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Meri Aashiqui Episode 67--68 Update on Monday 22nd October 2018

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Ishaani breaks RV’s building model as she tries to move back after realising her and RV were too close. RV first shows concern, but then shouts at her. All staff comes in. RV accuses Ishaani doing everything purposely and tells Rishi to add another 15,000 rupees that Ishaani owes him. Ishaani says she didn’t do it purposely. RV tells her that she should be thankful, he is not adding electricity bill amount for doing all the shortcircuits. He leaves from there. Ishaani becomes sad as all staff eye her.
Chaitali is at RV’s house to teach Amba English. She gets water in her mouth seeing Amba eating snacks and sweets. Amba intentionally humiliates her saying that food is for family members and she then makes her stand to teach. Chaitali teaches couple of English words and Amba keeps finding a way to insult her and Parekhs. Later, when Chaitali picks up a sweet to eat, Amba says that’s not for servants. She instead gives her left-over food to Chaitali. Chaitali gets shocked. Amba says at least she’s giving fresh food to servants, unlike Baa. Chaitali says she’s there to teach her English and she will only do that.
RV calls in Ishaani and still taunts her for loss he suffered because of her. She asks him why he called her. He says he forgot his phone in a restaurant and tells her to get that. She says that’s not her job. RV taunts her that her work is only to destroy things. He then says, he had a meeting with a lady and had great time. In that he forgot it there. There are some important notes in his phone which she will need to make some report. Ishaani says fine then, she will send a peon. RV gets mad at her and tells her if she doesn’t work to work, then she can quit after returning his money. She agrees to get the phone. RV hopes she will learn why he did this to her.
At restaurant, Chirag and Shanaila are getting cozy. Shanaila says RV called her, booked a room, and then left too. Chirag tells her she has trapped RV now. Ishaani arrives and she asks for RV’s phone at reception, but they send her to room saying RV didn’t want phone to be with them. Ishaani sees a couple getting out and feels disgusted that RV keeps meetings at such place. She says she’s lucky as her Chirag is not like that. She comes to the room and sees do not disturb sign. She, therefore, rings the doorbell. Door opens and she is shocked to see Shanaila and night suit and everything messed in the room. Chirag has hidden and says thank God he saw Ishaani. Ishaani thinks RV sent her to feel jealous by making her see all this. Ishaani takes phone. Shanaila tells her to tell RV that she enjoys both professional and personal meeting with RV. Ishaani is more disgusted and leaves. She comes outside and again sings praises of Chirag. She calls him and is shocked when she hears his phone ringing there. By the time, she enters the room, Chirag has hide again and put his phone on silent. She sees Shanaila on the phone and thinks it was her phone ringing. She leaves. Chirag is relieved. Shanaila asks him why he got so worried. He says Ishaani is one of his cousins from far and had she seen him, she would tell his parents and he doesn’t want Shanaila to meet with that impression to his parents. Shanaila believes him and they get cozy again.
Ishaani storms into RV’s cabin after knocking and RV is shocked when he learns his plan failed. Ishaani didn’t see Chirag and thinks RV was with Shanaila. Ishaani shows her disgust to him. She says he may have earned lots of money, but he will never get respect from her. She didn’t know money make people go so low. At times, she was sad because she lost her good friend, but now she doesn’t even care. She tells him to send her to any hotels in future, she won’t mind. She calls him “sir” and apologises for speaking too much. She leaves. RV fumes. He says he doesn’t care if she doesn’t respect him, but he can’t let anyone play with her respect.
Precap: Chirag tells RV that he always knew he didn’t talk to real RV yet and talked to his assistants as RV’s personality would be totally different. RV turns and smiles. Chirag is shell-shocked.

RV and his dad are drinking scotch together. His dad remembers that Ranvir used to say, one day he will buy him an expensive scotch, and he made that true. Not one times, but he bought him many times, but still he praises Desi-alcohol. He sits in the floor. RV asks him why he’s sitting there. His dad says, there’s no fun in sitting on chair. RV takes out the watch to give him, but sees him wearing one already. His dad says Harshad gave that to him as a gift. He gets emotional and says how time changes. RV also shows his gratitude towards Harshad and credits him for whatever he is today. He intends to take revenge from all who cheated Harshad.
Chirag arrives at RV’s house. He’s stopped by the guards. Chirag says he’s RV’s business partner and tells the guards to know his face well. The guard calls inside and Rishi comes outside. He shakes hands with Chirag. Chirag talks about the deal and Rishi finally reveals he is not RV asking Chirag whether he won’t meet his boss. Chirag gets shocked and pulls his hand back. He tells Rishi he only deals with people of his level. They go inside. RV is standing there. Rishi leaves.
Chirag tells RV that he liked his style of not meeting anyone till deal is done. He introduces himself and forwards hand. RV turns and Chirag is shell-shocked. He gets frighten thinking about his money in the deal. RV says time keeps changing, in past it was Chirag’s time, and today, it’s his. Chirag laughs and tells him by making money, buying this house, he won’t be a big man. He will still be a servant. After so much suspense, RV came out to be Ranvir? He had thought it would be a lion, but here it’s a “geedhad” in lion’s avatar. RV offers him scotch, but he says he doesn’t drink anything of a servant’s house. He goes on and talks about status. RV may have money and everything, but he is not classy as him. You can’t become classy like that, you born like that and sadly RV’s family is nothing like that. RV tells him he will have fun in this deal as he still loves seeing kids play. Chirag gets mad at him for calling him a kid. RV says whatever Chirag has is everything because of his parents, but what he himself has is everything because of him. He tells Chirag to grow up and be a man. From this Chirag gets an idea. He laughs and says he will prove being a man, but to Ishaani. Now RV gets mad and Chirag catches it. Chirag says so RV still loves Ishaani. He may have everything, but one thing that he still wants is with him. He was thinking to leave Ishaani, but now he will never leave her. The revenge and humiliation that RV does to Chirag, he will do same to Ishaani. RV continues getting mad. Chirag further says, RV will money and everything to Ishaani from his heart, and he will take everything by his right. Before Chirag leaves, he tells RV to keep looking at Ishaani’s face for signs of him torturing her. RV throws his glass in anger and gets very mad.
Chirag comes out with a scared and still shocked face that Ranvir really became so big. He thinks he was ignoring Ishaani since 3 days, but he will have to meet her now.
He comes to her house and fakely gets mad at her for not telling him RV and Ranvir and still supporting a friend. Ishaani says she didn’t support RV and tried a lot to tell him, but Chirag keeps on saying it’s her mistake. He says because of her, all his money are gone. He went to do deal with RV, but he started saying he will destroy him. He blames her for this and says just because he’s her fiance, he has to suffer all this. Ishaani faints and hits her head on a chair. She gets a mark on her forehead. Chirag tells her sorry, but her wound is nothing in front of his. Ishaani says she will tell RV to return everything to him. Chirag asks how? by her charm or begging him? She keeps on crying and feeling bad. She says she will do anything. Chirag asks anything that he says? She says yes. She was about to hug him and he moves away and leaves. Ishaani sits there and cries.

Precap: Falguni is applying ice on Ishaani’s wound. She tells her if Chirag thinks like that about her, then he never knew her well. Ishaani says she will never let Ranvir do anything bad to Chirag.

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