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Till The End of Time Episode 65 Update on Friday 26th October 2018

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Arjun tells Mayat that his bestfriend Saanjh is superb. Maya gets jealous. They all 3 head for airport. In aiport, Arjun tells Saanjh that Maya has booked business
class tickets for them and walks into business class section of flight. Saanjh enters economy class section and sits sadly. After settling down, Arjun tells Maya if
he can go and sit in economy class with Saanjh. Maya gets more jealous, but nods okay. Saanjh sits wearing eye mask. Arjun comes and tells Maya’s next seat man if
he would like to exchange seat. Man says no. Arjun says business class. Man excitedly informs others that he got business class and leaves. Arjun sits next to
Saanjh, holds her hand, and says sweetheart, he could not travel with her to Mauritius, he can travel to Mumbai
at least. Maya comes and exchanges her ticket with
Arjun’s neighbor. Arjun asks if she wants to sit in economy class. Maya says wherever he is, she will be there. Saanjh feels sad.
In Mumbai, Suman decorates house for Arjun and Saanjh’s welcome and scolds her son and assigns him work. Prem asks her to relax. She scolds even him and asks to do
some work. She says Arjun and Saanjh will come and give a good news. Arjun and Saanjh enter. Suman excitedly greets them and asks Arjun when is marriage. Arjun
asks Saanjh why she told aunty so early. Suman says she knew from before. Prem does not see ring in Arjun’s finger or Saanjh’s neck and takes Saanjh in. Saanjh
asks him to stop mom. Prem asks where is the ring. She says she lost it and says Arjun loves Maya and not him. He asks what. She says Arjun does not love him, but
she has not stopped loving him, so he should go and stop mom. Suman continues surprising Arjun. Arjun tells aunty knows about his feelings even before him. Saanjh comes out with Prem. Prem tells Arjun that Saanjh knew from before that Arjun will eventually fall for Maya. Suman is shocked hearing this. Prem tells Arjun that he should go and inform this good news to Vandana first. Arjun says yes and leaves. Saanjh shatters and tells Suman that she saw Arjun proposing Maya from her own yes and she could not handle it.
Arjun goes out and tells Maya that he will let her meet maa today and maa will like her calling maa. Maya holds his hand and says let us go and meet maa then. Arjun knocks door. Ayan asks him to give password. Arjun says he got a big password, bhaaaaabhi. Vandana excitedly tells she knew Saanjh will propose in Mauritius. Ayan opens door and excitedly says they will take family selfie and fixes his mobile to selfie stick and says come bhabi. Maya comes and Vandana/Ayan are shocked to see Maya.
Precap: Maya tells Vandana that she is part of her family now. Vandana fumes in anger. Maya reaches home and Jahnvi tells her that Ashwin has returned and they have decided to stay together again. Maya is shocked.

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