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Till The End of Time Episode 58 Update on Wednesday 17th October 2018

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Ashwin goes to Arjun’s home and tells Vandana that he is very happy that Arjun came in Maya’s life. He continues Maya is a go getter and gets whatever she wants, she is very short tempered and can do anything in anger. She got all these from her mother and is holding her mom’s liquor glass since childhood. Maya was very small when he and Maya’s mother separated and since then Maya’s mother bought up her in such a bad way and spoilt Maya. Vandana says Arjun and Maya are just friends. Ashwin says they are not and says when Maya was 9 years old… Arjun enters with Maya and angrily asks Ashwin how dare he is to enter his home and starts beating him like a street dog. He throws him out on street and cotinues beating. Vandana, Saanjh, and Ayan try to stop him,
but he continues. Vandana asks Maya t stop Arjun as he is beating her papa. Maya stands silently reminiscing Aswhin torturing her same way. Aswhin tries to run. Arjun kicks him and he falls down. Arjun picks circket wickets andd continues beating him and warns if he ever comes near Maya he should remember his face. Maya smirks standing aside and an emotion of satisfaction can be seen on her face.
Ashwin goes neaar Maya and tells one day her truth will be in front of Arjun. What did she tell Arjun that he tortures and frighten her. He was quiet thinking her as daughter, now he will give proof to Arjun, laughs and leaves.
Arjun throws wicket and walks away. Vandana and Saanjh ask if he has gone mad. Saanjh asks why did he beat that man. Arjun says she does not know what he did to Maya. Saanjh asks what did he do, he is Maya’s father and was trying to tell him something, he cannot take decision hearing just one side. He should not have beaten old man like an animal. Arjun sys he is an animal and she can do whatever she can. Saanjh says he has gone mad. Arjun says she has gone mad, if she does not know anything, why is she interfering. Saanjh says she will let go this issue, him and their friendship, he is free to live alone now. Arjun signals her to go. Saanjh walks away from there followed by Vandana and Ayan.
Arjun goes to Maya. Maya asks why did not he inform her truth to Saanjh. He says her secret and pain is his pain now and his secret is her secret now. She says he fought with his family for her. He says he solved his issue with family because of her, everything will be fine soon, he will drop her home now. She reminisces Ashwin’s warning and says he ahs to go to Mauritius tomorrow for a shoot. He asks how suddenly. She says it is not suddenly, she had planned beforehand and says let us go and plan now. Arjun gets excited that he is going to Mauritius.
Maya reaches home smiling. Jahnvi says Ashwin… Maya says Arjun hit him like a street dog. Jahnvi asks if she told truth to Arjun. Maya says she told what Arjun could hear.
Arjun returns home and Vandana confronts him. He asks to stop fighting now as he is going to Mauritius. She asks Ayan to call Saanjh. Arjun says he is not going with Saanjh, her or Ayan, he is going alone on a photoshoot. Vandana says to pack bags. Arjun says enough of Saanjh now, he will pack bags himself.
Saanjh does not get sleep thinking aout Arjun. Her brother gives her gift and says it is for Arjun. Saanjh opens gift and sees alarm clock. Brother says it even has recorder, Arjun should get habituated to wake up himself so that he realizes her value and realizes his love for her. Saanjh smiles and asks him to go and sleep as her duffer will come in early morning to apologize her. Brother smiles and goes to bed. Saanjh looks at alarm clock.
In the morning, Arjun leaves in taxi for airport and asks Vandana and Ayan not to call Saanjh. Vandana says they cannot phone Saanjh, but can inform her. She throws stones on Saachi’s window. Saanjh wakes up thinking duffer is throwing stones, but finds Vandana and Ayan. Vandana says Arjun has left for Mauritius and she should go and meet him in airport. She says why should she. Vandana asks her to forget her ego and go. Saanjh rushes towards airport on her bike.
Saanjh reaches airport, but guards don’t let her in. She calls Arjun. Arjun trying to take selfie slips and Maya holds him. Saanjh sees them both and starts crying.

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