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Till The End of Time Episode 61 Update on Monday 22nd October 2018

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While Arjun is enjoying the island, his boat goes away. Water comes on him and he realises his boat has gone away and now he has no way to go back.
Saanjh is sad. She’s looking at her and Arjun’s photos. Her mum sees this and feels sad for Saanjh. She tries to divert her mind, but fails.
Arjun tries to call his crew, but there’s no network. He screams for help as water starts covering the island.
Maya sees crew’s boat coming and gets happy thinking Arjun is in there. On not seeing him, she gets tensed. She asks her crew about him. The crew says they warned him about the high tide, but he was not ready to listen to them. He sent them away and said he’ll come later.
Arjun is screaming for help.
Saanjh falls asleep and a candle falls on her
photos. Arjun’s photo gets burned. She gets worried for Arjun.
A crew member tells Maya what if anything happens to Arjun. Maya slaps her for thinking like that and warns her if anything happens to him, then she won’t spare her. Maya goes to save Arjun herself despite her crew saying it’s risky.
Saanjh is trying to call Arjun. Suman says what craziness is this? Saanjh says Arjun is in trouble. Suman says then ask someone in office. Saanjh calls Riya who informs her about Arjun’s situation. Saanjh is shocked. Her dad tells her not to overreact. Arjun’s crew is there. They will save him. Saanjh is worried saying ‘my Arjun’ ‘my Arjun’. Her dad loses his cool and says he’s not your Arjun. He’s Maya’s Arjun. Saanjh cries and asks her dad to do something. Arjun is alone there. Her dad walks away. Saanjh tells Suman that she’s scared for Arjun. Sumar says nothing will happen to ‘your Arjun’.
Maya is searching Arjun. Arjun is screaming for help. He’s relived seeing a boat coming towards him. It’s Maya’s boat. Arjun jumps in joy like a child. Maya gets down and runs towards him. Arjun says thank God you came.. I was so afraid. Maya pushes him asking you were afraid? He falls down. She grabs his collar and asks what he thinks of himself. If he thinks his life has no value, then ask her. He’s her ‘jaan’. She beats him up and scolds he is so selfish, only thinks about himself. She doesn’t even know swimming.. what if she had drowned. Now she gets mad and tells him that he will only do as she says. He’ll walk on the path which she tells him to walk on. She asks okay? He nods. She takes his hand and takes him to the boat. They go away.
Saanjh’s dad gives her ticket to Mauritius and tells her to save Arjun. He says she’s here, but her heart and mind is there in Mauritius since Arjun left. He gives her a chain saying Suman made it for Saanjh’s husband. He asks Saanjh to go and bring Arjun back. But this is her last chance. He tells her to go and propose him. If he accepts the proposal, then she will get all happiness. But if he rejects the proposal, then she will never think about Arjun again and accept her dad’s decision. He asks her for promise. Saanjh promises him and thanks him. Her dad wishes her the best.
Maya is still furious and scolding Arjun. Does he enjoy seeing Maya like this? She tells him this is enough. Don’t make someone helpless that her love becomes her weakness and not strength. He tries to shut her up, but she continues scolding. He gets up and covers her mouth. He asks her to look the view around.. there is no daily troubles, there is no everyday’s people. Here is just them two.. far away from everyone.
Saajnh’s family encourages her and wishes her the best as she leaves for the airport.
Maya is sitting in Arjun’s arms. Arjun tells her that life is not in past or future.. it’s in present moment… this moment where they are together. He asks her to live this moment. Forget her sadness, problems, everything. He takes her hand in his and puts it in the water. He asks what if something had really happened to him today. She says, you’re my jaan. How would I be able to live if something had happened to my jaan?. Maya falls asleep. Arjun sees a flower and recalls him saying he will give that special flower to a special person who will come in his life. He looks at Maya and recalls her proposing him…their close moments… Maya’s care for him. He goes to kiss her forehead and episode ends.
Precap: Saanjh arrives in Mauritius. Arjun puts a ring in someone’s (Maya’s finger) under water.

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