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Till The End of Time Episode 63 Update on Wednesday 24th October 2018

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Saanjh shatters seeigg Arjun proposing Maya under water and their romance. Maya holding Arjun tells he looks smart and really is. He says really, thank you. She hugs him and tells did not expect all this from him. She then says let us go. He asks where. She says trust is the firs thing in any relationship and he should trust her. They both leave on oth holding each other. Saanjh feels more shattered.
Saanjh starts crying and angrily throws her dad’s locket and chain given for Arjun into water. She then jumps into water again and searches chain, but does not find it. She cries loudly shouting Arjun’s name. She kicks floor, cries loudly, vents her anger out. She reaches shore and walks reminiscing Arjun and her friendship, Arjun praising Maya’s intelligence
and her talent, etc. She shouts Arjun loudly repeatedly. She reminisces their childhood days where used to play in mud and Arjun used to break mud house. Saanjh walks to the hotel.
Arjun and Maya walk in front of god’s idol at a temple and Maya thanks god for giving her Arjun and thinks she does not need anything much now. Arjun thanks god for giving Maya to him and says he got everything now. Panditji sees them and says Arjun has a brighter future ahead. Arjun shows his hand and asks to describe his future. Panditji says his future is very bright and he will see lots of success and money. Arjun says with Maya, he has already achieved it. Panditji asks Maya to show her hand. Maya hesitate but agrees on Arjun’s insistence. Panditji asks Arjun to leave Maya right away as he will lose everything if she is with him, even his relationships. Arjun says he does not believe in all this. Panditji asks Maya to not drag Arjun in her darkness and let him go. Arjun says until Maya is with him, nothing will happen to him. Panditji leaves warning them again.
At hotel, manager tells her that her room is ready. She says she does not need it and is going back. Arjun with Maya returns and is surprised to see Saanjh. He runs and hugs her, but she does not reciprocate. Maya stands noticing them.
Precap: Saanjh goes to temple and a man tells panditji died yesterday night. Saanjh finds Maya’s ear ring on floor. She goes back to Arjun and informs that Panditji died yesterday night mysteriously. Maya nervously turns around.

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