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Till The End Of Time Episode 68 Update on Wednesday 1st November 2018

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Ashwin takes Jahnvi to a bridge and ties Jahnvi and himself. Jahnvi says if they cannot live together, they can die together. Ashwin masks Jahnvi pushes her into water and himself falls on bridge and laughs that Jahnvi is dead now. Maya reaches in her car and is shocked to see Jahnvi jumping in. She jumps into water. Ashwinn laughs that he told Maya to learn swimming, but she did not and will drown now. Maya removes Jahnvi’s rope and frees her, hits her head to stone in a process and falls unconscious. Arjun reaches in his jeep. Ashwin sees him coming and jumps into water. 
He pulls up Jahnvi and leaves Maya there itself. Arjjun helps him get Jahnvi to shore. Ashwin acts. Arjun asks where is Maya. Jahnvi wakes up and Arjun asks where is Maya, she jumped behind her. Ashwin
gets into water and brings Maya out. They try to wake up Maya and Ashwin scolds Jahnvi that because of her Maya jumped into water.
Arjun finds blood from Maya’s head and rushes him to hospital. Doc checks her and says Maa got severe head injury and he cannot say anything before surgery and takes Maya to operation theater. Nurse asks Jahnvi to sign consent form. Jahnvi cries and Ashwin acts as consoling her. Arjun signs consent form and requests doc to savie his life Maya. 
Jahnvi says Maya needs her and she will not leave her. Ahswin asks her to relax. Jahnv continues it is her mistake. Arjun consoles her and says Maya needs her support. Ashwin says nothing will happen to Maya. 
Arjun asks why did she go on bridge. Ashwin says they wanted to suicide and after Jahnvi jumped in, he was about to jump when Maya jumped in first. Arjun watches Ashwin carefully and realizes something is wrong. Vandana calls Arjun and Arjun tells her that Maya is in hospital. Vandana asks him not to worry, she is coming soon.
Saanjh prepares snacks for Ayan and her family. Ayan asks her to bring pakoras soon. Saanjh brings pakoras and asks how much he will eat. He says he likes burping. Vandana enters and tells Ayan that Maya is in hospital and they need to go. Saanjh tells she will come on her scootie behind them. Prem tells Saanjh she will not go anywhere. 
Saanjh says Arjun needs her. Prem says Arjun did not call her and has many other people to console him. Saanjh says Arjun does not love him, but considers as best friend and needs her. Suman asks her to go, her friend needs her.
Doc continues Maya’s surgery. Arjun waits outside weeping. Saanjh reaches and he hugs her tightly and says see what happened to Maya, if he had reached on time, Maya would have been safe. Saanjh also hugs him emotionally and says nothing will happen his Maya. Arjun says if something happens to Maya, he will die.
Precap: Ashwin enters Maya’s room and tries to strangulate her with a pillow. Arjun enters and Ashwin throws pillow down.

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