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Till The End of Time Episode 49 Update on Thursday 4th October 2018


Ispector continues torturing Ayan. Arjun pleads not to torture his brother as he is innocent. Inspector continues. Saanjh reaches police station and Arjun asks her to save Ayan. Saanjh asks Ayan if he did it. Arjun says he did not and does not know anything about it. Saanjh tells inspector that she is Ayan’s lawyer. Inspector says he caught Ayan in drug peddling case and she has to get bail to get him out. Arjun says without any case, why bail. Inspector slaps Arjun and Arjun tries to revert back, but Saanjh stops him. Inspector warns him that his brother will not be out in life now and shows charge sheet. On the other side, Vandana cries and Suman consoles her that Saanjh has gone there and as a lawyer, she will get Ayan out. Vandana then calls Arjun who says Ayan is fine
now. Saanjh shows Ayan his pic with a girl and says this girl was caught with drug mafia and police found his number with her. Ayan says he found her on social media and dated her 2-3 times and does nott know anything else. Saanj says she will speak to Malkani and try to get bail and if bail does not happen today on Friday, it will not till Monday.
Maya reaches with her lawyer with bail and tells Ayan will not be in jail. Her lawyer gives bail papers to inspector. Ayan tells inspector trashed bhai. Maya sees blood on Arjun’s lip and fumes. She angrily looks at inspector. Lawyer introduces her to inspector as Maya Mehrotra. Inspector gets afraid and says if he had know that Ayan is related to her, he would not have filed case at all. She asks if he will not order tea. He orders tea. Ayan asks Arjun if Maya came here to bail him out or enjoy tea. Arjun signals to keep silent. Maay drops tea on inspector and inspector says it is okay. Maya asks him to go and change his uniform. Inspector goes change uniform. Arjun thanks Maya. Maya says still she is not yet done. She goes to inspector’s room and asks Ayan to close door. She then gives inspector a tight slap. Inspector shouts and warns that he will put her behind bars. Maya asks for what, if anyone saw her slapping him. Arjun and Ayan say no. Maya says everyone saw inspector slapping an innocent though and if she leaks this news tomorrow, he knows the consequences. Inspector stands with bent head. Maya leaves with Ayan and Arjun in slow motion.
Outside police station, Maya gets busy chatting withh inspector near her car. Arjun comes out with Ayan. Ayan says he needs to pee and goes to washroom. Saanjh comes crying, hugs Arjun and says Malkani did not help and she could not get Ayan’s bail. Arjun says listen, but she continues crying. Ayan says they will play carrom for 2 days. She says yes, turns and sees him and scolds Ayan that police will catch him soon, why did he escape. Maya comes and says she bailed Ayan and says until she is with Arjun, nothing will happen to him or his dear ones. Saanjh fumes seeing Maya. Maya asks Arjun to travel with her as she needs discuss about shooting and asks Saanj if she can take Ayan on her scootie as 3 people cannot travel on 1 scootie. Saanjh says when someone else comes in between, one has to get out. She thanks her for bailing Ayan anways.
Maya takes Ayan aside and tells she does not if he did it…He says he did not. She says situation changes with place and he has to choose right place. He says okay. Saanjh asks Ayan what ddid Maya say. He says nothing, I will dry scootie now. Arjun asks Maya what did she tell to Ayan. She says nothing and just smiles staring at him.
Precap: Arjun takes Maya to his building terrace. Saanjh tells her brother that she is going to meet Arjun on terrace. She sees Maya and Arjun together and shatters

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