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Till The End of Time Episode 50 Update on Friday 5th October 2018


From police station, Ayan drives Saanjh’s scootie with Saanjh sits as pillion. He says jail trip was adventerous, he has stories now to tell in his old age. Saanjh sits seriously weeping. Arjun travels with Maya in her car. Arjun thanks her and says he wants to return her good gesture and asks if he should cook for her, he cannot shop as she has everything. Maya says tough he has not accepted her, she has accepted him and all his relationships and will continue caring for them all. Topi changes to finding peace. She drops Arjun outside his apartment building. Maya asks where he finds his peace. He shows up. She looks at sky. He says not so up and shows terrace, his shanti spot with clear air and full of peace. She asks if he will take her to shanti spot.
Ayan reaches home with
Saanjh. Suman and Vandana scolds him and say without Saanjh, h e would not have come out of police station. Saanjh says she did not bail him, Maya bailed him instead. Vandana and Suman stand in a shock. Vandana asks where is Arjun. Saanjh says he went with Maya as 3 people cannot ride on 1 scootie.
Arjun calls Ayan and asks if Saanjh is around. Ayan says yes, if he should give phone to her. Arjun says no and asks to go away from Saanjh silently. Ayan tells Saanjh that he is going to his room for a min and will be back. He speaks to Arjun again wo tells that Maya wants to see Shanti spot. Ayan says it is only his and Saanjhs spot, Saanjh will kil him. Arjun says what he could do, Maya asked his peace spot and he said his building terrace, so she wants to see it. He asks Ayan to send Saanjh home somehow. Ayan goes back and tells Saanjh she should sleep now as she must be tired and she will get wrinkles if she does not. He forcefully sends Suman, Saanjh’s brother, and Saanjh out. Saanjh asks him when will Arjun come. He says he will come late as Maya’s car broke down.
Arjun takes Maya to shanti spot, stands on fencing wall and asks Maya to stand with him. she also climbs. He says he fells very peacfful here, Saanjh showed him this spot first and their friendship started her, when he gets very tired in his busy life, he comes here. He asks if she does not get tired , where she goes when she gets tired. She gives example of stars that they are so many on sky, but they are away from each other, even in her case, her relationship looks so close, but she is far apart. She continues her moral gyaan.
Saanjh eagerly waits for Arjun’s call. She calls Ayan and asks to inform her when Arjun returns. Her brother taunts her. She thinks Arjun would come to shanti spot and walks towards terrace. Ayan guards on stairs outside terrace and yells he had to lie and now guard among mosquitoes. He goes home to get mosquito repellent. Arjun holding Maya’s hand says he wants to be a friend. Saanjh goes to terrace is shocked to see Arjun and Maya holding each other’s hands. She starts crying.
Precap: Maya hugs Arjun and says as a friend she can. Ashwin clicks their pic. Maya tells Jahhnvi that Ashwin wants to tell that he will take Arjun away from her. Saanjh looks at Arjun and Maya’s hugging pic in news paper’s front page and asks Arjun who clicked it.

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