and signs a cheque. They finalise the deal.
RV’s dad tells him he must be feeling very bad for Ishaani, right? Whom he loved so much, she got guy like Chirag in her life. Other hand, Sharman tells Ishaani that she must be feeling very bad, right? Who used to be her best friend, today tries to humiliate every time. Ishaani says why she wouldn’t feel bad. With whom she used to play games in childhood, today he’s playing such big games with her. She shared everything with him, and he loved her. Why wouldn’t she feel bad? Whom she trusted with closed eyes, today she saw hate in the same eyes. Why wouldn’t she feel bad? RV tells his dad, there was never any love in her eyes for him, but even today he just wants to see her with his eyes. When his eyes are closed, he only gets her face. Other side, Ishaani tells Sharman, had it been possible, she wouldn’t even see his face. His habit of betraying still hasn’t changed. Other side, RV tells his dad that everything’s changed, his name, work, but his love for her still hasn’t changed. Ishaani says he hates her so much that she can’t even tell. He made her stand whole day in office. He has forgotten loyalty already, but now he doesn’t even have humanity. She says, “I just hate him”. RV tells his dad that he still loves her, but he will never tell her. Whenever he comes in front of her, he will show her fake hatred, not his true feelings. She thinks he wants her to lose her case, but he wants her to win. She will take her humiliation, but will never be able to digest that he’s helping her. Ishaani tells Sharman, she will work in his office to show nothing matters to her, he can’t hurt her self-respect even a bit. She won’t let him take his revenge. Other side, RV says, he’ll take revenge from whom he wants to, but he will never let Harshad’s soul and Ishaani’s mind get hurt. It was never in his destiny to get his love, but saving his love from all the troubles is surely his target. Other side, Ishaani says he will never succeed in his mission because she will be in front of him all the time, to know his plan. RV says, he will never show his love. He will live and die within, but will never show it. Even one-sided, it’s his love.
Next day, Ishaani arrives in the office and finds chair in her place. But she still doesn’t sit. Her friend, Sameera, brings tea for her. Some staff brings in a building model. Sameer praises RV and says he does everything with style. She is totally impressed by him. The way he looks, the way he speaks, be it Hindi or English. She wonders which school he would have gone to. Ishaani says some government school. Sameera asks her how she knows. Ishaani says she read somewhere. Ishaani is called to RV’s cabin.
She comes inside and doesn’t find RV there. She says to herself, he says time is money and now he’s not here after calling her. She drops her pen and while picking it up, she sees her photos as screensaver in RV’s laptop. RV comes and gets shocked. He gets mad saying one doesn’t look at someone’s personal laptop. She asks about her photos. RV says he needs to have information about all his employees. She asks but why as screensaver. He says because she’s his special target and those photos remind him of taking revenge to her. He then reminds her he’s her boss and she shouldn’t go to side of his chair. He asks her about a report. She says report is ready but she can’t make presentation as he moved out her computer. RV says by time she goes outside, there will be company’s laptop on her desk. He also tells her about the chair and tells her to sit, else he will have her desk moved inside his cabin. She says she will sit and leaves. RV says this is only way to protect her.
Chirag is making his mum give him her jewelries and his dad to give him house papers, just so his cheque doesn’t get bounced. Both his parents hesitate, but he convinces them.
Ishaani is angry at RV and laptop doesn’t start. She sees wire is not plugged in and goes under the desk. While plugging in, there’s short circuit. All staff leave the office. Sameera tries to help Ishaani, but another employee forcefully takes her. There’s smoke all around and Ishaani is coughing. RV comes with concern on his face to save Ishaani. She falls in his arms. Both have eyelock. Ishaani gets confused seeing such concern from RV. RV then shouts at her blaming it must be her fault. He says if she doesn’t know technology, then she should have told someone else. He tries to look plug himself and in that Ishaani and him get close. They realise it and Ishaani slowly moves back. She drops building model by mistake. All employees come back inside. RV stares at Ishaani with anger.
Precap: RV again shouts at Ishaani and tells Rishi to add another 15,000 rupees amount in what she owes to the company for breaking the building model.

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