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Sightless Love Episode 23 Update on Wednesday 31st October 2018

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Marina decides to end her relationship with Alberto because she doesn’t want Alberto’s relationship with his father to go sour as stated by Prudencia but she conceals that from Alberto but tells him that there is no way she can be among the class of his people and also she can’t even leave her town to go with him to the city after they marry and Alberto goes surprise but Alberto tells marina that he doesn’t believe a word of what she says that she is concealing something from him because he knows that she loves him and he adores her and so he will never leave her.

Prudencia tells Susana that she asked marina to distance herself from Alberto but seriously she (Prudencia) feels bad for Marina’s grief and for her son who is going to suffer too because of how much love he has for Marina but Susana tells her that she did very well to talk sense to that girl and she shouldn’t feel moved by a few tears of marina, because Alberto will soon forget her. Prudencia tells her that marina is a good woman and she loves Alberto for real and Alberta loves her too.

Angustias thinks Prudencia should have discussed her steps to talk with Marina with Alberto first and Prudencia says the harm has already been committed but Alberto and Marina’s fate is now in Marina’s hands.

Margarito wants his son to learn and forget about that Vanessa girl and not think about her again and Paulino tells his father that he was working hard at his project and Vanessa told him that he was a nobody, Margarito tells him that he should not care about Vanessa’s opinion or anyone else but should continue to carry on with his project and a worthy woman will come into his life and Paulino says he is never going to worry himself by thinking about her at all because  she’s made him know that he is a no body but only played with his feelings.

Alberto convinces marina of his love and they make love with great happiness and they both think no one can separate them again because they are now one and after making love, Alberto gives marina the engagement ring and asks her to marry him, and marina accepts.

Susana tells Vanessa that Prudencia told marina that she isn’t the right woman for her son and asked her to distance herself from him and that will be to their advantage but Vanessa doesn’t believe marina is going to split up with Alberto just like that.

Alberto takes Marina home and she tells Yolanda that she made love with Alberto and so now she will not leave him, it doesn’t matter the promise she’s made to Madam Prudencia and Yolanda tells her that she helped Mrs. Prudencia to see each other because she thought she was a good person who supported his son’s relationship with her and marina tells her that she will get married to Alberto and she won’t invite anybody.

Eric advices his friend Alberto to take the risk and Mary Marina without telling anyone if truly he loves her. Same vein, Yolanda also advices Marina also to not tell anyone so the family of Alberto will not stop their marriage.

Alberto pretentiously tells Angustias and his mum that he’s decided to hold on with his relationship with Marina until he finishes his specialty and Prudencia looks very happy.

Angustias advises Vanessa to forget her mother’s whims of forcing her to marry Alberto when in fact she isn’t in love with him but fight for her love for Paulino whom she truly loves and Venessa says after being rude towards him she doesn’t think Paulino will forgive her and not only that, Paulino has nothing even to offer her too but Angustias wants her to think about her advice carefully and she thinks they will be very happy.

Susana advices Vanessa that if marina and Alberto has split up then it’s time that she tries and comfort him so she can win him all over and be his fiancée again if not they (Vanessa and Susana) will be thrown out from the Ocaranzas apartment and Vanessa goes anxious.

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