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Sightless Love Episode 21 Update on Monday 29th October 2018

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Marina speaks with her mum and asks her if she should go to the big house as Alberto has requested and Damiana gives Marina a sign of acceptance and Marina looks very happy but she asks her to be very careful about Luis when she goes there.

Mr. Luis tells Isauro that his plan is to keep his son from leaving his house and so what he is going to do is, he will receive marina in his house for dinner as his son’s girlfriend which is also an idea of Susana his daughter in law’s mother and she also has so many ideas to see the two lovebirds apart. So, accepting her into their house will make his son Alberto compare her to Vanessa to see that Marina can’t even be part of their class looking at her outfit and speech. Isauro then tells him that it seems they don’t know Marina that much as he does because she is very intelligent, educated and an image sophisticated person and she is going to manage herself very well with her coming over and they will feel disappointed but Luis thinks Marina can never carry herself in a classy way.

Alberto tells Angustias that he still doesn’t know if marina is going to accept the invitation, because his father has treated her very badly, Angustias tells him that there is something that is not right because it isn’t possible for his dad to just change his mind his mind about accepting Marina when in fact he’s never put the feelings of anyone before his, she tells him that he should thread cautiously but Alberto thinks he will also use that way to test his dad if he truly likes Marina.

Alberto asks his mum to be nice to Marina when she comes over for dinner and she promises to do so though she still can’t get over the fact that he’s broken up with Vanessa someone she’s always seen as her second daughter and Alberto thinks she can also make Marina as her daughter too.

Yolanda helps Marina to dress up but unfortunately, she asks her to take off her earrings since it makes her look like a Christmas tree and after Alberto arrives to pick her up to their house. 

Mr. Luis is furious because of the visit of marina and Susana pleads with him to feign because it is part of the plan. Mr. Luis then tells Susana that marina doesn’t look like a wild animal, so she must do something to make her look bad when she comes. Suddenly, Marina arrives with Alberto and he introduces her to his father and Susana pretentiously compliments Marina’s beauty but it’s so unfortunate she can’t see and Marina asks her to not worry because her disability has never been a hindrance to her and Alberto seconds that he even took her to the city to see an eye specialist and there is a possibility for her to see and Susana says she is happy to know that. 

Whiles climbing upstairs with Alberto to check on Prudencia, Luis wants to even hit her but Susana again calms him down but he can’t still imagine Marina in such an expensive and classy dress and makeover but Susana thinks Marina only just wanted to impress them that she is also in their level.

Marina arrives in Prudencia’s room and sitting on her bed, she felt something strange in her and she becomes uncomfortable and she decides to go home as quickly as possible. She bids goodbye to the family and Luis tells Susana that it looks like Isauro really brought up Marina in a classy way and he doesn’t think their plan to humiliate Marina to get her separated from Alberto will work because she is very descent and Susana asks Luis to give her a bit of time because their plan will surely work. 

Angustias asks Prudencia if she wouldn’t like Marina to be the daughter she lost and she says no though she thinks of her daughter every single night and certainly Marina isn’t her. Prudencia tells Angustias that she feels something for marina, but she doesn’t know what is it, and asks her if she saw Marina’s eyes too and Angustias says that though Marina can’t see but she has special light in her eyes and Prudencia thinks that Marina perhaps inherited the color of her eyes from her mother or father, Angustias tells her that Marina doesn’t look like Damiana because she is only but her adoptive mother and her life has not been easy for because her real parents passed out and Prudencia says Alberto never told her. 

Luis asks Prudencia her remarks for Marina’s visit and she replies that she behaved very well, has a good attitude, dressed up very well and above all very beautiful and Luis says she did put up a lot of effort to look very good just to impress them but the pig cannot be among the sheep but Prudencia asks him not to utter such words against her.

Marina tells Yolanda that she felt very strange with Prudencia because she felt like she’s known her the whole of her life and Yolanda thinks that looks strange and that what made her nervous and decided to come back and not only that but she realized also that everyone was nice to her but it was like they were just forcing themselves to do so.

Susana tells her daughter that Marina turned out to be cleverer than she thought and Vanessa tells her mother that she is sure that she was hoping that marina will commit all kind of mistakes but she only confirmed to them rather as to why Alberto fell in love with her and that shows that she can never compete with Marina on Alberto since she even over shadowed her with her dressing. Susana tells her that this is the moment to seduce Alberto or they will end up living on the street. 

Following her mother instructions, Vanessa tells Alberto that it hurts her to see him with marina, but she prefers to think that it is break between them so he can prove to his father that he can make his own decisions, but she knows one day, he will realize that he doesn’t have anything in common with marina and he will look for her again and that she can swear. She then gives him back his ring to end everything since that is what he wants.

Isauro arrives in Damiana’s house to teach Marina and Marina tells him about Alberto introducing her finally to his family as his girlfriend but she only saw that those people only opened their doors to her but not their heart so she will have to do anything to earn it. She tells him that she will have to discuss his coming over to teach her with Alberto first and if she accepts, she will let him know. He goes to check on Damiana and he goes distressful when she sees Isauro in her house.

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