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Till The End of Time Episode 56 Update on Monday 15th October 2018

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Maya asks Arjun if he will not leave her after hearing her story. He nods no. Maya tells story about her mother and Ashwin and tells Ashwin wanted to marry her mother for her wealth and her grandfather opposed it. Mom eloped with Ashwin and married him. Ashwin is a spoilt brat and continued his cruelty. Mom thought he will change after a baby will come in their lives, he did not and used to torture mom and her. Once on her 9th birthday, she caught Ashwin with a girl and informed mom, so mom threw Ashwin out of house. Ashwin continued torturing her and mom and used slit her elbow on her 9th birthday. She shows her elbow mark and then describes how he used to drown her in water tub in godown and throw colors on her, used to tell fake stories to her friend to keep him away. Her grandfather had
transferred whole property in her name with a condition nothing should happen to her til her 21st birthday. Ashwin continued to torture her. She slowly started working and became self efficient and threw Ashwin out of house finally. Ashwin continued his toture and mom gives him money to keep him away from her. She says he considers his mom for his bad life and she considers herself for keeping her mom away from her love. She has gone through a lot of trauma and does not to befriend anyone, but then he came in her life. Arjun reminisces insulting Vandana, feels guilty, tells Maya he will be back, and runs from there. Maya reminisces Jahnvi’s words and thinks Arjun left her after hearing her story and shatters more.
Arjun reaches home. Vandana says she is feeling guilty that she could not upbring Arjun well and did not reach him to respect elders, she is feeling pity on herself. She tells Arjun is right, this house is his, she was just a guest here. She gives him keys and says this is his house and she is returning his house to him. She failed in life and asks him to forgive her if possible. She walks towards door with her bag. Arjun looks at keys. He holds her legs and pleads not to leave him alone and punish him so much. Vandana says house is made with family bonding and not just by brick walls. She says a child’s love is mother’s right and if she had slapped him in childhood, he would have been like this. He asks to slap him then and says now he realized when he broke his hand when he was 12-year-old, why she used to feel pain. Vandana says she told already child’s love is mom’s right. Arjun calls her mom and she gets more emotional and hugs him. Arjun tells her to tell Ayan that she is only his mom and not Ayan’s. Ayan gets emotional seeing their bonding and hugs them.
In the morning, Arjun wakes up and finds himself on Vandan’s lap. He asks if he slept whole night on her lap. She says yes and wakes up, but limps. He says he gave her earlier heart pain and not leg pain. She says its okay and asks to get ready, she will prepare breakfast for him. He asks her to rest, her 2 sons will prepare breakfast. Vandana says bread finished at home. Arjun tells he will get bread, kisses Vandana’s forehead and leaves. Ayan asks Vandana how did this change happen. Vandana says for sure Saanjh changed Arjun’s heart. Arjun gets into his jeep and sees Maya still sitting on terrace wall, realizes she was on terrace whole night.
Precap: Arjun asks Maya if she was on terrace whole night. Maya says he asked her to wait here until he returns, she can wait for him whole life. Arjun tells Vandana that Maya is the one who changed his heart. Vandana is shocked.

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