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Sightless Love Episode 11 Update on Tuesday 2nd October 2018

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Prudencia tells Alberto that his father got angry against Marina but what he doesn’t know is that he is also truly in love with Marina but seriously, he doesn’t want him (Alberto) to have a relationship with Marina and that is how come he even destroyed Marina stand at the feast. This makes Alberto go angry and he goes to confront his dad and he tells his father that they have to talk. He reproaches his father as to why he dared to mistreat Marina at the feast and Mr. Luis tells him that Marina asked for it, because she dared to tell him that she loves him (Alberto). Which he thinks it’s good that he had fun with her, but he should be very careful with her and just when Alberto is about telling him that Marina and he are in love, Prudencia interrupts him.

Mr. Luis warns Alberto that, if he doesn’t leave Marina, she (Marina) will be the one who will pay for the consequences. Alberto wants his dad to apologize to Marina for destroying her stand and intimidating her but Prudencia asks Alberto to calm down because she sure knows his dad will apologize but it will may take time because all his life, he’s never apologized to anyone before.

Again, Prudencia asks Alberto that if he really loves Marina, he should not put her at risk and listen to his father and stay away from her. Prudencia then tells Mr. Luis that being discriminatory towards someone is something that upset Alberto, so he shouldn’t mistreat Marina but Mr. Luis replies that Marina is giving him a lot of troubles with his son, so they will go back to the city immediately.

Susana tells Vanessa that she has to convince Alberto to go back to the city if not the worse will happen and Vanessa quickly discusses that with Alberto that they should go back to the city and organize everything for their wedding over there but Alberto replies that he has many things to do in the ranch, but she can leave if she wants to, because he is not going to stop her.

Alberto tells Angustias that what he feels for Marina is not just affection but real love and he believes he and her were created to be together since they were born same day, same night and attended by same Midwife and this makes Angustias go anxious again.

Alberto is told by Yolanda to question his girlfriend about what she did to Marina and he goes to confront her to tell him the truth about what she did to Marina since Yolanda prefers he asks her himself and she lies saying so many things that Marina acted so rude towards her and Alberto warns Vanessa not to bother marina again. Vanessa tells Mr. Luis that Marina told her rude things and she only defended herself, but who knows what she told Alberto that he treated her very badly.

Damiana tells Angustias that marina is the daughter of Prudencia and Mr. Luis, and so she cannot reproach her because she was the one who asked her to give the boy to her when in fact she even tried asking her to not let them play with fate but she still insisted so she can blame her for anything because she never thought the girl at that time could survive the fever at that time and after she did, she even came over to the ranch to let them know but unfortunately, they were gone to the city and ever since she (Angustias) never came back after 20 good years to even asks her where she buried the girl until now.

Damiana asks Angustias to rather tell the truth to the Ocaranza’s because she made a promise not to say anything and that is what she’s done till now and has endured humiliations from the people all because her love for Marina.

Alberto arrives in Damiana’s house to tell her that he is sorry for all of the bad actions of his father and Vanessa towards Marina but the truth is he actually love her very much and Damiana says that it seems they were made for each other by fate.
Susana tells Luis that she is sure that not knowing the where about of Alberto means maybe he’s out there with the blind girl.

Alberto meets with Marina and tells her his intention and how his dad has threatened to hurt her if he gets close to her and Marina now looks afraid but Alberto assures her to calm down because everything will be fine and his father will never know where she and her mum stays to even evict them from the place.

Same vein, Luis was enquiring from Margarito where Marina lives and Margarito goes silent.
Marina tells Damiana that Alberto won’t leave the ranch because he can distance himself from Vanessa but Damiana is sure that Luis will still force Alberto to go with them to the city.
Angustias tells Prudencia that Alberto loves marina, Prudencia answers that she is only but a whim and Angustias asks Prudencia why he would say that when she doesn’t even know that girl much but she says all she can says is that that girl has only caused them problems and nothing else and so it will be better not to get to know her at all.

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