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Sightless Love Episode 19 Update on Tuesday 23rd October 2018

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Luis tells Susana that he no longer wants to throw marina and her mother out of his lands after he sent Zacharias to give them a nice scare and Susana thinks that is a nice gesture that can convince Alberto that he actually doesn’t hate Marina like that and all this while, Angustias was eavesdropping.

Alberto asks marina if she knows what happened to her mother and marina tells him that everything was a mess when she came home and Toribio believes that someone entered to steal, but nothing was missing. Marina tells Alberto that his father already know that they live in his lands and they have to go because he’s asked them to leave, so Isauro offered them his house but Alberto tells her that they can go anywhere except Isauro’s house.

He again tells her his father already knows that he loves her and that he will do anything to protect her and so he is planning on going to the city to find an apartment which he, Damiana and her will stay there but now he wouldn’t support their decision to go stay with Isauro and Marina agrees to go stay with Baldomero.

Isauro arrives in Damiana’s house to attend to her and whiles trying to inject her with some medicine, Alberto arrives to stop him from giving Damiana any medication again. Isauro thinks Alberto has no right to be ordering him around just because he is the friend of Marina and Alberto spills to him that he and Marina aren’t just friends but lovers and Marina seconds and tells Isauro that she do thank him for every help he rendered to her but she is now with Alberto and from now on, Alberto will take care of her mum Damiana.

He is ready to pack their things so they move in with him but Alberto tells Isauro that marina and her mother are not going to live in his house, Isauro tells him that when his father finds out where they live, he will throw them out, Alberto replies that his father will have to face him before he throws them, and Isauro warns Marina that he hopes she will one day regret taking Alberto’s side and going against him.

Marina is now worried because she is sure Isauro will never teach her again so she can right her exams and Alberto say she should forget Isauro because he is there to help her with those needs and will protect her too.

Angustias confront Luis for sending Zacharias over to attack Damiana leading it to her unfortunate situation looking speechless and paralyzed and she knows one day all of the damage he’s done against them will come back haunting him and Luis tells her that Damiana asked for that situation when she tried challenging his authority to move out of the house by Zacharias and that is what caused the damage when Zacharias also tries defending himself. He then warns Angustias to keep what she heard between Susana and him a silent if not, that might cause more problems for Alberto and him.

Baldomero tells Mariana that Mr. Luis has agreed with Margarito that she and her mum stays there for a while until they find a place to move in and Marina looks so happy.

Angustias tells Prudencia that Mr. Luis found out where Damiana and marina live and he sent Zacharias to throw them out, but marina wasn’t there, but damiana was and through a struggle Damiana suffered a major blow to her head.

Margarito tells Alberto about his dad’s decision to not throw Marina and Damiana out of their house and seriously Alberto goes surprise.

Prudencia speaks with her husband and tells him that what he did to Damiana wasn’t a good thing at all and Luis says he has no idea and Prudencia tells him that he can deny it now but should in case Damiana wakes up, she will tell the police and he will have to take the consequences of his actions and he also warns his wife to not try turning her back on him by telling people what she knows about how the unfortunate situation happened.

Susana tells Vanessa that she warned Paulino not to look for her again if not, she is going to tell Mr. Luis so he dismisses him and his whole family and if she (Vanessa) should also go look for him, she will do the same thing.

Mr. Luis tells Alberta that he is interested in finding out what is it about marina that has captivated him and he wants that he brings her to dinner and Alberto even wonders why Susana is giving her support to Marina when in fact she should have hated him for disappointing his daughter and she tells him that she loves him as a son and she wants him to be happy, even if it can’t be with her daughter.

Alberto officially asks Marina to be his girlfriend before her family and also, he tells her about his dad’s invitation for dinner in their house but Marina looks afraid and thinks it’s a because Luis never loves her and has even kicked her off his lands Yolanda tells marina that she has to accept to go the Ocaranzas house and defend her boyfriend and she shouldn’t worry about Vanessa because she is in love with Paulino.

Mr. Luis tells Isauro that he is going to separate Alberto and marina, but that he has changed the strategy by welcoming the blind girl into his house as the girlfriend of his son and Isauro goes crazy.
Marina speaks with her mum and asks her if she should go to the big house as Alberto has requested and Damiana gives Marina a sign of acceptance and Marina looks very happy.

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