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Who Killed Libia Episode 62 Update on Sunday 7th October 2018

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Sofia calms down and apologize to John for yelling at him earlier and John clarifies to her that he will never complain about anything she will do towards him all because of the priceless love he has earned for her and he promises to show her more love even in her hard times and due to that, no one will ever succeed in separating them from each other.

Fernando goes to withdraw the cheque Gabriela signed for him and makes payment to Otafrigya for all his debts and he asks him to bring back Rosa and he promises to do as he says.
Gabriela visits Bernardo’s grave and says to him that finally she has found a man who truly loves and adores her more than he did and he also makes her feel like a real woman and that person is no other than Fernando and so she’ll forever love him for the way he makes her feel all the time.

Jemima, Sarah and Don Augustine pay a visit to Sofia and they console her to take heart but she tells them that she is trying her best to forget what she went through yet it’s not working and so anytime John comes closer to her, she turns him away. Don Augustine then makes her to understand that John is a kindhearted person and there is no way he will harm her or cause her pain so she should try and overcome her fears so that she doesn’t end up losing him.

Bishop calls for Father Teddy and tells him that Gabriela came to press some charges against him and so he should explain what is going on and Father mentions to him that there is a reason why he did that and it’s about a confession someone made to him. The Bishop then says to him that he didn’t do his best despite what he heard for trying to cause separation in a family and so they have come to an agreement to transfer him elsewhere and nothing can be done about it.

Oscar goes to tell Macuya that he has thought about what she told him earlier and has made his mind to join her to wherever she may go because he is left with nothing.
Sofia ruefully informs John that she is trying hard to forget what she’s been through but the fright she experienced has really affected her more than she expected and due to that, it makes her uneasy anytime he gets close yet she is afraid to lose him. John then calms her by making her to believe that he isn’t bothered at all and that wouldn’t be a reason for him to quit their relationship because he has made up his mind to stick with just one lady and that lady is her.

Father Teddy goes to state to Gabriela that he has heard all the charges and complains she made against him to the Bishop but he doesn’t mind at all and so he will continue to defend her children and Gabriela tells him that she did the right thing because she doesn’t understand what came into his mind to accuse Fernando as the one who raped Sofia in the first place. Father then questions how she got to know about it and she tells him that Fernando himself told him and he tells her that then Fernando should have confessed instead because as he stands as a priest, he is not allowed to say certain secrets but Gabriela refuses to comply and she clarifies that Fernando is the only one she trusts since he never fails her.

Macuya explains things to Jemima that she is to be blamed for letting Oscar betray her in that manner so she should try and forgive him. She continues by saying that the boy has regretted and no man can be bold to plead for a second chance so she must think twice and if she doesn’t forgive him, then she would be forced to take him along.

Oscar finally informs his brothers that he will be leaving the following day and he doesn’t know when he is going to return and they all look stunned.

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