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Who Killed Libia Episode 61 Update on Saturday 6th October 2018

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John reaches Sofia lying helplessly on the floor shivering so he grabs her and Sofia not knowing who it is, she tells him not to hurt her and he says to her that she shouldn’t be frightened because it’s he John and she tearfully informs him that someone attacked and wanted to rape her again.
John carries Sofia home and his brothers asks him what happened and he tells them that someone tried raping Sofia and it gets Oscar really furious that he tells Franco that they need not to sit down doing nothing so it’s time to seek for vergence on who ever deserves it. Oscar then takes a weapon and gives one to Franco as well and as they decide to go out with it, Father Teddy suddenly arrives and questions them as to why they are carrying those weapons and they inform him about what happened to Sofia and he becomes speechless.  John then orders his brothers not to harm anyone because he has given up on everything for the sake of Sofia and his unborn child but Oscar seems not to control his anger.

Jemima tearfully pleads with Oduro to agree so that they can marry as soon as possible and that they can maybe fall for each other later but he tells her that there is no chance for them to fall in love because he has no interest in women except men.

The police officer calls for Fernando for questioning and states to him that so many wickedness is going on in the town off late and Kino mentioned him before dying so if he knows something about his death, he should confess. Fernando then gets offended and asks the police officer as to why he is querying him when he has no evidence and the officer explains to him that they are only doing their job in other to fish out the truth.

Fernando tells Armando to get him one of his boys in other to bribe him with a huge sum of money so that he can go and present himself to the police as the one who killed Kino because he can’t allow himself to be arrested by the police in any way.

Fernando stands in his room stating to himself that though he didn’t succeed in raping Sofia for the second time, it will cease the feelings she has towards John due to what she made her go through. In the same manner, John sits by Sofia as she lies and rest in bed but immediately she woke up and saw him by his side, she starts to shake and gets terrified yelling at him not to come closer to her and John becomes so surprised at her sudden change of attitude towards him.

Gabriela pays a visit to the Bishop and he asks her if what she wrote concerning Father Teddy is true because it baffles him a lot and Gabriela swears heaven and earth that all that she stated in the letter is very true and it describes the real character of Father Teddy. The Bishop finds it really difficult to believe her words but she still tries her best to convince him by faking tears and speaking ill of Father Teddy.

Fernando notifies Gabriela that Father Teddy wanted to blame him for trying to rape Sofia recently and she calms him down by telling him not to worry because very soon the Bishop will arrive and he is going to transfer Father Teddy to a different town and its even her wish that he will be called and disgraced in public. Fernando begins to arouse her with kisses and congratulates her for acting so smart and he later mentions to her that he needs to go and look for money so that they can pay for the debts in the hacienda or else they will have no option than to sell it and if that happens, she will lose him as well and Gabriela pleads with him not to leave because she has saved some money elsewhere and she is ready to offer him any amount he want just to keep him.

Eva goes to tell Jemima and Sarah about the situation Sofia is facing for virtually falling as a victim of rape again and they get sad and hurries to go and see her but Gabriela tells them she is not going to allow them step out to see anyone and Fernando insists that she allows them especially now that Sofia is in a delicate situation. Eva then makes Gabriela to understand that she did well by permitting her daughters to go see Sofia else they would have gone on their own without her notice and may never return which would have resulted her in loneliness. Gabriela smiles and says in her mind that Eva has no idea of what she is now experiencing with Fernando which will never get her lonely over anything.

Sofia calms down and apologize to John for yelling at him earlier and John clarifies to her that he will never complain about anything she will do towards him all because of the priceless love he has earned for her and he promises to show her more love even in her hard times and due to that, no one will ever succeed in separating them from each other.

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