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Meri Aashiqui Episode 69--70 Update on Tuesday 23rd October 2018

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Falguni watches Chirag leaving. Ishaani was crying inside, she looks at the bruise at her face and asks did Chirag do it. Ishaani says he didn’t even touch her, her mom takes her to a seat and places ice on her bruise. She says that he thinks she didn’t tell him deliberately that Ranvir is RV. Her mom says that he still hasn’t understood her well. Ishaani is determined that she won’t let Ranvir hurt Chirag, and will talk to RV herself. Her mom thinks that you are innocent, and doesn’t know that Chirag is using her; but she is happy that Ranvir has come back to her life.
Disha argues the gym boy that she still is left with two more days of trial. Rishi comes there, Disha recognizes him as RV’s secretary. He tells the gym boy to always respect the lady, and pay her bills from his account. Disha thinks about fooling him to impress RV.
Ishaani comes to office, Sameera asks her about the bruise. She says that she fall down. RV comes there to scold them about wasting time, and asks about her bruise. She tells him that she fall down. He recalls Chirag had told him to keep looking at Ishaani’s face. He comes to Ishaani and says that this is a big company, he doesn’t want his employees to showcase their bruises here. He tells her to get it cured, or hide them. Ishaani thinks he used to get so worried before, he has changed a lot. RV comes to his office, and says that the bruises that Chirag will get by him won’t get cured so easily.
Disha comes to meet Rishi and thanks her for her membership. She tells her that they met in RV’s party. He says he never forget beautiful girls, and tells her he has a personal gym where he normally works out and came here to check the atmosphere here. She says are you trying to buy this too.
RV was angry at Chirag, he makes a call and tells the person to meet him in 15 minutes. RV tells Chirag to take his money and leave, and doesn’t he dare do anything again. Chirag says that he thought he will be his competitor, but he came out as a good guy. And the girls like bad guys like him. He taunts that nothing is different between you and Ishaani, you both love people who never care about them. RV deters him to keep his hand off Ishaani, but Chiraag takes his money and leaves.
Chiraag brings the money to a interest money lender and asks for his goods. The money lender asks with whom is he working , and how does he get so much profit. He thinks that now he will give money to people. He brings him the jewellery and the papers of his land. RV comes there.
RV comes to take his baba along him. He tells him that he is going to show him bad happen to bad people. He says now it is their turn, as they put his mother and baba to jail. Baba asks him to forget about it. RV says if it was about him alone, he would have forgotten.
Chiraag brings the jewelley back to Ishaani. She says she is happy, is he annoyed still. Chiraag thinks that he should love her some time while being angry at the other. Ishaani asks him that he will have to play Dandia with him. The police come there, and says he is underarrest for using fake currency notes.
RV and baba come to police station. The inspector says that it is because of him that they get to know about the wrong-doers. He hears Chirag asking to leave. RV goes to see who is in locker and is shocked to see Ishaani.
PRECAP: Falguni asks RV that he is doing this for Ishaani. RV says he always returns any favours, once Ishaani helped him out of jail and he returned it today.
RV is shocked to see Ishaani in the lockup. He calls her name, but she was unconscious. Baba also comes to ask if she is alright. The female inspectors come to ask for some questions. Baba takes Ranvir aside. The inspector blames Ishaani and beats her asking who else in involved with her. RV comes to the inspector and asks why he arrested Ishaani. The inspector tells him that Ishaani accepted that she gave Chiarrag the fake notes. Chiraag smiled at RV. RV asks Baba to go home, and promises he will keep control over his anger. Chirag says that it wasn’t his mistake, it was Ishaani’s decision. He tells him how Ishaani accepted her crime in front of the police. Chiraag stopped her, but she told Chiraag that this all has been done by RV, as he wants to give pain to anyone she loves but she won’t let him hurt him.
Chiraag tells RV that she was crying, RV must also be feeling like crying. He makes fun of Ishaani’s family as well, who had never seen jail in their lives. He tells him that there has been interrogation for last three hours, and bucks up to hit him so that he can also be gotten inside. Before going, he tells RV he has informed her family to see her condition.
RV makes a call.
Falguni comes there. She scolds him that he got Ishaani trapped. Chirag tells her that this is all because of RV, who wants to take her revenge. He says he loves her a lot, and tells her that Ishaani has admitted her crime. She asks does he have money to bail her out. He says he hasn’t got any. She asks he is leaving her alone, but he says he is going to arrange for the money and meet lawyer.
Chiraag boasts in the car, that it is impossible to catch him and thinks about enjoying the night he got, to his full and calls a girl for this.
RV asks the police inspector to bail her. He says he has got her free-bailed. The phone rings, he asks the inspector to pick up the phone. The inspector listens to caller, RV tells him that rest of the formality papers will also reach him. Falguni comes there. She asks he is doing all this for Ishaani. RV says he is just returning Ishaani’s favor. Falguni calls from behind that he is just like his Mota-Bapu, and loves Ishaani as he loved her. The inspector brings Ishaani and after their signatures, she takes Ishaani out of the police station.
Chiraag comes to the party, taking Shanaila along. They head to dance. Chirag tells Shanaila that he is going to sign a deal with the owner of the jewellery being displayed here.
Rishi spots them and informs anyone on call. Disha comes to him, and says she likes being in parties. She says that it is a good one, but not like RV. He says that RV is a class-apart. Disha gets a call and leaves.
Falguni beats Ishaani at home, and shouts at her for taking his blame on herself. She forbids her for going out of the house. Ishaani tries to explain, but her mom says she doesn’t care about anyone but Chiraag who keeps on making he a puppet. Ishaani tells her that RV is taking revenge from her and Chiraag. Her mom says that Chiaag is nothing on his own, but RV has earned a lot. Ishaani says that he did it because papa taught him but it was her biggest mistake to trust him as friend and leaves.

Precap: Ishaani cries in the parking lot, RV stands behind looking at her, disturbed and desperate to help her.

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