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Sightless Love Update on Wednesday 17th October

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Angustias bumps into Marina at church and tells her that she approves her relationship with Alberto and Marina looks very happy that at least she has the support of Angustias a member of the family and Marina asks her if she knew about Alberto taking her to see a specialist and that there is a chance that she might see and Angustias says Alberto told her. Angustias takes a stroll with her in town and they bump into Alberto and Angustias complements to Alberto how nice and good soul Marina has and he tells her that is why he loves her.

Prudencia thinking that Vanessa is sad because of Alberto’s breakup with her, she consoles her to calm down and not feel dejected because she certainly knows that Alberto will regret ever breaking up with her. Vanessa is about to confess Prudencia that she is not in love with Alberto, that she loves another man, but Susana prevents her from saying it. 

Zacharias goes to kick Damiana and Marina out of their house and he takes advantage of it to sexually abuse Damiana, he confesses that he has always liked her that is why he never told Mr. Luis that she is Marina’s mum so she has to give herself to him for his silence on that and Damiana tries to defend herself and Zacharias looking so angry, pushes her and she falls down hitting her head on a sharp object and begins to bleed and she loses consciousness. 

Alberto arrives home and his mum tells him that his dad now knows that he took Marina to the city to see a specialist and also that he is in love with her and Alberto say no fears because that will even save him more explanations about his love for Marina. In all Prudencia asks him to not pick a fight with his dad in case he speaks with him and Alberto assures her. 

Alberto speaks with his dad and tells him that he is going to get married to Marina and Mr. Luis tells him that he is not going to ruin his (Luis) life, the Ocaranza’s lives and the lives of their grandchildren condemning them to be blind, and marina is no match for Vanessa and that if he doesn’t agree with his decisions, he can leave his house. 

Margarito becomes shock after his son Paulino tells him he is in love with Vanessa and he advices him that he must understand that their love is not possible and if Mr. Luis finds out, he can kill him, Paulino tells him that Vanessa loves him too and he is going to fight for their love. The fact that there is a rule that no animal should eat its kind doesn’t mean he should play in the mouth of the lion. But Paulino still thinks her love is stronger than all problems but seriously his dad doesn’t agree.

Zacharias arrives to tell Luis that an unfortunate incident happened where Damiana hit her head hard but he doesn’t know if she’s dead and there Luis gets to know that Marina’s mother is Damiana the town’s midwife and Luis goes surprise. Same vein, Marina also arrives home and seeing her mum’s condition, she goes so depressed. Same vein, Luis asks Zacharias if someone saw him enter the house and he says no but the only thing is that, he told Damiana that he (Luis) sent him to kick them off from the lands and Mr. Luis regrets because Damiana is the reason his son Alberto was born but he never imagines she will be the mother of the blind but he still asks Zacharias to not worry because the harm has already being committed but he will send someone to check if she is dead.

Prudencia begs Alberto not to leave the house but he tells her that that is the only option his father left him and Prudencia faints and Alberto attends to her to revive her. 
Isauro comes to Damiana and marina’s house and marina tells him that her mother doesn’t react and Isauro tells her that it is only a bruise, but it isn’t serious. 

Susana advices Vanessa that she has to prevent Alberto from leaving “la AƱoranza” because Luis will immediately disinherit him and that isn’t good for them but if he stays back, they still have hope to make him change his mind about marrying her and forget that Marina who he claims he is very much interested in. 

Luis asks Zacharias to leave the ranch temporary that there could be an investigation into Damiana’s accident.

Alberto apologizes to Vanessa for breaking off his engagement and she replies that she doesn’t bear grudges against him; in fact, she admires him for the way he defends his love for marina that she would like to have that courage to do the same as him but it seems Alberto never understood him. 

Isauro wants Marina and Damiana to come stay with him now that they have nowhere to live and after Marina told Toribio about it, he asks Marina they shouldn’t move into Isauro’s apartment because he is a bad man.

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