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Sightless Love Episode 15 Update on Monday 15th October 2018

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Alberto takes Marina out on a date and there, they enjoy the moment together in great serene environment and he also serenades her and Marina looks happy.
Damiana prays to God to let Angustias spill out the truth so Mr. Luis will accept Marina as Alberto’s girlfriend if not then she will have to break the promise she made to keep silent about the children’s exchange.

When Isauro got to knows that Alberto took Marina to the city, he tears the papers that Marina needs to take her exams and says he will never let Marina be with Alberto.
Marina goes with Damiana and Alberto to see the doctor and the doctor also is captivated by Marina’s beauty.

Mr. Luis tells Paulino that he only gave his support to his organic cultivation project and in exchange that he takes Marina to him because he needs to speak with her.

Prudencia tells Mr. Luis that she understands that nobody wants to tell him where Marina lives and it’s only because they are afraid that he would want to take her far away from Alberto in a rude way and Mr. Luis replies that he only wants to change Marina’s life, as long as she walks away from his son life and Angustias tells Mr. Luis that Marina would never accept his money to leave Alberto if that is what he think because she is not a social climber.

Dr. Bazan tells to Alberto and Damiana that he has to run specific tests on marina, but yes there are possibilities that she can see and it even turns out that the doctor is even Alberto’s former lecturer and he assures Alberto that he is willing to help Marina with her case though he needs to travel and come back and Alberto thanked him very much for giving them hope.

Marina tells Alberto that she became nervous when the doctor told her there is a possibility because Isauro assured her she will never see and refused to take her to see a different doctor since he said it’s expensive. Marina then appeals to Alberto if he can help Toribio also to gain his sanity back and he is willing to do that and Marina is grateful.

Upon their arrival back home, Alberto meets Isauro and gives him a punch because he wonders why he could make Marina remained blind because of his selfishness, so she cannot see the monster he is, Isauro tells him that marina belongs to him because he saved her life, Alberto answers that what he feelings for marina isn’t love, but obsession and marina is not alone and if he dares hurts her, he will face him. Isauro asks Alberto if he did touch Marina whiles away and Alberto replies that he isn’t like him who doesn’t respects her.

Marina tells Toribio that Alberto has decided to help him gain his sanity back and Toribio says that is what he needs so he can stop saying nonsense to people.

Susana tells Vanessa that Alberto is about to arrive home and so she should take a shower and dress up nicely and then make sure to seduce Alberto so they can get married as soon as possible.
Prudencia advices Alberto to stay away from Marina and concentrate on his wedding with Vanessa now that the date is out but he says neither she nor her mum will be able to change his feelings towards Marina.

Vanessa tells Alberto that she loves him and is suffering very much and she tries to seduce him but Alberto rejects her and tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her, but he does not feel anything for her.
Yolanda tells Vanessa that Paulino loves her and he’s suffering very much because he needs her. But Vanessa answers that the best thing to do is to distance themselves from each other.

Angustias advises Paulino to fight for the love of Vanessa because he is the one she loves. After she goes to advise Vanessa to fight for her love with Paulino and still Vanessa wants to marry Alberto though she doesn’t love him.

Vanessa goes to see Paulino and there they kiss and express to themselves how much they love each other.

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