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Till The End of Time Episode 66 Update on Monday 29th October 2018

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Vandana and Ayan are shocked to see Arjun introduces Maya as bhabi instead of Saanjh. Arjun asks how is his surprise, they both look in selfie as if they saw a snake. He asks how is his surprise. She says she will get aarti. Maya says she wants to be part of her family, so she needs blessings. Vandana goes to bring thali and tells Ayan how can Arjun think of Maya instead of Saanjh, she will confront him. Ayan stops and says bhai is happy and their happiness matters. Vandana does Maya’s aarti and Arjun chants mantras. Vandana asks her to come in. Arjun asks Ayan to touch Bhabhi’s feet. Ayan bends. Maya stops him and says they should not make a relationship which they cannot follow, she wants to be his friend and hugs him. 
Arjun says their family is complete. Vandana
says Saanjh. Maya reminisces Arjun’s words that everything is incomplete without Saanjh and repeats same. Arjun says they left Saanjh home and she was in Mauritius with them. Maya says she will leave now as sh eis taking Arjun to her home. Vandana tells Ayan something is wrong, how can Maya be in place of Saanjh. Maya hears that, walks back and touches Vandana’s feet and says her place is in this house with them and Arjun, her happiness is in their love and their happiness is in her happiness. Vandana nods yes nervously. Maya says be and leaves with Arjun.
Vandana says Ayan that Arjun broke Saanjh’s heart. She runs towards Saanjh’s house and Arjun runs behind her. She enters Saanjh’s house and sees Suman consoling crying Saanjh. Suman gets up. Vandana consoles Saanjh. Saanjh cries everything is finished. Saanjh’s brother fumes that he will break Arjun’s face for breaking his sister’s heart. Prem stops him. Vandana tells Prem that Saanjh is even his daughter. Prem also speaks emotionally.
Saanj takes Arjun home. Arjun is surprised to see home well decorated with flowers and candles, says this is so gorgeous like her. Maya smiles and says shut up. He continues his romantic chat. She calls Jahnvi. Jahnvi comes dressed as new bride with red sari bindi, lipstick, etc… and says he/Ashwin has returned. Ashwin comes smriking at Maya. Jahnvi says he has changed and wants to stay withh us, their family is complete. Arjun tries to interfere, but Jahnvi stops him. 
Maa is shocked and panics. Jahnvi asks Ashwin to bring his prepared cake for Maya. Ashwin brings cake smirking. Maya reminisces her 9th birthay. Ashwin asks if she will not forgive her papa. She throws cake on his face. He wipes it and says Maya listen to me. Arjun stops him and warns to stay away from her, else…Ashwin asks to stay away, else…Jahnvi asks Arjun to go away as it is a family matter. Jahni says Arjun is her family. Jahnvi is shocked. 
Arjun warns Ashwin if he will go or he should break his another leg. Ashwin says he will go if Maya forgives him. Maya pushes him and breaks things around and shouts she will never forgive him. Jahnvi cries in her usual 80s style. Maya picks knife to stab Ashwin. Arjun is shocked to see Maya’s anger.
Precap: Jahnvi says Ashwin she will go to his house if Maya does not let Ashwin stay here. Ashwin calls Maya and informs that Jahnvi has goe towards bridge and will suicide. Maya checks Jahnvi’s room and does not find her.

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