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Till The End of Time Episode 69 on Thursday 1st November 2018

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Arjun tells Saanjh that he will die if something happens to Maya. Saanjh says god cannot handle a person like him, so he will not let anything happen to Maya. He cries. She hugs and consoles him. He takes her to temple and pleads god to save Maya and take her life.
Doctors operate Maya. Nurse sees she is collapsing and suddenly Maya goes pulseless. Saanjh continues praying god. Maya’s pulse revives. Nurse says she is breathing again. Doc says it is a miracle and completes surgery.
Arjun and whole family wait outside operation theater. Vandana consoles Arjun not to worry, Maya will be fine soon. Doc comes out and calls Arjun and says MAya is out of danger now and it is a miracle. He says has shifted Maya into ICU. Saanjh breaks down in happiness. Vandana hugs her and went out her emotions. Saanjh tells Arjun that she told him that god cannot handle him, so he sent back Maya. Arjun smiles.
Jahnvi greets Vandana and says she is Maya’s mom. Ahswin asks her to go and haves something. Jahnvi says she wants to be with Maya. Ashwin asks Arjun to convince her. Arjun asks her to have something as she is a diabetic and says everyone they will have something in canteen. They all walk towards canteen.
Ashwin enters ICU and murmurs Maya baby will be relieved now. He removes Maya’s oxygen mask and tries to strangulate her with pillow when Maya wakes up and shouts Arjun…..Everyone hears that and Arjun rushes to ICU. Ashwin drops pillow. Maya asks Arjun to send away this man/Ashwin from here. Arjun asks Ashwin to go from here. Maya asks everyone to go out and asks Arjun to stay. Arjun stays pampering her.
Saanjh returns home. Prem tells Suman he does not know what all Saanjh has to go through. Saanjh goes to room and then comes out for dinner and says Matar paneer is her favorite. She sits for dinner and breaks up. She tells Prem that she cannot handle all this.

She brings her piggy bank and says he used to teach her to save for her favorite items, she was saving for her marriage lehanga, now she does not want to marry and wants to get away from here and Arjun. Arjun in hospital holds Maya’s hand and says he wil not go away from here.

Prem tells Suman that Saanjh is right, he will send her to Singapore to his friend, Saanjh will start a new life there. Saanjh cries hugging him.
Precap: Arjun tells Maya that her papa. Maya says he is not her father, he is a monster. Arjun says he saved her. Maya says Ashwin loves only himself and she trusts only herself. Jahnvi over phone informs Ashwin that Maya will not accept him again. Ashwin thinks whole wealth is in Maya’s name, he will have to get her away.

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