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Sightless Love Episode 10 Update on Monday 1st October 2018


Alberto tells his mother that he just realized that he is not in love with Vanessa because Marina has shown him what real love is and the truth is he loves marina. Prudencia tells Alberto that he already gave an engagement ring to Vanessa and proposed to her, and he has even brought forward the date of the wedding. Alberto replies that he did it to stop falling in love with marina and to stop feeling what he felt for Marina, but it was useless. Prudencia tells him that his father will never accept it and less because she is the reason of his break up with Vanessa so he shouldn’t even think about it. She suggests that it will be better if they move back to Mexico but Alberto says they can go but he will say.

The feast is on and Damiana make a stand to sell her drinks with Marina being the seller whiles she attends to a different stand and the whole township partake and they witness so many exhibitions and the Ocaranzas are not left out and they enjoy the beautiful play of Paulino and in the act, Alberto sneaks to go speak with Marina and he is seen by both Prudencia and Angustias and Prudencia decides to go tell Marina that she can’t be with her son but she is stopped by Angustias and she decides to go speak with Marina herself. She arrives there and sees the earrings of Marina and she goes anxious.

She tells her she loves her earrings and asks her where she bought them and Marina tells her that she got it from her her mum as a gift. Angustias says she really wants to get one for herself but she tells her that she doesn’t think she will get some to buy because her mum told her its very special. “Who is you mother” asks Angustias. “My mum’s name is Damiana” answers Marina. Angustias then goes more nervous as never and looks so pale but she wasn’t able to tell anything to Prudencia.

Alberto tells Marina that he loves her and he is going to speak with Vanessa to break off their engagement, but he doesn’t know how long it’s going to take him, marina replies that she trusts that he is going to find the way to solve the situation, Alberto asks her to trust him. 

Susana tells Vanessa to set things straight to that blind girl since she continues steal the attention of Alberto ever since they came to the feast. So, Vanessa approaches Marina and insults her and tells her that she has to stay away from her boyfriend, and that she should stop dreaming because she will never have something with Alberto because he only feels pity for her, marina tells her that she should better asks Alberto if that is how he feels. Vanessa then takes off Marina’s earring and ridicules her to take them back to the one she took those earrings from since it doesn’t look like she could be capable of buying such an expensive and she believes her fiancée Alberto will never give her such a gift as she is not worth it. She then throws it off asking Marina to looks for it herself and Toribio helps her find it.

Mr. Luis spots Marina whiles walking with Margarito at the feast and he gets close to her stand and speaking aloud to the hearing of the crowd, he asks to stop chasing his son, since she needs to stay with her class of people, because she is not going to get a single cent from Alberto, marina answers that she is not interested in his money but loves his son Alberto and this makes Luis burns in great rage and he kicks the stand of Marina with his leg and warns her again to stay with her group because monkeys play with monkeys. Marina then shares unceasing tears and Margarito consoles Marina and tells her that she has to excuse Mr. Luis, that he wasn’t expecting that she would tell him that she loves his son and Marina tells him that Mr. Luis hates her.

Alberto, Prudencia and Vanessa take Angustias home and there she goes unconscious due to the shock and Alberto attends to her and after gaining consciousness, she still wonders if Marina could be Prudencia’s child or not
Susana and Luis have some drink and she utters that since Prudencia doesn’t drink at but Luis likes it, how has he been able to coup with her till now as his wife and if he doesn’t get bored and Luis answers that she was like that when he met her and he liked her that way and that is why he still married her and Susana says of course he married her because he was his best option at that time since she was the only one he loved and thought about at that time. This makes Luis go mad at Susana to say that against him and he paid off his bails and left saying nothing to Susana so he had no choice than to run after him.

Prudencia doesn’t like it that Marina is in love with his son and that is why he treated her bad and Prudencia thinks that act of his toward Marina was bad but he thinks she deserves it.
Prudencia tells Alberto that his father got angry against Marina but what he doesn’t know is that he is also truly in love with Marina but seriously, he doesn’t want him (Alberto) to have a relationship with Marina and that is how come he even destroyed Marina stand at the feast. This makes Alberto go angry and he goes to confront his dad and he tells his father that they have to talk.

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