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Till The End of Time Episode 64 Update on Thursday 25th October 2018

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Arjun is surprised to see Saanjh in Mauritius, hugs her and asks how did she come here. Saanjh does not reciprocate and says she lost her way and came here. Maya speaks her witty dialogue. Saanjh hugs her and cries vigorously, wipes her tears and smiles. Arjun says he is very happy today as his bestfriend and his love are both with him. Saanjh says she knew what he was up to. Arjun excitedly tells her how he proposed Maya in detail. Saanjh already has seen it herself. Arjun invites her for dinner. Saanjh sees Maya’s earring missing and asks where is it. She says must have fell somewhere.
Arjun waits for Saanjh in hotel restaurant at night. Saanjh messages him to meet her near beach immediately. He goes and sees her in his gifted red dress. She says she has arranged dinner
date for him and takes him to the venue holding his hand. He says that is so pretty, usually boy takes girl on a date, but in their case, it is opposite. Maya says their love is unique and says she decorated the place herself and wants to make the moment special. He asks he is not rich and not of her standards, then why did she choose him. She says he stood for her against Ashwin, she realized he is different and then on hot air balloon when she proposed, he did not reject her, she realized he will take time, but will eventually agree. He says where does she learn these heavy dialogues from, to give her writer’s number, he may fall in love with her. She says he is made for only her. Dancers start dancing around them. They both hug each other and dance. Saanjh reaches there and cries seeing their intimacy.
In the morning, Saanjh goes to temple and sees its door closed. She confronts god that he took leave and left her alone with her problem, till when he will hide, she will get answers to her questions at any cost. She sees a passerby and asks why temple is closed. Man says temple’s panditji is dead, so they are mourning for 2-3 days. She walks and Maya’s ear ring strikes her foot. She picks it and reminisces telling Maya that her earring is missing. Maya says must have fell somewhere.
Arjun with Maya sitting near swimming pool waits for dusky/Saanjh and says why she is not picking call. Saanh comes. He asks where she was. She says she had been to temple. He says she did not spare god even here, what did she ask god for him. She says he already has what he needs. Maya hears that. Saanjh says temple panditji died yesterday. Arjun says he met him just yesterday. Saanjh asks him to enjoy and tries to leave. Arjun forces her to sit and says he will not spare her easily. Maya says friendship and love have their own place and cannot be exchanged. Arjun asks what are her plans. Saanjh says she is returning home via tonight’s flight and says she will go and pack her bag. Maya says to do it well as she may lose something. Saanjh gives her earring and says she does not know about her, but Maya’s earring is lost. She tells she found it near temple and says she should keep it carefully, else if she finds it, she will not return it.
Precap: Arjun tells Ayan that he has brought bhabhi for her. Vandana gets excited that Arjun is talking about Saanjh. Ayan takes his, Arjun, and Vandana’s family selfie and says come bhabhi. Maya joins. Ayan and Saanjh are shocked..

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