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Till The End of Time Episode 59 Update on Thursday 18th October 2018

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Saanjh rushes to airport and tries to get in to meet Arjun, but guards stop him and say she cannot get in without ticket. Saanjh sees Arjun and calls him Arjun, Duffer…., but he does not listen her. She then sees Maya coming and Arjun while trying to take selfe slips and Maya holds him. Arjun asks Maya if she is also coming. She asks if he thought she would send him alone. Saanjh stands in a shock and starts crying… Alarm clock with her voice recording falls down and it repeats wake up Arjun, duffer wake up. Arjun hears it and turns. Saanjh hides. Maya asks what happened. Arjun says he felt someone is calling her. She says he has to learn to stop looking behind and walks with him in. Saachi comes back and picks alarm clock and cries more.

Saanjh goes home and cries lying on bed reminiscing Arjun and Maya’s closness and looking at alarm clock. Suman and Prem enter and ask what happened to her. She says Arjun has forgotten her friendship and likes Maya now. They ask what happened and call Vandana. Saanjh tells Arjun lied that he is going alone to Mauritius and went with Maya. Vandana says how can it be. Saanjh says this is what happened.

Arjun walks with Maya towards check out and says he will send message to Saanjh and make her jealous. He goes and stands in general class que while Maya stands in Business class. He thinks Maya will go in business class and he has to go in janata class. Maya calls him and says his ticket is booked with her. He excitedly clicks selfies with business class board and gets into flight. He and Maya sit together. He says he says again that he will send selfies to Saanjh and make her jealous. Air hostess announces to switch off mobile as flight will take off. Maya asks him to switch off mobile and forget Saanjh for some time.

Maya tells Vandana that truth is Arjun also likes Maya now. Saanjh goes to terrace and continues crying reminiscing her love for Arjun.

Precap: Arjun and Maya reach a 5-star hotel and staff greet them in a royal way. Arjun gets excited seeing sports car and asks Maya if he can do recce today itself instead of tomorrow. Maya says okay, calls someone and asks to make arrangement and not make any mistakes.

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