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Till The End of Time Episode 57 Update on Tuesday 16th October 2018

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Ayan calls Saanjh in the morning. Saanjh wakes up and asks what happened, if Arjun is fine. Ayan says Arjun left. Saanjh asks where. Ayaan says whee he should be. Arjun runs to terrace and gets Maya from terrace wall and asks if she did not go home whole night. She says he told he will be back, so she was waiting for him. He asks whole night. She says she can wait for him whole life, she thought he left hearing her story. He says he respects her more hearing her story, her story changed his life. he hugs and thanks he. She reciprocates and smiles.
Saanjh asks why Arjun left, what happened. Ayan says maa scolded him and wanted to leave home, but Arjun apologized her and accepted her as mother. Thanks to her that she returned Vandana her son. Saanjh says she is coming there.
Brother asks what happened now. Saajh says Arjun got back his mother. Brother asks from which shop. Saanjh throws pillow on him and leaves.
Arjun tells Maya that because of her, he got back his mother. He used to think his step mom is his problem, but she used to love him so much and forgave all his mistakes. He hugs her again and thanks her. He says he will let her meet his mom and not step mom now and takes her. Suman and Prem watch whole and fume. They return home. Saanjh wears her shoes and informs them that he duffer accepted Vandana aunty as mother. Suman says she should not go. Saanjh says she has to go, else her duffer will be angry. She leaves. Prem says Suman they should have informed Saanjh about Arjun and Maya and that she is coming between Arjun and Maya.
Ayan cuts onions wiping his tears. Vandana asks to give it to him. He says no, bhai will cut him into pieces. Once Saanjh comes, he will give it to her. Door bell rings. Vandana says their happiness came and opens door. She and Ayan are shocked to see Arjun entering with Maya and telling Vandana that she is the one who made him realizes his mistake and got him back his mother and completed his incomplete life. He asks Maya to come in. Maya comes in stepping her right leg in and tells Vandana that she told her earlier that people are not incomplete but environment makes them incomplete, now everything has changed. She tries to touch Vandana’s feet and Vandana backs off. Maya fumes in anger but smiles and says if something good happens, they touch elder’s feet and today good happened. Arjun signals Vandana to let her touch feet. Vandana hesitantly blesses her. Saanjh comes and shatters seeing all this. Arjun sees her and calls Dusky. Maya says without Saanjh, Arjun’s happiness cannot complete. Arjun says Saanjh that she pestered him whole life for this and Maya completed her work, if she is happy now. Saanjh runs and hugs Vandana and cries. Arjun says they are all happy because of Maya. Saanjh wiping her tears says she is very happy and thanks Maya. Maya says it is her duty as a friend and she fulfills her every duty, she will leave now. Arjun says he will drop Maya and will return with bread. Maya tells Vandana that some relationships take yeaars to bloom and some just moments and the one developed recently will be forever, she should get habituated to them now. Vandana stands dumbstuck watching Arjun and Maya leaving. She then looks at shattered Saanjh and consoles her.
Maya slips while walking towards car and Arjun holds her and says he will not let her fall in life again. Maya asks in life. He says not after today after what she did to him, will even give his life. She says he does not know his life’s value, only she knows. They both get into car and leave. Maya stops him and says she forgot her phone in his house.
Vandana tries to console Saanjh. Saanjh says whatever happened is good, she tried to convince Arjun to accept Vandana as mother, but he did not and easily agreed to Maya’s words. Vandana asks till when she will hide her feeling for Arjun. Saanjh says how to tell Arjun that his dusky loves him, it is too late. She opens door and stops seeing someone.
Arjun returns Maya’s mobile. Maya smiles and says he has decided to steal everything. She calls Jahnvi to inform that she is fine. Jahnvi is tied and tries to free herself. Ayan calls Arjun and informs him that Ashwin has come there. Jahnvi calls Maya and informs her what happend. Arjun fumes that he will come there right now.
Precap: Arjun drags Ashwin out and beats him like a street dog. Ashwin tells Maya that Arjun will not stay away from her truth for long.

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