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Till The End of Time Episode 52 Update on Tuesday 9th October 2018

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Maya tells Arjun that they should not bother about barking dogs and move on. Arjun praises her that she is successful because of this. She asks what if someone pesters her. He says he did not build body just for fun, he has made friendship with her and will smash whoever will trouble her. Maya laughs and says today is Saturday, so he can go home. He leaves. She looks at dustbin and her laptop.
Ashwin meets aide and tells he wants to know abot Arjun, what he does, whom he meets, where he stays, etc.
Ayan asks Vandana how did Maya come in between Arjun and Saanjh suddenly. Vandana says nothing hapened suddenly, she will confront Arjun. Ayan asks her not to, he will speak to bhai and explain in his terms. At Saanjh’s house, Prem looks at Maya and Arjun’s news
paper pic repeatedly. Suman says it is Arjun’s profession and he should not worry. Prem says this is not simple. Suman asks to do something. Prem says he will have to control Saanjh now.
Ashwin’s aide shows him Arjun’s apartment building. Vandana and Suman buy vegetables near by. Suman says she is thinking of fixing lemon chilli on Saanjh and Arjun to get rid of black spirits. Neighbors taunt them that Arjun caught a big fish Maya Mehrotra. Suman tries to reach but Vandana drags her from there. Ashwin looks at them and says aide that this is Vandana and Suman and then looks at Ayan.
Arjun tries to console Saaanjh with buddhi ke baal/candy floss. Saanjh asks if he loves Maya. He says yes her silky soft air and then jokes who does not like budhi ke baal, Maya is just his friend. Saanjh says Maya loves him and with his friendly gesture will misunderstanding that even he loves her. Arjun reminisces Maya telling that she does not mind if he does not love her, but she will love him forever. He tells Saanjh that Maya clearly told him. Saanjh says girls think like this. Arjun says if she loves him. Saanjh stands silently. Arjun says no na..each girl is different, so is Maya. Ashwin watches them and tells his aide that Saanjh is not Arjun’s friend, but is his weakness. Aide says that means he will attack on Arjun’s weakness now.
Ashwin goes to Jahnvi and tells her that Arjun will use Maya and will throw her away. Jahnvi says he can understand his intention now. Ashwin asks what happened. Jahnvi says Arjun is not cheap like him and asks him to get out. He holds his hand and pushes him till door. Ashwin says Arjun does not love Maya. Jahnvi says Arjun is better than him and asks to get out. Ashwin asks if Arjun knows about Maya’s madness, once he will know about it, he will run away. He wil inform Arjun about Maya’s truth, laughs and leaves. Maya hears their conversation and panicks that Aswhin will separate Arjun from her.
Maya prays god that she god a companion after so many years and to not get Arjun away from her. Phone rings and she nervously picks it. Arjun speaks and asks how can she hide such a big issue from her, if he had known this, he would not have trusted her, he wants to meet her right now in office’s basement godown. She stammers and asks if they can meet somewhere else. he says not anywhere else, it is time to get the truth out today. Maya panicks more reminiscing Ashwin’s words. She then reminisces childhood memories and breaks things in her room. Jahhnvi comes running and tries to console her. Maya says Ashwin told everything to Arjun and Arjun wants to meet her in godown. Jahnvi says Arjun does not know anything. Maya asks then why Arjun called her to godown, of which she is afraid of. Jahnvi tries to console, but Maya shouts to go. Jahnvi walks silently. Maya runs and hugs her and says she cannot lose Arjun and will do whatever she says. Jahnvi asks if she will. Maya says. Jahnvi asks to tell Arjun everything.
Precap: Maya reaches godown. Arjun says he knows her truth now and it is too late.

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