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Sightless Love Episode Episode 18 Update on Monday 22nd October 2018

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Toribio tells marina that they should not go and live in doctor Isauro’s house because he is a mean man. 
Susana asks Prudencia to beg if possibly cry and make Alberto stay behind because her collapsing is the only reason which caused Alberto to stay back and she is sure if Prudencia should get better, Alberto will leave so she should try and convince him to stay. 

Prudencia then begs Alberto not to leave the house and asks him to speak with his father and settle their differences but Alberto replies that his father does not listen to reason because he only knows to give orders and he is not going to give in to his commands always. 

There, Susana asks Alberto if he would stay if his father accepts his relationship with marina and Alberta replies that his father will never accept marina no matter what but Susana tells him that he has to talk with him and perhaps he would accept.

Susana tells Mr. Luis that Prudencia managed to convince Alberto not to leave, but it is up to him to also convince Alberto to stay so doesn’t leave forever and Mr. Luis replies that he cannot look soft in front of his son and accept marina but Susana answers that he only has to make Alberto believe that he supports his relationship with Marina. 

Susana again sees how Luis looks very upset and upon asking him he tells her about Margarito’s betrayal of not telling him about where the blind girl lived when he actually knew it all along and Susana asks him to throw Margarito and his family out of the ranch and give his position to Zacharias since he sees him as trustworthy.

Isauro commands Ramona to prepare a room for Marina and her mum because they are moving in with her and Isauro is sure something can happen between him and Marina. 

Angustias pays a visit to Damiana and Marina and after Marina told her about why Damiana is in that critical and updates her also that Isauro came to check on her and now they have to even move in with him since Mr. Luis wants them to leave his lands. 

Angustias tells Damiana that everything is going to be fine because finally Alberto has disclosed to his dad how much he loves Marina and she will certainly see how Marina and Alberto will be together.

Margarito confesses to Mr. Luis that he has always known where Damiana and marina lived because he even gave them permission to live at the small house when their house burned down, but he only hid the truth from him because he was afraid that he would hurt them. 

Mr. Luis gets upset but he feigns and tells him that the fact that he doesn’t want marina for his son, doesn’t mean he would hurt them so for now they can stay there until they find a place to live. He hugs Margarito and after he left, he tells himself that he will surely pay Margarito back for lying to him.

Paulino goes to attack Zacharias for gossiping about his affair with Vanessa to Susana and through that they end up in a brutal fight and Paulino ends up causing more sour to his injury. Susana congratulates Zacharias for teaching Paulino a Lesson

Isauro calls Mr. Luis and tells him about Damiana’s critical condition but he is sure that he has something to do with it since he wants them to leave his property and Luis tries denying it but Isauro asks him to not worry because no matter what Damiana is still alive and she will definitely tell the police the truth and this makes Luis go nervous a while. 

Isauro again warns him to keep his son away from marina, or he could have problems with the law since he was able to enter his office to get Marina’s file. Mr. Luis tells him that he had nothing to do with Damiana’s situation so he should delete that off his mind. 

Isauro proposes an offer to Luis that if he is able to separate Alberto from Marina, he will make sure to not make Damiana recover from her sickness but Luis is not ready to support him with that criminal act of his and Luis tells Isauro that Alberto told him that he is in love with Marina, but he will do everything he can to separate them and Isauro says if that is so then they have a deal. 

Angustias informs Alberto about Damiana’s situation and how she looks paralyzed and she can’t speak. He goes to check on Damiana that he suffered a big blow in his head and it was very big blow, but it doesn’t put her life in danger and she is going to recover. 

Susana warns Paulino to stay away from her daughter and stop dreaming to have something with Vanessa because it will never happen.

Luis tells Susana that he no longer wants to throw marina and her mother out of his lands after he sent Zacharias to give them a nice scare and Susana thinks that is a nice gesture that can convince Alberto that he actually doesn’t hate Marina like that.

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