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Till The End of Time Episode 48 Update on Wednesday 3rd October 2018

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Saanjh confronts Arjun that Maya has sent all these gifts for him and he has started lying to her. He says he did not lie. She reminds him all the incidents. He says he lied as she does not want to hear truth. She says he did not say Maya no as he does not to get away with the luxuries she is throwing on him and trying to buy him. He says he is not salable and confronts her.
Jahnvi tells Maya that love is not salable and she cannot buy Arjun’s love. Maya says she can. Jahnvi tells that she is doing the same mistake she did long ago with Ashwin. Maya says she is not doing any mistake and knows what she is doing.
Arjun keeps all gifts in his jeep. Saanjh asks where is he going. He says to return gifts to Maya as he is not salable. She calls him duffer. He says only his
friends call him duffer and for her it is only Arjun and calls her Saanjh. He leaves. Vandana tells her son proved that he is not salable.
Arjun reaches Maya’s room and throws all gifts in her front of her and says he is not salable and he did a mistake trusting her, she gave him promotion and gifts to buy her. She says sh esent all these for the next shoot, he has to select some and return rest. He says he is not a fool, he had added all these items in an online website wishlist. She shows her phone and says even she has same choice and it is a coincidence. He has to return whatever he does not like and whatever he has used, she will deduct from his salary, if she can give incentives for good work, she can deduct for bad work. Arjun leaves.
Ayan scolds Saanjh that he did not see all the gifts and she forced Arjun to return gifts. Saanjh says it was her plan to make Arjun confront Maya and return all her gifts and prove he is not salabe, soon Arjun will reject Maya’s job. Vandana and Ayan praise her intelligence.
Maya asks Jahnvi to keep all gifts in her room as Arjun will be in her room soon. Jahnvi asks why did she lie to Arjun then. Maya says she was testing Arjun’s worth. He proved he is more worth than small gifts.
Arjun returns home and Saanjh asks if he returned gifts. He scolds Saanjh if he listens to her more, he will lose his job, Maya had sent all these gifts for a shooting. Saanjh asks whho sends gifts to employee’s house instead of big office. Arjun says photographer stays at home and not office. Saanjh leaves. After some time, Vandana opens door after hearing door bell and is shocked to see police. Inspector asks if Ayan Sharma stays here. She says yes. Arjun comes and says they are mistaken. Inspector says they are not and says Ayan sells drugs with drug mafia. Ayan says he does not. Inspector drags Ayan. Vandana panics. Arjun asks her to stay at home as he is with his brother. Saanjh in her room tells her brother that Arjun behaved foolishly. Arjun calls. Saanjh says he must have called to apologize. Arjun tells her that police took away Ayan in drug peddling case.
Maya wears Arjun’s worn clothes and smiles looking herself in mirror. She calls Arjun. Arjun says he is busy and Maya hears Arjun pleading inspector not to beat his brother. Arjun pleads inspector to free his brother. Inspector argues and asks to get bail for his brother. Arjun says without crime why he should bring bail.
Precap: Inspector slaps Arjun. Saanjh shouts in a worry.. Maya looks Arjun’s bleeding lip and warns inspector that he will pay for it.

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