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Who Killed Libia Episode 60 Update on Friday 5th October 2018

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Father Teddy asks Fernando if he regrets all the sins he committed and Fernando boldly tells him that he hasn’t regret anything and if he doesn’t shut up upon what he has just told him, then he wouldn’t hesitate in killing him and Father Teddy assures him that he isn’t sacred of his threats because with God by his side, he will overcome any obstacle that may come his way and Fernando throws a challenge at him and kiss him good-bye.

John worriedly sits on the floor of her room feeling so disappointed in himself that Pablo was taken away just like that as if they were not worthy enough to cater for him as a family and Sofia comes to console and encourages him to fulfill the promise he made to Pablo by getting him back into the house no matter what. In the same strain, Pablo sits and weeps bitterly as he isolates himself from the children in the orphanage who sings and play together.

Oscar call for his brothers and make a confession to them that he has betrayed Jemima by falling into the trap of Macuya but it wasn’t his intension in the first place because she tricked him with alcohol and had her way and so he really needs to speak to Jemima and explain things to her but he doesn’t know how to go about it. Franco then tells him he is a coward and all he did was to judge him when he fell for both Rosa and Sarah and so he is glad that now he’s also caught in that same mess and he will finally realize how it feels like. John then starts to scowl Oscar for being so senseless and foolish for supping so low for a woman to overcome him in that way and he continues to tell him to reason like an adult and stop being so childish and Oscar pleads with his brothers to forgive him because he regrets it so much and so he will do well to speak with Jemima but he needs their help as well and he walks away in tears.

Father Teddy kneels and pray to the heavens to strengthen him so that he can face all the challenges he is going through. He continues to seek for God’s intervention since the confessions Fernando made to him are really piercing his heart especially now that Sofia is going through many problems and therefore, he needs the Lord to direct him on what to do.
Fernando and Gabriela go to see their doctor and he mentions to Gabriela that, after running some tests he realized something different regarding to her heart condition which wasn’t there earlier and she gets very frightened. He continues to brief her that, medical report proves that if you fake an illness and you don’t take care you might end up acquiring it in reality and when that happens, it becomes difficult to deal with and she gets so nervous.

John and Sofia pay a visit to Pablo at the orphanage and he gets so delighted and they promise him that they are going to make the necessary arrangements so that they can adopt and take him back home as their own. Sofia and John meet the head of the orphanage and they put it to her that they are ready and willing to adopt Pablo under the law and the head makes it clear to them that, it wouldn’t be possible because they are not wealthy enough to fend for the boy so he can’t be handed over to them.

Oscar goes to look for Jemima in the hacienda and Eva informs him that she’s gone to the bar so he rushes there quickly and upon seeing Jemima, he boldly confesses to her that he has betrayed her by sleeping with Macuya and right there he receives a dirty slap from Jemima. Macuya also arrives and yells at Jemima not to ever throw her hand at a man and that if she is no longer interested in him then she is going to take over and out of the blue, Jemima slaps her and they both end up in a fight which drew the attention of everyone in the bar.

Fernando silently follows Sofia as she walks alone to bring medicine to one of the children in the orphanage who was suffering from an asthma attack and when he finally catches up with her, he chloroforms her and as she gets dizzy, he tries raping her but fortunately enough, he hears voices around and he quickly escapes leaving her lying unconscious.

The head of the orphanage notifies John that Sofia left all by herself to look for medicine for the sick boy but she hasn’t returned yet and John hurriedly rides on his horse to search for her. Suddenly, he reaches her lying helplessly on the floor shivering so he grabs her and Sofia not knowing who it is, she tells him not to hurt her and he says to her that she shouldn’t be frightened because it’s he John.

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