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Meri Aashiqui Episode 81--82 Update on Wednesday 1st November 2018

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Baa asks Falguni to come and do the Shagun for Ishaani’s Pooja. She asks Falguni to keep the flowers here, and tells her to fast. She then will have to bring a few things from Chiraag’s house, to be kept in Pooja. Sharman tells Ishika what will they do when she will be gone, and who will give them good pasta. Ishaani says Disha will make it for them, he says she makes disgustful pasta. Falguni asks where has Disha gone.
Ritika comes to Harshid and asks about a bike. He says he has sold it. She is taken aback, and asks who bought it. Chiraag stood there, and says he did. He introduces himself, and they share their passion about bikes for a while Chiraag gives Ritika the bike. She says she will give him whatever payment he asks for.
Chiraag thinks that he has to reach her father’s bank account, her way. Falguni calls Disha, and asks where she is. She says she is going to airport, and leaving for Rajkot for five days. Falguni asks how can she leave, and who permitted her. She says she isn’t a child, and asked Baa for it. She was in car with Rishi.
Ritika thanks Chiraag, she says she convinced her father with great difficulty. Chiraag says that his father is protective, and must be loving to her. He promises her will be her biking partner, in the competition. She cheers, and says they must ask her father now. Chiraag thinks this is a good way.
Rishi tells Disha, he has booked two rooms. Disha said she thought there will be one room, that they will share. Rishi winks that the rooms are joint.
Ritika is happy, that Mr. Javeri knows him already. Chiraag thanks Javeri for the deal. Mr. Javeri notices Ritika and Chiraag staring each other. Mr. Javeri asks Chiraag that is he not engaged to Harshid Parekh’s daughter, Ishaani. Chiraag thinks about making a story, to control Ritika. He says his father, and Mr. Harshid got them engaged forcefully, but he isn’t happy with it. Ishaani is typical girl, whose ambition is just to get married but he is a Boston return full of life. Mr. Javeri recalls him passing flying kisses to Ishaani at their meeting. He asks Ritika how was her meeting with RV. She says it was superb, and RV is full of surprises. Mr. Javeri says he said yes for marriage, what does she want? She says offcourse, she will marry RV.
Mr. Javeri hugs Ritika. She says that she gave him a big good news, won’t she make her mouth sweet. Mr. Javeri takes the sweets from his pocket, and tells her that RV told him to eat it when she says yes for marriage. Chiraag says to Ritika, that he doesn’t want his friend to marry RV, he was a servant at Ishaani’s house; he was a son of sevant, their class is different and he still belongs to that. RV doesn’t have a market reputation as well. Ritika qualifies RV, that she will now marry RV for sure. RV earned his more reputation in market that money. She tells him to leave, saying she isn’t friend with a person who can talk nonsense about his fiancé.
Ishaani tells Falguni not to worry about Disha, she will be back soon. Sharmeen tells her not to worry, and leave for Chiraag’s house; Pratik will cheer up Falguni.
Amba gives Ritika the ring, and says she wants them to marry RV and Ritika in the next week. Mr. Javeri says he is happy they want to do the wedding traditionally, but he is unaware of all these formalities. Amba promises that she will take care of everything.
Amba says that since they are doing the wedding at short notice, they will invite only a few people. She tells her to fast after the Ganesh Pooja, she must break the fast after engagement. She tells her that she has ordered Ranvir to do any work from home, till marriage. Ritika cheers.
RV tells Ishaani on call, that she will be operating his office work from his home, and she will have to come here. Ishaani says she had asked him for leave for her wedding. He says he didn’t approve of it. And if she can’t come, she must return his money and leave the job. She murmurs that he is such a greedy person. Ishaani was telling him, that there is Ganesh Pooja at his home, He tells her to hold for a while, as his fiancé is calling. Ritika tells him that fast is a task for her. He says that if his mother is happy to see her fast, she must fast just to show her and can eat behind her back. Ritika likes the idea. He then talks to Ishaani, and says he isn’t responsible for any of her Pooja, wedding or any other ritual. Ishaani is frustrated, that these were the most important days of her life. RV regrets that he can’t stop her spoiling her life, by marrying Chiraag.
PRECAP: Ishaani comes to RV, he says that as now she has disturbed him she must help him chose a ring. She asks how. He was about to say something, when she says she knows he is the boss, and she has to pay him 40,000.
Falguni inquires Baa how she allowed her daughter to go, and till when she will keep interfering in children’s life. Baa tells her to be quiet, she loves Disha more than her, she must only care about Ishaani. Falguni says that she has always made the family apart. Baa says she never accepted her as daughter-in-law, and she must thank her for letting her live here. Falguni says that those days are gone, right now this house is run by Ishaani. Ishaani comes there, and tells them to stop it. She says if they so dislike her marrying Chiraag, she will marry him in court. She sits down, and says had papa been here he would have married her well. He was the one wanting her to marry Chiraag. Falguni comes to her, while Ishaani says that she has always been against Chiraag; she asks can’t she accept Chiraag for her.
She says to them both, that she can take the 7 circles with Chiraag in the temple. Now this marriage will take place in the temple. She leaves for office. Falguni joins her hands to Baa, and asks her to keep peace and they both won’t talk to each other. Baa teases her that she wanted her to marry Ranvri. Falguni says she wants what her daughter in happy with. She comes into the room, thinks that where is she stuck, she can’t do anything good for her daughter.
Baa sends everyone to make the arrangements for the wedding. She thinks there was a time when big businessmen came to their home to sell their goods, now they have to buy cheap items. She comes to Falguni, she was crying. She tells her to save the tears for the bidding time.
RV gets Ritika’s call, Ishaani was there. She tells him she ate before fasting, but didn’t let her father know about it. He says it was a smart move. She asks she heard he is working from home. He says office is where boss is. She asks will he bring work home when she will come there. He says he won’t go to work, when she will be here. Ishaani looks at him. He asks her a leave, as he has to select a ring for her, and asks what kind of rings she likes? She says she likes surprises.
A girl tells Ishaani to get signed some files. She comes to him. He says when she has disturbed him she must help him. She was relutctant, but he says why he has to remind her everytime… She completes that she has to return his 40,000. He points at her to select the ring.
Ishaani watches the rings, and chooses one. She hands one to RV, she says this ring is good but he must ask his fiancé. He says he asked her to choose one, so as to know which one she won’t like as she is different from the rest of girls. She has selected this, so he won’t give it to her.
Ishaani tells the secretary to get the files signed when his boss is free from his personal work, she is sitting there on her office work table.
Sharmeen tells Pratik watch a girl in market, he asks Pratik where they have seen this girl. He remembers she was in hostel, her name is Sheela, she used glasses and had braces. She used to die on him, but he never let her an eye. Pratik says now she has been sent for him. The girl moves nearer them, and says Hi to Pratik and says did he recognize her, they were in the same school. She introduces herself as Shanaila.
Amba brings lunch for the office workers. She asks the cook to serve Ishaani as well. He brings food for her, but she denies. He looks at Amba, she brings the tray herself and asks why she didn’t eat it. She tells her that this is fresh food. She asks she must feel awkward, that in the house where servants were given stale food, is now being offered fresh food. She says time has changed, and her RV has changed to tradition as well. Here the servants are given food on table, and they eat what the masters eat. Ishaani says some changes are good, and tells Amba she is fasting today.
Amba laughs that the time changes. The girl, for whose engagement half of Mumbai left its work, has to work in office on the Nirjhala fast. She goes away in pity. RV hears this.
Falguni was worried, and thinks she must go to RV and get to know how is he marrying someone. She must know what is going on. Baa comes there, and asks where is she going. Falguni says that she is going to RV’s engagement, as the girl’s father Sanjeev Javeri invited her. Baa says that she never thinks about Amba’s enemity with her. Falguni says that today she is going from Mr. Javeri. She is going to make Amba listen. Baa smiles and says to Falguni that she is also coming. Falguni thinks she has to think about something to do, there.
PRECAP: Ritika tells RV in the room, that it feels good to eat hidden somewhere. RV says she must not make it a habit. Ishaani comes there. 

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