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Meri Aashiqui Episode 71--72 Update on Wednesday 24th October 2018

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Disha talks to her fiancee, Manas, on phone and makes excuses for not going with him. Other hand, Chiraag gets Ishaani’s call, and he thinks how she is calling from police station. She asks where is he? He says he is with the lawyer. She tells him that they released her. He says what? – then tells her he doesn’t know how he would have lived without her. She says she knows he loves her a lot.
Disha comes across Chirag while calling. They both ask what they are doing when Ishaani is jail, and laughs that they have the same reasons. Chirag tells her to assume they didn’t meet.
Rishi tells RV that Chirag is also here. RV says he is interested only in meeting Mr. Javeri. Rishi asks does he know Mr. Javeri? RV says he knows him from childhood; there were two tigers in Gujrati communitee one was his Mota Bapu known as the King of Stock Market, and the other was Mr. Javer- King of Diamonds. He wants to make partners with him, as he knows Mr. Javeri doesn’t only wants money but wants to retain his name as well.
In the party, Chirag and RV heads to meet Mr. Javeri together. Chiraag boasts about his family business. Mr. Javeri says he knows his grand-father. RV introduces himself as a humble business man who has started his company and is leading in the stock market. Mr. Javeri says that he also knows about his company. RV says he learned from him and his Mota Bapu that the biggest thing in life is to make achievements on their own will. Mr. Javeri shakes hand with RV and says he is also a self made man like him. He tells Chirag he wants a partner who will look after his company like a family. Chiraag says it is good he is retiring, but RV says that a lion never leaves his tribe even if he is unable to hunt.
Mr. Javeri appreciates his thinking, Chiraag says he thinks well as well but Mr. Javeri asks him to enjoy the party today. Chiraag says his daddy will make one single call, and the deal will be their’s. RV mocks him that his daddy will call. Chiraag says that you have lost your lover to me, and I will hurt her in her face after wedding. He gets Shanaila to the dance-room, and pays waiter for some tip to send them to a room. Ishaani comes to the party.
Mr. Javeri comes to meet her, and recognizes her. He asks how everyone at home is. He tells her that it is his party, and it was her dad who suggested him to invest in this collection. He asks her and RV to come and show him the collection. He shows Ishaani her dad’s favorite set. She says her dad always liked such sets, and used to bring them for maa. He says Harshad was his best friend and in his honour she will wear this set today. Ishaani resists but Mr. Javeri insists.
Ishaani struggles with the lock of necklace, RV helps her tie it. She turns around, he says she doesn’t need to thank him. She thinks about where is Chiraag. A waiter tells her that Chiraag is waiting for her upstairs.
Chirag comes to the room, he and Shanaila gets cozy with one another. Ishaani knocks the door, they both heads towards the door thinking that it is the drink man. He asks the waiter to give them the drinks and is shocked to see Ishaani there. Shanaila asks Ishaani what she is doing here. Chirag sends Shanaila inside, and comes to Ishaani; but she isn’t ready to listen.
PRECAP: It is raining, RV watches Ishaani cry. Chirag comes to her, but she shouts at him to leave him alone. 
Chirag is stunned to see Ishaani. Ishaani asks is that why he messaged her to come there? Chirag says he didn’t message. He sees Ishaani’s phone and is confused. Ishaani runs away from there crying. Chirag tries to run behind her. He sees RV staring at him. RV recalls him taking Chirag’s phone while he was dancing and returns it to him.
Ishaani runs out of the party with diamond necklace. A lady tells security to stop her, but RV says no one will stop her and he will pay money for it.
Ishaani comes outside and cries aloud. RV feels the pain. He wants to help her, but controls himself. He says pain of today is better than lifetime’s. Chirag puts his shirt on and rushes outside. He sees RV standing behind Ishaani and both stare at each other. Chirag then goes to Ishaani and tells her to listen to him. But Ishaani doesn’t want to listen to anything. She says she loved him so much and how could he do this to her? Chirag says listen to him, but she screams leave her alone. Ishaani starts walking away. She turns and sees RV there as well. She doesn’t say anything and then walks out.
She comes her home and tells Falguni about it. Falguni consoles her and is also happy that she found out Chirag’s truth. She asks her to tell her in details, but Ishaani goes to her room saying she wants to stay alone.
Chirag comes there. Falguni asks him to leave, but he says he has to talk to Ishaani. Falguni tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone, but still lets him try. Chirag asks Ishaani to open the door and talk to him, but in vain. Chirag thinks he’s got stuck big this time. Falguni looks at Harshad’s photo and asks him to give strength to Ishaani to overcome this.
RV is not able to sleep in night. He looks at the moon. Other hand, Ishaani also looks in the sky and says she’s missing Harshad a lot. She needs him very badly. RV also says he knows what Ishaani must be going through and it would be better if Harshad was there today. His dad comes there. RV lies that he was thinking about his meeting tomorrow. His dad catches it and says truth can be seen in his eyes. He tells him not to worry, he has saved Ishaani from lifetime pain.
Next morning, RV anxiously waits for Ishaani. Rishi comes in and tells him that Ishaani is not coming today. RV can’t concentrate on work. He sees a file and thinks of something.
He comes outside and yells at staff as one of the reports is not ready. The staff says Ishaani was working on it. RV says he wants it to be completed by evening before their meeting and if it’s not complete, he will fire them.
Ishaani is lost. Falguni gives her milk, but she says she is not hungry. She starts cleaning the house which is clean already. Falguni tells her to go to office, so she doesn’t get such thoughts. Ishaani says, there she will have to see him.. and then gets quiet. Just then her phone rings and her friend tells her what RV said to them. Ishaani says how he can fire them and agrees to go to office.
Precap: Ishaani is about to sit in RV’s car. He tells her that he’s not her servant anymore and asks her to sit in front. She then sits in front. RV gives her a diary and tells her to note down what he dictates.

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