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Till The End of Time Episode 60 Update on Friday 19th October 2018

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Arjun and Maya reach Mauritius. Immigration officer checks Arjun’s passport and sayys he is traveling Internationally for the first time. Arjun lies that he has traveled a lot. Officer ssays his passport is blank. Arjun says he likes his passport clean. Officer applies seal and says welcome to Mauritius. Maya says her passport is dirty, she has to learn to keep it clean like Arjun, says this is Arjun’s one of many international trips and says let us go now. They come out and Arjun comments on Mauritius’ trees. He sees a sports car and loudly comments. Car stops in front of hiim. He gets afraid. Driver gets out of car and greets Maya. Maya says this is their car and gets into driver seat. Arjun is surpised. They both leave.
Saanjh returns home and asks Suman
to get her tea. Prem says he needs to talk about Arjun. Saanjh says she is getting late for office and leaves.
Arjun looks at his Mauritius trip wish list. Maya says until she is there, he does not have to keep list. He says he wants to fulfill all his wish today itself and not from tomorrow. Maya says okay. He says he will find out location for shooting and leaves. Maya calls someone and orders to arrange Arjun’s Rece today instead of tomorrow and not make any mistake.
Arjun meets people near beach enjoys beach environment. He says though Dusky/Saanjh is not with him, he will be with her always, she ignored him for 1 day and got so egoistic. He wil lforgive him though and will call her. Saanjh is in office busy working angrily, sees Arjun’s call and disconnects it. Arjun takes selfies and sends them to hear to make her jealous and thinks se will call him back for sure. He then goes on a boat ride. Saanjh gets Arjun’s selfies and smiles looking at them, but then gets jealous looking at Maya with Arjun. Boss notices her crying and offers her water and says tears will give only dehydration, asks the reason. He jokes his junior is tensed today, so she can go home today. Saanjh shouts why should she take leave, she will work. Boss returns to his seat. Saanjh cries vigorously and murmurs why duffer left her hand and made her alone. Arjun continues enjoying boat ride and selects a floating island. Crew member says it is very risky and this island will drown in water within 3 hours. Arjun says he is photographer and will decide.
Saanjh enjoys trip walking with a white veil in cool breeze. She dances and thinks after todaay Arjun will be forever hers. Arjun gets on floating island and explains his theme to crew members. Crew member gets a message it is time for high tide and they have to go. Arjun jokes and asks crew to leave, he will take a few more shots and come later. Arjun draws Saanjh’s name on sand and thinks of her. He then draws Maya’s name and thinks she feels he is inching towards his life and falls asleep on sand. Maya sleeps on sand on the other island thinking of Arjun and draws his name on sand, says I love you Arjun and smiles. High tide starts and Arjun’s boat floats away while Arjun is sound asleep.
Precap: Arjun gets stuck on island and shouts for help. Maya slaps crew for leaving Arjun on island and rushes on boat to save him..

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